20 Famous Girls Hostels In Kathmandu, Nepal – Where You May Feel Homely and Secured Environment

Famous girls hostels in Kathmandu Nepal: – Students after completing their school education come to the capital for their further study and career enhancement. It becomes very intimidating for the newly arrived students to find the perfect place under budget to reside.

Especially for you girls whom homely and secure environment at the place of their residing is a must. As a solution to such problem, some of the best hostels in Kathmandu are listed below where the girls can find the perfect accommodation with all the modern amenities.

Famous Girls Hostel In Kathmandu, Nepal

1. Holy gems girls hostel:

The holy gems girls hostel is located in the major location of the Kathmandu valley. It is established in Dillibazaar of Kathmandu which is considered to be the prime location from where the hospitals, the shopping malls, restaurants, and colleges are easily accessible.

The hostel was opened in the year 2002 A. D. With a team of experienced and professional members who look after all the managerial and administrative functions of the hostel.

This all girls hostel is the appropriate staying place for those who are seeking the safest and secured place with homely and family environment. The hostel was founded by Mrs Ratna Sharma Gautam who also founded the Maitidevi Mahila savings co. LTD.

The hostel welcomes all the students and treats them as part of the family. The major aim of the hostel with which it was opened is to make every hosteler as a member of the United family and provide the hygienic environment for accommodating.

Students from all over the nation and studying in various faculties like medical, engineering, management and many more have already resided in the hostel. They all have found this hostel as their second home and refer to this hostel as the best place to enjoy the stay in the capital. This hostel is the one solution for all the problems that the girls may face when they enter the capital.


Like the competitive high rent of the flats and apartment, safety and security issues, lack of proper guidance and counseling etc. The on-site staffs in the hostel are appointed for twenty-four hours so they supervise each girl and encourage them to show good behavior all the time.

The team members of the hostel encourage the team spirit amongst the girls residing in the hostel. The warden o the hostel keeps track of the study progression of each student and guide for the proper career and future.

The hostel has numerous facilities that they provide to every hosteler at an affordable price. It has fitted the wifi service so each student can enjoy the high-speed internet in their rooms and the property of the hostel.

It has fitted inverter, generator, and batteries so the power supply is not interrupted and their study is not hampered in any way. The hot and cold water supply for 24 hours for shower, cleaning, and washing. The staffs are appointed for the washing, drying, and ironing of their uniforms and clothes.

There’s no scarcity of water in the hostel, unlike some other places where they say the water is provided for 24 hours but is supplied for only one hour. The hostel provides what it has promised to give to the students.

The complete measure is taken for promoting the health and hygiene of the hostel member. So the hostel supplies the filtered water from the euro guard for drinking and cooking purposes. The general health checks up is provided to every staff and hostel member on the monthly basis.

The of providing the quality, security, and satisfaction to each hostel member is fulfilled in every way possible by all the team members and professional of the hostel.

Some of the rules and regulations that the hostel has must be strictly followed by the girls. Such as the student for admission must bring their parents or the recommendation letter from their respective college with two passport size photo. Any type of addiction like alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes are strictly prohibited in the hostel.

The girls cannot carry any kind of weapon like a knife or poison in their rooms. The incoming and the outgoing time should be registered in the provided register by every girl staying in the hostel.

Students cannot bring friends in the room without the permission of the hostel warden or the in charge. If any property of the hostel is damaged by the student, severe action may be taken by the management of the hostel.

The monthly fee must be paid by the 7th of every Nepali month. 10rs will be fined for late payment of the fee at the end of the month. Any students who found violating the rules would be expelled.

The rules and regulations of the hostel may seem harsh but these rules are formed for maintaining the discipline in the hostel. The students can either call in the number 014433824 or 014438582 for inquiring about the stay. They can also do the online booking of the hostel by emailing on info@holygems.com.

2. Hostel Fulbari for girls:

The hostel Fulbari is truly a garden of a variety of girls students coming from different places in the country, with different minds and knowledge, of different casts and religion and studying in different faculties.

But the hotel owner and the warden ensures that each student is treated equally and welcomed with great hospitality. The hostel was opened in the year 2063 B. S. In Ranibari Chowk Samakhushi Kathmandu.

The building of the hostel has in total 24 rooms which can accommodate up to 71 students at a time. The rooms are two-seater with two beds, three seater with three beds, and four-seaters with four beds.

Some rooms have attached bathroom for which the student may have to pay an extra charge. Mr. Hari Prasad Nepal is the owner of the hostel and takes care of all the issues and management of the hostel. It is the safest and the most sophisticated hostel registered under the government of Nepal.

The girls are given a variety of choices on their accommodation which they can choose depending on their preference and budget. Some students want to study and stay in the group for which they can occupy the four-seater room.

Some may want some privacy for which they can occupy the two-seater rooms. The entry fee of RS 3000 has to be paid one time. The monthly fees based on the room occupied and the meal package that is chosen.


The 24-hour security services are provided through the professional and efficient security guards. Round the clock internet and electricity service for all the students and staffs of the hostel is one of the key features that the hostel has.

The students are allowed to make the emergency and important call round the clock. Any incoming calls from the parents are forwarded to the students or the message are taken in case the student is out of the building.

The hostel has a shared lounge where the girls can gather and watch TV, news for an hour. The floors of the rooms are carpeted. The rooms are furnished with standard sized individual single beds, mattress, pillow, bed cover, reading table with the individual wardrobe with the lock and key. The 24-hour hot water from the solar and cold water for the cleaning and bathing is available.

The mineral water is provided for drinking and cooking purposes. The three pairs of uniforms and dresses are laundered by the staff appointed every week. Rubbishes and dirt’s are to be disposed of in the specified dustbins.

The rooms are spacious with adequate light and fresh air, thick curtains are hanged over the windows of the room. The four-time hot home cooked meal is provided with two type of meal package.

The vegetarian and nonvegetarian diets. In the morning, tea and light breakfast such as biscuits, puffs, doughnuts etc are given. The lunch includes rice, beans, dal and Curries, pickles with meat or eggs for the nonvegetarian and mushrooms or paneer for the vegetarian given twice a week.

The everyday light snacks such as Momo, samosa, Puri, Haluwa etc is given. All the staffs in the hostel are female with female security personnel who guards the hostel for 24 hours.

The hostel itself is located in the open place with natural scenery and hygienic environment. The transportation facility is also provided to the students from the hostel to the college and from the college to the hostel to 20 students from the same institute.

Some of the nearby located reputed colleges are AJW college, Pasang Lhamu Sherpa memorial college, Lincoln college, Navodit college, NEA college, Sweta Sadan higher secondary School, Rehdon college, Ashirwad college, Bhanubhakta memorial college Takshashila college, NCMT college, and GCA college. The students can call on 014386076 or 9849683815 or 9741008873 for any inquiries and pre-booking of the rooms.

3. Sumnima girls hostel:

The Sumnima girls hostel is located in the central area the new plaza Putalisadak of Kathmandu. It was opened in the year 2069 B. S. The hostel is opened in the main location of the city gives the students a lot of advantages. Such as the hostel is nearly located to many restaurants, shopping malls, educational consultancy and institutes, and cinema Halls.

The hosteler can have easy access to their entertainment and education because the hostel is surrounded by some of the best and reputed colleges of Kathmandu. Due to the prime location, any reputed hospital can be easily visited so any medical emergencies can be easily prevented. The hostel staff and team members fully support the hospital transfer and transport.

The public vehicles and stop are located at a walking distance of the hostel so the students can easily travel in the capital. The hostel has had nearly sick years of experience in serving the girls students from all over the country.

Hundreds of students have stayed and enjoyed their study thus referring this hostel as one of the best in the city. The safe and family environment that the hostel creates and maintain for the hosteler helps them to fully focus in their study and career, avoid and prevent the conflicts.

The infrastructure of the hostel is completely earthquake resistance. It has total of 12 rooms with single seater bedroom, double seater bedroom, triple seater bedroom, and four-seater bedroom.

The admission fee of RS 3000 has to be paid one time for the entry in the hostel. The monthly fee is charged on the basis of the room selected and the meal chosen. Variety of accommodating options are available for the students to choose according to their preference.

Some students like to stay and study in groups for which they can stay in three and four-seater rooms. For those who prefer some private can stay in the single and double seater room.

The facilities that the hostel provide at a very reasonable price include the free WiFi of high-speed internet in every room, the furnished room with beds, mattress, pillow and sheets, curtains, reading table and chairs, carpeted floors and separate wardrobes with own lock and key. The laundry service is available once or twice a week.

Daily newspapers and magazines are given to students to widen their knowledge. The four times hot meal with breakfast, lunch, light afternoon snacks and supper prepared by the professional staffs are given to the hostel member. They can choose from either the vegetarian meal or the nonvegetarian meals.

Some of the renowned colleges that are nearly located to this hostel are vibrant MBBS entrance preparation, NAME, Kantipur city campus, Shankar Dev campus, the institution of international management and science, Softwarica college of IT and E-Commerce, Padma Kanya campus, Trinity international college. The hostel charge in average rs 7500 per month. The number 9851081830 can be contacted for further inquiry about the hostel.

4. Padma girls hostel:

The Padma girls hostel has two branches opened in two phases and two different hype area of the city. As the first phase, the hostel was opened near Bal Binod secondary school, Na tole near Jawalakhel and Pulchowk. The second phase hostel was opened in the Thasikhel Chowk in front of Pratibha Bhawan. Both the hostels are managed by ladies ensuring the safety and security of the hostel members.

Both the building of the hostel has well-furnished rooms with carpeted floors, standard sized single beds individually, mattress, blanket, bedsheets, pillow, reading table, and chairs.

The rooms have a wall and the door mounted hangers with the dustbins in the room. The hot and cold water is provided for 24 hours for shower and cleaning. The clean drinking water or mineral water is given for drinking and used for cooking.

The kitchen is well equipped with modern equipment and utensils. Every step are taken into consideration minutely to maintain the hygiene and sanitation of the hostel.

The meals prepared are from the fresh materials and local produce. The 24-hour power back up and wifi of 7 Mbps speed are provided for all the students and staff of the hostel. The hostel itself is located in the open space with a natural and tranquil environment.

Every possible assistance is provided to the students to widen their knowledge, take the right step in choosing their career and pursuing their education. The alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes are totally prohibited in the building. The 24 hours on-site hostel warden supervises the safe return of every member in the evening.

The warden makes sure that every hosteler is sticking to the rules of the hostel and the routine of their study. The number 015524297 can be contacted for the Jawalakhel branch. And the number 015526525 can be contacted for the Thasikhel branch. Or the mobile number 9803738700 can enjoy contacted for any inquiries and pre-booking of the rooms.

5. Subidha girls hostel:

The Subidha girl’s hostel is true to its name. Because it is one of the best hostels of Kathmandu which provides every possible Subidha-the facility to each student admitted in the hostel at a very reasonable price.

The hostel was established in the year 2009 A. D. At house number 183, Kantipur Marg, Subidhanagar, Tinkune Kathmandu. The administration of the hostel is opened 24 hours so the new students can contact them at any time.

The hosteler also can get any assistance they want at any time. The hostel owner and the warden is Bishnu Devi Pradhan who takes care of all the issues of the hostel and the hostel members.

The amenities provided by the hostel to it’s members include high speed 24/7 WiFi, hot and cold water for genuinely 24 hours, attached bathroom, hot water for drinking and bathing, 24 hour supply of electricity even in the power cut through well fitted inverter and weekly laundry service either by hand washing or machine washing.

The three times hot meals include the morning light breakfast, morning lunch and the evening supper with complimentary afternoon snacks. The two meal package option is given to the hostelers to choose from.

The vegetarian meal package and the nonvegetarian meal package. The building of the hostel has the spacious boundary available for parking. The rooms are well carpeted with individual single beds, study table, chairs, LED light, curtains, mattress, pillow, blankets and sheets.


The students have to follow the rules and regulations of the hostel. Alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes or any type of addiction are strictly prohibited in the hostel. The hostel.member cannot carry or keep the knife, poison or any other harmful substances in their room.

The parents can visit their children and the hostel provide assistance in any way they can. The hostel warden looks after the safety and security of the girls along with the maintenance of the sanitation and hygiene in the hostel and in the kitchen.

The incoming and outgoing time of each student is tracked through the register so their return in the evening can be assured. In short, the hostel takes all the necessary precaution regarding the safety of the girls.

It makes sure that every parent of the girls should be confident enough that they are in safe hands. All the hostel member share the same dining hall where they can all sit together and enjoy the evening meals together.

The hostel warden thus makes sure that girls enjoy the family and friendly environment of the hostel. The required coaching is also given to the girls regarding their career, their education, and their future.

The new students or any students who are working and who are studying in Kathmandu looking for the comfortable and affordable place to stay can call on.

6. Swarnim and Shreejan girls hostel:

The Swarnim and Shreejan girls hostel are located in Shanti Nagar New Baneswor Kathmandu. The hostel proves to be the perfect and the ultimate destination for the girls who are searching for the safest, nicest and luxurious stay at a reasonable price.

The hostel is modern built with earthquake resistance. It has the security of twenty-four hours with the efficient skilled and professional security guards.

Along with the common features that every hostel has such as the 24-hour power back up with an inverter, the 24-hour wifi with high-speed internet, the laundry service once a week, 24 hours hot and cold water supply. The hostel has some unique features which the other hostel in the city lacks.

The managerial and the administration of the hostel make sure to remember the birthday of each staying student and celebrate their birthday with all the members and the team. In order not to make the students miss their home and parents very much, all the festivities are celebrated together.

The four-time meals are served hot and healthy with fresh produce. The hostel also has a shared computer room where the hostel can use the shared computer and laptop. Girls today need the hair dryer the most for which the hostel provides the hairdryer too.

The supervisor of the hostel makes sure that the girls stay stick to their timetable of study. And do not get addicted to any bad habits for which the warden makes the strict supervision of every girl staying in the hostel.

Every room of the hostel are furnished with the necessary furniture like beds, mattress, pillow and sheets with blankets. Each girl is given with the separate wardrobe with their own lock and key.

The hostel is in the prime location with easy access to public transport, restaurant, and shopping malls.

The hostel is nearly located to some of the renowned colleges of Kathmandu such as premier college, glacier international college, Nobel college, Pentagon college, NASA college, Thames college, and orchid college. You can contact the hostel by sending the mail on hostel@swarnimandshreejan.com. or you can call them on 014108635.

7. Paradise girls hostel:

The Paradise girls hostel is the perfect Paradise to stay for the girls seeking for the comfortable and safe place to stay while continuing their study in Kathmandu. The hostel was opened in the year 2074 B. S.

With total rooms of 15. It has the capacity to accommodate 45 students at a time. Since the hostel is newly opened, it has all the amenities and requirements that are needed by the new generation students. The hostel infrastructure is also earthquake resistance. It is listed among one of the rare hostels which doesn’t charge an admission fee.

The types of rooms available are of various designs and options. The sociable girls can share the rooms in three or four sharing bedrooms. While the girls who like their private can stay in the single and double sharing bedrooms.

The hostel owner is Mr. Gyan Pulami Magar who looks after all the management of the hostel. So that the hostel is able to provide comfortable lodging to every student and look after the safety and security of the girls. It also provides accommodation to the girls and the ladies who are seeking for the short stay in Kathmandu for their work or while waiting for their results.

It also allows the female guardian of any student to stay for a while visiting their children in the hostel. The building of the hostel has its own balcony and ample.space available for parking.

The facilities that the hostel has for every of its members include the free WiFi and unlimited access to the internet in their own room and throughout the hostel property.

It has 24 hour supply of the hot and cold water for bath, shower, cleaning, and washing. It also provides the mineral water for drinking and cooking purposes. The high level of measures for cleanliness is taken in the kitchen while cooking and serving food.

The floors are moped frequently, the refrigerator and its coils are cleaned timely along with cleaning of the exhaust fans. So not only the outward cleanliness is maintained for the show.

But the owner and the hostel warden see through the minute steps to maintain the optimum level of hygiene and sanitation. The clothes of the students are laundered once or twice a week by the appointed staffs either by hand washing or machine washing.

The rooms are decorated with curtains, normal sized individual beds, mattress, pillow, sheets, and blankets with study table and chairs, the individual closet with lock and key.

The rooms are bright, sunny and fresh with large windows. The first aid treatment is given to the students in case of an emergency medical condition. The hostel is located in Ratna Marga, Koteswhor Chowk, Koteswhor Kathmandu.

It is located in one of the main and busy locations of Kathmandu. So it’s easy for the students to pick the public transportation. The hostel gives the special discount to the students who come in their own group. The nearby colleges of the hostel are V. S. Niketan, Pentagon college, NASA college, Koteswhor multiple campuses, cosmic international college, Himalaya college, Triton college, CCRC college, Gammar college, valley college of engineering,

AIMS international college and Nava Jyoti college. The students can call on  for pre-booking of the rooms or any type of inquiry about the hostel.

8. Fairyland girls hostel:

The fairyland girls hostel was opened in the year 2074 B. S. In Kalikasthan, Dillibazaar Kathmandu. The hostel was opened with 10 rooms in total with the capacity of accommodating 25 students at a time. So the hostel is never crowded even if the hostel is fully accommodated.

Though the hostel is only a year young it has been successful in establishing itself as one of the most leading hostels for girls. It has been truly one of the small fairy lands for the girls with the amenities that it provides.

The environment is friendly, homely and peaceful with cooperation and courtesy amongst all the hostel member and the staff. The shared dining hall is the place for all the girls to come together and have their lunch or supper.

The hostel has a double bedroom, triple sharing room and for sharing a bedroom. All the rooms are made comfortable with all the required furniture like bed, mattress, pillow, blanket, sheets, reading table, chairs, and wardrobe. The rooms are spacious for the girls to study in a group. It charges one-time admission fee of RS 3000.

The hostel has all the features and amenities that the other hostel provides at a high price. Like the 24-hour high-speed internet surfing, 24 hour supply of hot and cold water and power back up with inverter.

The four times hot meal with breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks and dinner is served with the option of a vegetarian and nonvegetarian diet. The first aid treatment is given immediately to the needed student and prevent any serious medical emergencies.

The hostel is surrounded by restaurants, department stores, shopping malls, and hospitals. The daily newspapers and magazines are given to the girls to broaden their knowledge. The laundry service is available for the students once or twice a week.

All the necessary steps are taken to maintain a high level of sanitation and hygiene. The hostel is nearly located to some of the famous colleges of the capital like Madan Bhandari memorial college, SM college, mid valley college, platinum college, liberty college, Trinity international college, vibrant college, and NAME College. The students can call on 9848185988 and 9848022738 for pre-booking of the rooms in the hostel. The hostel provides all the modern facilities that are required by the new generation youths.

9. Green Tara girls hostel:

The green Tara girls hostel is one of the hostels that has been sparkling since the day it has been opened. It was established in the year 2072 B. S. In Milan Chowk, new Baneswor Kathmandu.

It has two sub-branches for boys and girls in mid-Baneswor also. The Green Tara boys hostel and the green Tara girls hostel located in mid-Baneswor. Though only two years old, the hostel through its amicable service and world-class facilities have already made the name for itself.

The hostel has 18 rooms in total. Laku Balami owns the hostel and looks after the managerial functions of the hostel. She makes sure that all the residents in the hostel have been provided with quality hygienic food. She also takes care of the safety and security of each resident of the hostel.

She also provides the necessary guidance to the girls regarding their studies and career. The hostel makes sure that no girls enter into a bad habit and addiction. All the residents along with the hostel staff are treated like a whole big family and celebrate the festivities together.

The hostel has double seater room with two beds, a triple seater room with three standard sized individual single beds and four-seater rooms with the four beds of the same sizes. All the rooms are plainly furnished with all the required furniture like beds, mattress, pillow, sheets, and blankets.

Separate closets with lock and key, dustbin, study table and chairs, curtains with carpeted floors. The hostel since recently established, it has all the modern amenities that are required by the new generation. Like the 24-hour high-speed internet, 24 hours hot and cold water, 24-hour power supply through the fitted inverter and batteries.

The clothes of the residents are laundered either by hand washing or the machines by the appointed staffs once a week. The four times home cooked hot meal is served including breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks and dinner. The two types of meal package are given as the choice to the hosteler consisting of the vegetarian and nonvegetarian diets.

The first aid treatment as the immediate Care in case of any injuries. Since the hostel is located in one of the busiest areas of the capital. It is easy for students to pick any public transport. The hospitals, restaurants, and shopping malls are also nearby for the recreation of the residents.

Due to its a prime location, the hostel is nearly located to many famous and reputed colleges like golden gate college, Uniglobe college, Pentagon college, Apex college, glacier international college, Triton college, NASA international college, Kennt college etc.

The hostel promised to give the healthy tasty and hygienic food. The surrounding is clean with a peaceful environment. The hostel also provides the housekeeping service maintaining the cleanliness of each room and the surrounding of the building.

The discipline of the hostel is well maintained too. For prebooking and reservation of the rooms and to make any inquiries, the students can call on the number 9803677119. The students have to pay RS 3000 one time as the admission fee.

10. Aksatha girls hostel:

The Aksatha girl’s hostel formerly known as the national girl’s hostel has been accommodating the girl students from all over the nation from the past seven years. It is located opposite to the HAMS hospital, Bhawana Marg, Buddhanagar Kathmandu.

It has a total of 32 rooms. Since it’s the establishment, it has accommodated 60 students in total. Kusma give the hostel warden and the director of the hostel is herself involved in all-around aspects of the hostel and the residents. She ensures the safety and the security of all the girls residing in the hostel.

The rooms available in the hostel are a single bedroom, double bedroom, triple bedroom, and four bedrooms. The rooms are plainly but we’ll furnish with comfortable mattress, standard sized single beds, pillow, bed sheets, and blankets.

The windows are covered with the curtains. The wall mounted or the door mounted hangers are also available in the room. The individual wardrobe is given to each girl student with lock and key for safekeeping of her valuable.

The floors of all the rooms are well carpeted. The rooms are spacious, comfortable, bright and sunny with good ventilation for fresh air. The four times home cooked meal by the professional staffs are served daily that includes light morning breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks, and dinner.

The option of two meal package is given in the form of vegetarian and nonvegetarian diets. The wifi is fitted so that each student can surf the free internet of high speed in their own room. The hot and cold water is supplied 24 hours for shower, cleaning, and washing.

The mineral water is given for drinking and used for cooking purposes too. The kitchen is cleaned and sanitated from time to time. The dining hall is shared by all the residents who come together and dine their meal together.

The laundry service is available once a week for the residents. The electricity is supplied for 24 hours without any interruption via the generator. The injured students are attended immediately with the first aid care and transported to the hospital if needed.

The building of the hostel is fully compounded with enough space for parking all around. The CCTV cameras are fitted all across the hostel so the activities of the students can be monitored.

As well the better safety and protection can be given the through the 24-hour surveillance system. The hostel is surrounded by some of the reputed colleges of Kathmandu where students can enroll for time-saving.

Some of the colleges is Everest engineering college, Liverpool college, Kantipur city college, King’s college, rose bud school, kadambari college, Alfa beta institute, and NAME of new baneswor. The new students have to pay RS 3000 as the admission fee for one time only. For further inquiry and reservation of the rooms, 9849867043 can be contacted.

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