Ghode Jatra Festival of Kathmandu Nepal with History, Facts, Myths, Beliefs & Date

Ghode Jatra Festival of Kathmandu Nepal with History, Date, Beliefs, Myths,

This post is dedicated to give detail information about Nepali festival Ghode Jatra. Ghodejatra is one of the typical Nepali festival. Ghodejatra festival held in the month of Chaitra, according to Nepali calendar. It means this Nepali festival fall in the Mid March or late March.

It may go to fall some time to the Early April. Ghode Jatra festival of Nepal falls on Darhsa Shrad Aunsi of the month Chaitra (March/April). Ghodejatra is also termed as Ghode Jatra.

Ghodejatra festival is also known as the festival of horses or horse parade of Nepal. Ghodejatra is one of the most exciting festivals of the Kathmandu city holding on Chaitra or late March. Ghodejatra Ghode Jatra means literally the Horse Racing Day. This festival is one of the celebrated only in Kathmandu, capital city of Nepal. Ghode Jatra in Kathmandu only.

Ghodejatra (Ghode Jatra) is originally a Newari festival. For your kind information Newar is a cast of Nepali, living specially in the Kathmandu valley. It is celebrated centered around feasting with friends. It is celebrated by worshipping Hindu Goddess Bhadrakali and Kankeswari, two deities who are paraded through the narrow streets of Asan Tole the night before the festival.

Who introduced Ghode Jatra in Nepal

Who introduced Ghode Jatra in Nepal? it is major question for Nepal and Nepali. We are now unable to say about who introduced Ghode Jatra festival in Nepal. But here we have some presents some information about Ghode Jatra history, belief and myths.

Beliefs related to Ghodejatra

At the same time, the Demon Gurumpa (According to Hindu religion) is feasted on the Tundikhel. Hindu legend reveals another fact that this Ghodejatra festival was held to celebrate the victory over a demon named Tundi.

The demon Tunde use to live over the meadow of Kathmandu city, today known as Tundikhel. According to legend, Tundi was a terror as well. When demon Tundi met with his death people rejoiced by dancing on his body with horses.


It has been strong beliefs in Nepalese cultural society that the clamor of horses’ hooves on the day of Ghode Jatra at Tundikhel keeps the demon’s sprit at bay as it still threatens to ruin the city. It’s also said that the faster the horses run quicker will Tundi’s spirit be dispelled. The swift running of the horses on this day is also considered to be a good omen for the Nepalese people.

Ghode Jatra History

Here is some myths about Ghode Jatra festival. say, there must be some Ghody Jatra history. It is said that in the olden days the Kings of Kathmandu use to go to worship the Bhadrakali temple in a courtly cavalcade following the Living Goddess Kumari.


This visit could have been modified into the parade of horses and finally the horse athletics and racing contest as it is today, held by the army in the presence of the King. There was a time when the festival was considered only for the residents of Kathmandu. But today its popularity has attracted all the people from all over Nepal and abroad as well.

Ghode Jatra in Kathmandu

Ghode Jatra festival is celebrated only Kathmandu valley of Nepal. It is not celebrated anywhere in the country. Yes, Ghode Jatra in Kathmandu. For your kind information, there was a time when the Ghodejatra festival was considered only for the residents of Kathmandu. But today its popularity has attracted all the people from all over Nepal and abroad as well.

Being Horse Parade Festival of Nepal

Nowadays, on the day of Ghodajatra, there are huge competitive sports such as horse racing and cycling and a display by the Nepalese army take place on the Tundikhel, centered place of Kathmandu. It has now been a kind of military pageant.

Horse racing and other sports take place at Tundikhel on this excited and holy day. In other parts of the Kathmandu city, the various deities are carried shoulder-high on wheelless chariot (Khat) with the accompaniment of traditional music.

A grand horse parade takes place at Tundikhel, the central point of the city. Tundukhel is reputed to have been in the former days the largest parade ground in Asia.

Ghode Jatra 2019 / Ghode Jatra 2075 / Ghodejatra 2075 / Ghodejatra 2019

This year ghodejatra festival fall in Chaitra 16, Sunday, 2075. Ghodejatra 2075 is on 22th Chaitra. It means Ghodejatra 2019 fall in the 5th April, Friday. So, date of Ghode Jatra 2075 is on the 22th Chaitra. Happy Ghode Jatra 2019. Happy Ghode Jatra 2075.

There is public holiday in Nepal on this Ghode Jatra festival. Government of Nepal has given to its people a public holiday on this day but only for Kathmandu region. Holiday is given only for the Kathmandu valley.

Ghode Jatra Festival of Kathmandu Nepal with History, Date, Beliefs, Myths,

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