Best 10 Return Gifts for Sister on Bhai Dooj *Bhaubeej* by Brothers

Best 10 Return Gifts for Sister on Bhai Dooj  or Bhaubeej by Brothers

Bhai Dooj is around the corner and it is the responsibility of the brothers to gift them the best present for thanking them for all the love and support they have given to them.

1) Dresses :

The best gift for your sister would be a fine dress that she has been longing to wear. Brothers are not familiar with the ladies fashion that have been emerging, so they can take help from friends and mother to select right dress for her.

Nepali Actress Nisha Adhikari Model Kollywood Heroine Pictures Images Photos Pics Wallpapers
Nepali Actress Nisha Adhikari in Red Dress

2) Chocolates :

Chocolates are the second top thing to gift your sister this Bhai dooj. Girls love chocolates and they will never deny chocolates in any condition. So gather all the types of chocolate and gift her a bucket full of it with different flavors.

dairy milk chocolate packet
chocolate packet

3) Watches:

Watches are the most loved gifts. You can not say No to watches because they add style to yourself. A branded and designed watch can cheer anybody at any time. If you have two sisters then you can gift them the same designed watches.

Watch gifts for brothers boys pictures

4) Necklace:

The necklace can be used all most everywhere. They add a sense of class to your dress. If your sister is a big fan of wearing necklace then ask her about what kind of design she would prefer. The necklace can be of different shapes and sizes and it might not suit they already dress your sister has . So let her choose the right necklace.



5) Shoes:

Shoes are another friend of girls and who does not love them? Make sure you select the right size for your sister because some people can be really picky on such stuff. Tell her to select the one which she likes. The season is changing so ask her to pick the boots rather than summer ones. Be a good brother yet a smart one.


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