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Popular games in Nepal: – Nepal has gained the popularity in having the hub and group of natural resources. Apart from it, Nepal is also making its name and fame in the sector of the game. There are many games which are internationally popular like cricket, football but some of the game even being popular within national territories.


Factly, Nepal has grown with great heights in the sector of cricket while in football, also Nepal is struggling. Nepal has its own perception and practices in the gaming sector. Kabaddi and Hockey are its national game but these two are less played in Nepal.

These two game are still played mostly in the village area. But at the national level, these two have not defined any mark of prestige and award. Taking the matter of the game, there are many games in Nepal, which are playing happily and passionately to scratch their future in it.

Most of the Nepalese youth show their interest and wants to light their future in these two sectors. Although there are many skilful and well players, due to the appropriate selection process, the backward child is not able to secure their future in the sports sector.

Far from it, here is the list of some games that are suitable in Nepal and are in practice:

Popular Games (Sports) in Nepal

1. Cricket

Nepal has achieved the heights in football by winning the different cup and beating many countries. The players of Nepalese cricket team has also captured the many cups in their name by their unbelievable performances.

The cricket of Nepal become more popular when a spinner Sandip Lamichhane selected in IPL 2018 from the Delhi daredevil and done the magical performance by taking 5 wickets in last 3 matches. He has become the star of Delhi team and eyes of Nepalese cricket team.

Moreover, Sandip and the whole Nepalese team has accessed the Nepalese cricket into new heights. Due to bad management in Nepal CAN( cricket association of Nepal), many youths are still now unconnected with the passion and programming of cricket.

Many youths who even want to make their future more secure in sports, they even some time seems hopeless. But now the cricket of Nepal is changing its direction and decision and actively involved in making it more better.

2. Football:

This is also one of the suitable game of Nepal that most of the youth plays it and watch it. Nepalese seems in sinking when there any international match happens. While in the world, there are many fans who support different countries and players.


These kinds of dedication and support show the love and passion for football. The flavour of football has made many youth and watcher both addict. Football in Nepal is shining its glory of discussion and debate when there happens the match between two supporting teams.

Nepalese youth mostly loves to play and watch football than cricket due to the more number of its supporters. Football and foot shall both are getting its place in youth as it is also taken as the game of staying fit. Football is also looked with the eyes of staying fit. So, most of the youth play football in rest of the time.

3. Kabaddi:

It is also one of the suitable game that is played in Nepal mostly in a rural area. This game is played by both male and female by dividing the team into 6/6 numbers. A court is drawn and middle line is stretched. From both one by one participant go into another area and touch them, make them die and come safely into their area.

At last who become able safe their members in high numbers are treated as winners. This game is played without any buying materials. That is also the reason, people of the village do not want to invest the money in a sport like a cricket and a football and purchasing the materials. This game can be also played in short area sort field.

These game are mostly played by the youth who goes in the grazing of their animal in the field. At there, they start playing.

4. Volleyball:

It is also one of the most played game in town are and school area. Mostly in college and school, due to small space of ground, their youth, students play volleyball. Volleyball is also an international game but it has not got such the big heights in Nepal. Although, the youth looks crazy over it.

Different volleyball cup are also organized like as interschool volleyball competition, inter-college volleyball competition. Volleyball is mostly played by the youth of Kathmandu.

They look more passionate about it. The government of Nepal has not focused in volleyball that why no any initiative is seen by the government. Even though, the youth have great eager and passion to play this game as the game is interesting.

Volleyball competition is even organized and held that is seen in many Terai regions. As it is the game of both male and female, mostly the boys only look it playing. In very few places, girls are also looking interested in this game.

5. Kusti (Wrestling):

Kusti is Nepal word, we can also say it the wrestling in the English version. But its rule and ways it quite different. This game has nowadays grown with great entertainment.

This game is also treated as the prestigious game of Nepal mostly in Terai region. Peoples of Terai region organize this game and brings the wrestlers whom called ”Pahalman” in the local language and there arrange the fights under rules. The people from the village and area are announced to attend the games.

The game is also organized for contributing the culture as it is also seen as the part of the culture as well as entertainment. The great wrestlers and bodybuilders show their power and body in the public ground. Wrestlers are even awarded the expensive award.

Many wrestlers have built their identity and earned the respect. This game is also organizing for showing the power and energy of male in the public. Besides, the government is also approaching it and promoting it for more its popularity.

6. Dandi Biyo:

This is also one of the popular games among children and in a rural area. Dandi biyo is very much popular in Nepal among children as it also does not need any kinds of expensive materials. The game can be played between two parties or in the group too.

Dandibiyo makes the child more eager to play. In it, the small pit is dug and over two stick, one up to 5 cm and another about 50 cm is taken. The small is kept over the pit and from long sticks it is thrown. Then, the opponent tries to hit the long sticks that are kept over the pit after throwing the small sticks.

If opponent becomes able to hit them they lose their chance to play further if not they hit again and it continues. This game is not played by younger or adult person. This is also one of the suitable game that is played in Nepal.

7. Table tennis:

Table tennis has also made the great record in today’s Nepalese youth. As table tennis can be played in small space, it becomes more interesting to play between two players or four players. The small board is played and the small net is also installed in the middle of the board.

And the small bat is given to both opponent and small ball is also given. Onwards, the game is played. It is almost seen in every college and school in Kathmandu, there is made the board of table tens.

Most of the student take entertainment and refreshment through it. It is also one of the highly played and liked game so the youth. As it does not need some specific space and large space, it is largely liked. Table tennis is also taken as the short form of badminton.

Therefore, this is also one of the games which are highly played but has not able to make stand in government eyes for promotion.

8. Chess:

Chess has also now become the game of glamour. As the chess is known as the game of smart and intelligent person. Most of the great person who has a big identity looks playing. Besides, the chess is also seen as the game of king. Because this chess is all based on the story of war used to held in ancient days.

The ancient kings used t plays this game. And this game needs high thinking and high concentration. That is also the reason, some of the great philosopher and person recommend to play the chess to students to increase their concentration and smartness.

Chess in Nepal has grown its players and applauses in high numbers. Many players of Nepal as also participated in international chess competitions too. There is chess competition held in Nepal where the chess players across the country play it.

These game has also touched the many hearts of the people. people of high class when stay free, they started playing chess. Therefore, chess is treated as the game of higher’s choice. Hence, we can say that it is also the game that is played in Nepal.

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