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Gayatri Mantra in Nepali Language: The Gayatri Mantra is a highly revered mantra from Hindu holy religion book the Vedas. The Gayatri mantra is one of the oldest and most powerful mantras in Hindu religion, written in the Sanskrit language.

Nonetheless, it is trusted that this mantra has been droned sometime before it was recorded in the content. For westerners, this mantra was a significant secret and even most Hindus couldn’t get the head and tail of it. It was an all-around monitored mystery from those outside the Hindu-Brahmin community.

The shorter adaptation of Gayatri Mantra is undeniably normal and rehearsed to a great extent around the globe “Om Bhur Bhuva Swaha Om Tat Savitur Varenayam Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi Dhiyo Yonah Prachodayat”; which implies We reflect on the greatness of the Creator; Who has made the Universe; Who is deserving of Worship; Who is the encapsulation of Knowledge and Light; Who is the remover of Sin and Ignorance; May He open our hearts and illuminate our Intellect.

It vital to remember to serenade the Gayatri Mantra with culminating elocution. When you serenade the mantra, you move toward becoming with the Universe and the sound of the awesome soul.

Today it is droned and sung the world over with adoration and love. It is much the same as Lord’s supplication which holds centrality and is very impactful. It is extremely relieving and divine in nature and its hints; is mending in nature. Its streaming cadenced example without a doubt makes it an excellent piece of a person’s every day Spiritual practice.

Gayatri Mantra is a sincere and ardent supplication to the Supreme Being and in this manner, it can be all around connected – the mantra does not see your shading, race, ethnicity, standing, belief, sexual orientation or nationality. What truly matters is your devotion, credibility, confidence, and conviction. It sees your expectation and your eagerness to be moved by the force of its power.

At the point when the whole mantra is assembled, in its pith, it implies – “We contemplate that most cute, alluring and captivating shine and splendor of our Supreme Being, our Source Energy, our Collective Consciousness – who is our maker, inspirer, and wellspring of unceasing Joy. May this warm and cherishing Light rouse and guide our brain and open our hearts.


“The Gayatri mantra makes a defensive shield for the chanter and has numerous otherworldly advantages. It is appropriately said that ‘Gayantham thrayate Gayatri’ – that is the Gayatri mantra secures the individuals who discuss the mantra legitimately and with commitment – the devotion not only of the correct elocution or that of various serenades however the devotion of confidence, conviction, and love.

The droning of the Gayatri mantra has been a basic piece of the lives of both normal men and counterparts of the most antiquated sages as well. Gayatri mantra droning, in all actuality, gives uncommon blessings to the person who discusses it with commitment and comprehension. Despite the way that the useful result and surprising satisfaction by the mantra occur through the simple consistent system at more significant spaces of cognizance.

The reverence, and thankfulness towards the awesome power and the main thrust of the Universe, in order to be honest to the godlikeness. It keeps up the unobtrusiveness and honesty of the being– which are basic for the consistent movement of the otherworldly procedure of sadhana.

In this manner, for the person who serenades the Gayatri mantra with most extreme expectation and devoted confidence, besides, the nonstop routine with regards to Gayatri mantra mixes the shrouded mystic capacities and opens the passages for materialistic and profound change.

गायत्री मन्त्र (वेद ग्रन्थको माता) को हिन्दु धर्ममा सबैभन्दा सर्वोत्तम मन्त्र मानिदै आएको छ । गायत्री मन्त्रमा तीन चीजको वर्णन गरिएको छ : स्त्रोत, ध्यान र प्रार्थना । गायत्री देवी, उनी जो पंचमुखी छिन्, हाम्रो पाँच इन्द्रियहरु र प्राणीहरुको देवी मानिन्छ ।

Gayatri mantra (Veda granthako Mata) ko Hindu dharmama sabaibhanda sarvottama mantra manidai aeko cha. Gayatri mantrama tina cijako varnana garieko cha: Strota, dhyana ra Prarthana. Gayatri Devi, uni jo pancamukhi chin, hamro panca indriyaharu ra praniharuko Devi manincha.

Gayatri Mantra (mother of Ved Granth) is considered the best mantra in Hinduism. Three things are mentioned in Gayatri Mantra: sources, meditation, and prayer. Gayatri Devi, the one who is a pioneer, is regarded as the Goddess of our five senses and creatures.

Rishi (Sage) Vishwamitra is credited as the writer of this religious Gayatri Mantra. Rishi (Sage) Vishwamitra is considered to be one of the most revered rishis (sages) of the Hindu religion

Gayatri Mantra in Sanskrit language.

भूर्भुवः स्वः तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यम् भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात्

Om bhurbhuvaḥ svaḥ tatsaviturvarenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yo naḥ pracodayat.

Gayatri Mantra Nepali Language
Gayatri Mantra in Sankrit Language

भावार्थ  Gayatri Mantra Meaning in Nepali

  को उच्चारणमा नै तीनै शक्तिहरुलाई समावेश गरिएको छ । हे माँ भगवती जसले सबै शक्तिहरुका र्सजन गरिन्, यस्तो प्राणदायिनी, दुःख हरणी, सुख करणी, समस्त रोगहरुको निवारण गर्नेवाली, प्रज्ञावान माँ भगवती जुन सबै देवहरुको देवी हुन उनको उपासना गर्छु जसले मलाई संरक्षण दिएकी छिन् र सबै प्रकारको ज्ञानले समृद्ध बनाएकी छिन् ।

Translation in English language

There are three powers included in the pronunciation. O mother, Bhagwati who respected all the powers, such creatures, sadness, pleasures, remedies of all diseases, Prayer mother Bhagwati, worshiping all the gods, who have given protection to me and have made all types of knowledge rich.

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माता गायत्री शक्ति, ज्ञान, पवित्रता तथा सदाचारको प्रतीक मानिन्छ । मान्यता छ  कि गायत्री मां की आराधना गर्नाले जीवनमा सूख -समृद्धि, दया-भाव, आदार-भाव आदि प्राप्ति हुन्छ । माता गायत्रीजी को केही मन्त्र निम्न छन्


Mother Gayatri is considered a symbol of power, knowledge, holiness, and morality. It is believed that worshiping Gayatri Maa results in drought-prosperity, kindness, respect, etc. in life. There are some mantras of Mother Gayatiji


The mantra of Mata Gayatri in Nepali Language

मां गायत्री को पूजा को समयमा यस मन्त्रलाई पढदै वस्त्र तथा ओढनी ओढाउनुपर्छ ।

Maa, gayatri ko puja ko samayama yasa mantralai padhadai vastra tatha odhani odhaunuparcha.

ॐ सुजातो ज्योतिषा सह शर्मवरूथमासदत्स्वः |
वासोग्ने विश्वरूपर्ठ संव्ययस्व विभावसो ||

Om Sujaato Jyotisha Sah Sharmvaroothamaasadatsvah |

Vaasogne Vishvarooparth Vibhavaso ||

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मां गायत्रीको पूजा मा उनलाई यस मन्त्रद्वारा मुकुट चढाउनुपर्छ-

Maa gayatriko puja ma unalai yasa mantradvara mukuta chadhaunuparcha-

In the worship of mother Gayatri, she should offer a crown by this mantra.

मातस्तवेमं मुकुटं हरिन्मणि-प्रवाल-मुक्तामणिभि-र्विराजितम् |
गारूत्मतैश्चापि मनोहरं कृत गृहाण मातः शिरसो विभूषणम् ||

Maatastavemam Mukutam Harinmani-Pravaal-Muktaamanibhi-Rviraajitam |

Gaarutmataishchaapi Manoharam Krit Grihaan Maatah Shirso Vibhooshanam ||

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यस मन्त्रद्वारा मां गायत्री को धूप देखाउनुपर्छ –

Yasa mantradvara Maa gayatri ko dhupa dekhaunuparcha –

This mantra should show the Dhoop of Mother Gayatri –

दशांगधूपं तव रंजनार्थं नाशाय मे विघ्नविधायकानाम् |
दत्तं मया सौरभचूर्णयुक्तं गृहाण मातस्तव सन्निधौ च ||

Dashaangadhoopam Tav Ranjanaartham Naashaya Me Vighnavidhaayakaanaam |

Dattam Maya Saurabhchoornayuktam Grihaan Maatastav Sannidhau Ch ||

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मां गायत्रीको पूजामा यस मन्त्रलाई पढदै उनलाई पुष्पांजलि अर्पित गर्नुपर्छ –

Maa gayatriko pujama yasa mantralai padhadai unalai puspanjali arpita garnuparcha –

Reading this mantra in the worship of Mother Gayatri, she should offer a Wreath.

ॐ यज्ञेन यज्ञमयजन्त देवास्तानि धर्माणि प्रथमान्यासन् |
ते ह नाकं महिमानः सचन्त यत्र पूर्वे साध्याः सन्ति देवाः ||

Om Yagyen Yagyamayajant Devaastaani Dharmaani Prahtamaanyaasan |

Te Ha Naakam Mahimaanah Sachant Yatra Poorve Saadhyaah Santi Devah ||

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मां गायत्रीलाई आरती गर्दाको समय यस मन्त्रको उच्चारण गर्नुपर्छ –

Maa gayatrilai arati gardako samaya yasa mantrako uccarana garnuparcha –

The mantra should be pronounced when the mother Gayatri is worshiped.

इदर्ठ हविः प्रजननं मे अस्तु दशवीरः सर्व्गणर्ठ स्वस्तये |
आत्मसनि प्रजासनि पशुसनि लोकसन्यभयसनि ||

Idarth Havih Prajananam Me Astu Dashveerah Sarvganarth Svastaye |

Aatmasani Prajaasani Pashusani Lokasanyabhayasani ||

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मां गायत्रीको पूजामा यस मन्त्रको उच्चारण गर्दै पूगीफल र्समर्पण गर्नुपर्छ-

Maa gayatriko pujama yasa mantrako uccarana gardai pugiphala samarpana garnuparcha-

In the worship of mother Gayatri, the museum should be translated by pronouncing this mantra.

ॐ याः फ़लिनीर्या अफ़ला अपुष्पायाश्च पुष्पिणीः |
बृहस्पतिप्रसूतास्तानो मुंचन्त्वर्ठ हसः ||

Om Yaah Falineeryaa Afalaa Apushpaayashch Pushpineeh |

Brihaspatiprasootaastaano Munchntvarth Hasah ||

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मां गायत्रीको पूजामा यस मन्त्रको उच्चारण गर्दै उनलाई पुष्प अर्पित गर्नुपर्छ-

Maa gayatriko pujama yasa mantrako uccarana gardai unalai puspa arpita garnuparcha-

In the worship of mother Gayatri, she should pay flowers to pronounce this mantra.

ॐ ओषधीः प्रतिमोददध्वं पुष्पवतीः प्रसूवरीः |
अश्चा इव सजित्वरीवींरूधः पारियिष्णवः ||

Om Oshadheeh Pratimodadadhvam Pushpvateeh Prasoovarih |

Ashchaa Iv Sajitvareeveenroodhah Paariyishnavah ||

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मां गायत्रीको पूजाको समयमा यस मन्त्रलाई पढदै उनलाई ताम्बूल र्समर्पण गर्नुपर्छ-

Maa gayatriko pujako samayama yasa mantralai padhadai unalai tambula samarpana garnuparcha-

During the worship of mother Gayatri, reading this mantra, she must dedicate Betel.

कर्पूर्-जातीफ़ल-जायकेन ह्येला-लवंगेन समन्वितेन |
मया प्रदत्तं मुखवासनार्थं ताम्बूलमंगी कुरू मातरेतत् ||

Karpoor-Jaatifal-Jaayaken Hyelaa-Lavangen Samanviten |

Maya Pradattam Mukhavaasanaartham Tamboolmangee Karu Maataretat ||

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यस मन्त्रलाई पढदै मां गायत्रीलाई सिन्दूर र्समर्पण गर्नुपर्छ-

Reading this mantra, Maa Gayatri should renovate the Sindoor.

Om Ahiriv Bhogaih Paryeti Baahum Jyaayaahetim Paribaadhamaanah |

ॐ अहिरिव भोगैः पर्येति बाहुं ज्यायाहेतिं परिबाधमानाः |
हस्तघ्नो विश्वा वयुनानि विद्वान्पुमान पुमार्ठ सम्परिपातु विश्वतः ||

Hastghno Vishva Vayunaani Vidvaanpumaan Pumaarth Samparipaatu Vishvatah ||

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मां गायत्रीको पूजाको समयमा यस मन्त्रको उच्चारण गर्दै उनलाई आहृवान गर्नुपर्छ-

During the worship of Mother Gayatri, she/he should pronounce this mantra.

Maa gayatriko pujako samayama yasa mantrako uccarana gardai unalai ahr̥vana garnuparcha-

आयाहि वरदे देवि त्र्यक्षरे ब्रह्मवादिनि |
गायत्रि छन्दसां मातर्ब्रह्ययोने नमोस्तु ते ||

Aayahi Varde Devi Tryakshare Brahmavaadini |
Gayatri Chhandasaam Maatarbrahyayone Namostu Te ||


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