When is Gaura Parva Festival 2017 in Nepal

This post is about when is Gaura Parva festival 2017 in Nepal? or say when is Gaura Parv festival 2074 in Nepal ? Do you want to know Gaura Parva date 2074 B.S. in Nepal? Do you want to know the date of Gaura Parva festival in 2017 in Nepal?

If yes, then don’t forget to celebrate Gaura Parva festival 2017 or 2074 BS. If no, then we are giving you real celebration date of Gaura Parva.

Nepal is a land of festival. There are 100s of festival in Nepal. Every week, more than one festival is celebrated in Nepal. Gaura Parva is one of the hundreds festival of Nepal. Gaura Parv is also termed as Gaura Parba, Gaura Parwa, Gaura Parva. Gaura parva is celebrate especially most of the middle- west and far west parts of Nepal. Gaura parva falls in month of Bhadra. The date of Gaura Parb in Nepal falls in either in September ( Bhadra) each year according to Lunar calendar. Gaura Parva festival in Nepal actually runs for just one day.


The actual date of Gaura Parv 2074 B.S. in Nepal is 13th Bhadra, Tuesday. The date of Teej 2017 in Nepal 29th August, Tuesday.

Gaura Parv in Nepal is great celebration with full of joy by people of middle- west and far west parts of NepalThe major part and attractive part of Gaura Parva is deuda dance. 

Gaura Parva festival Nepal
Celebrating Gaura Parva festival

When is Gaura Parva festival 2074 in Nepal

Gaura Parva in 2071 B.S. falls in 17th Bhadra, Tuesday.

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