100 Funny Birthday Wishes And Messages Collection

51. Yesterday I went to the zoo and I asked that old crocodile if he knew you by any chance. You know what he said that you were his senior. Never knew you wrere that old. Damnn man. Happy Birthday and How old are you. I think we should cut that question. It isn’t even worth asking. I might as well get great attack.

52. I love everything about birthdays. Except for the part when I have to tell bunch of lies in their card. It’s already hard that they are your friend now that you have to even tell good stuff about them. Anyway here are my lies. You are the most amazing guy I ever met. You deserve all the happiness and fun in your life. Love you. Oh and many many happy returns of the day.

53. I got you gift brother. I am pretty sure you would love it. Same thing each year. You low all vodka, gin. But I just hope you would keep the voices down. The last time I had to get hell of a scolding from our parents. I hope you wouldn’t do that this year to me right. As long as you do as you promised I think we won’t have problem with the supply. Love you and happy birthday.

Funny Birthday Messages

54. I got you three wishes. But I used them all. Then I got you some money but ended up using all of them. I hope you won’t mind after all thought is what matters the most right. I love you so much. I hope our bond will always remain as strong as it is right now. Many Many happy returns of the day. May all your wishes and desires come true on this special occasion.

55. You are my lovely older brother. As you turn old your hair will start turning grey and you will start losing your teeth. You will turn ugly and boring. You will try to act all active and tough but you will end of sleeping throughout the day. You will dye your hair but it will all go in vain. But I will still love you. You are my brother after all. Happy Birthday brother.

56. All those fights that we had with each other. All those arguments make me laugh so much right now. No matter what we will always be two dumb friends. But you took my x-men. I still remember it. I am still plotting my revenge against you. Other than that all is good love. Happy birthday to my foe, my close jigri.

Funny Birthday Messages

57. Dear friend you have successfully survived this year. I hope you survive the next year too because I am looking forward to celebrating your next birthday too. Between us I wasn’t sure if you were really going to make it. You know considering your age and all the other factors. You never know. But I am glad. Happy Birthday buddy.

58. Happy birthday little brother. I am sad that I am not there with you. I would have loved to smack that little face of yours. When I come back we should do one on one. Let’s see how strong my little brother has gotten. I hope you have gotten strong and really macho. I miss our wrestling and all those battles we pretended to fight with you. I love you kiddo.

59. You must pretty much get senior discount right. Seeing you all ugly and wrinkled makes me want to take benefit from you. Can we go shopping oldie? You can buy me stuff with your senior discount. I might buy you gift you never know. Love you. Oh and happy Birthday. I almost forgot this must be one of your last birthdays.

60. Thanks for doing everything wrong. That’s how I knew what I had to do and what not to. You were the worst figure I looked up to. But I don’t regret anything. I had the fun of my life when I was with you. You were an amazing friend and partner. My life was never boring when you were with me. Come home soon. Happy Birthday bro. I miss you every day.

Funny Birthday Messages

61. All hells that you put me through I could never forget them. I am pretty sure you had the fun but I never had. I was always the one receiving the beatings from mom. You always somehow got out. And you used to come pretending you were sad that I got hurt. But now I know you were really hurt when I was hurt and that was just your way of showing me love. But guess what brother I have grown so much. I just want you to come and play those tricks on me again. I promise I won’t even be mad at you. Happy Birthday brother. I love you.

62. I got you an amazing gift for this birthday brother. It’s me voila. I am pretty sure you were expecting something else but what’s so amazing and awesome gift than me. I hope you take an amazing care of me. After all I am your gift. I love you. Let’s have awesome time okay.

63. I can’t imagine myself without you. You know why because without you I got no idea how I would pass my time messing around and pulling their legs. You are just so perfect foe teasing and irritating. All my best blessings are with you and thanks for making me happy. I have got small tricks up my sleeve. I am sure you will have hell lots of fun this year too. Happy Birthday deary.

Funny Birthday Messages

64. Its time you start accepting that your wrinkles are going nowhere. Your wrinkles are there for a reason after all. To tell you, you have gotten old and weak. Stop hiding behind that makeup. I am not going to send you any make up from now on. Happy birthday deary. How sweet and innocent sister I had but now I have you. Don’t know where I made mistake. I have to accept the fact that it’s you now just like you have to accept you are old now.

65. This is birthday wish for the girl who doesn’t want to acknowledge the fact that she is in her mid-30s. I am not going to tell you, you look young or whatever, neither I am going to tell you how you are. Don’t want to ruin anyone’s appetite after all. Let’s focus on beautiful thing like your cake. Happy Birthday my dear girl.

66. How old are you pretending honey? I really don’t know. I need to know in order for me to go along your lies. We really wouldn’t want people knowing your real age right? And besides we need to buy candles for your cake too. I just hope you have chosen appropriate age for yourself no matter how much your real age makes you cry. Happy Birthday love.

67. Happy belated birthday girl. Don’t get angry with me. I didn’t forget your birthday it’s just I wasn’t hoping you would be able to survive till your birthday. You are one heck of a tough girl. I just hope to be surprised next year too. But knowing your age I really wouldn’t know what to expect right. Happy Belated birthday once again my lady.

68. People may come and go. Gifts may come and go but your real age always sticks with you. Saying that I pretty much hope you will be able to tell me your real age right baby girl. I didn’t mean to say you are lying but those wrinkles are just too hard to ignore. Anyway have a blastful birthday. Do not worry too much okay.

Funny Birthday Messages

69. I remember my old birthday. You came empty handed. I mean who even does that right? Since I am a fan of tit for tat. This birthday the only thing I am gifting you is my empty hand. Yes you heard me right you are going to get nothing. You should be thankful for this birthday wish too. Happy birthday idiot.

70. What’s there to be happy about birthdays? They simply come here to tell you, you have gotten a year older than last year. Well actually they come to tell you are getting closer to your death bed. They simply give you the gift of wrinkles and weakness. Are you still happy? Congratulation your time on earth is shortening. Happy Birthday.

71. I am so lucky to have a friend who is so close and so dear to me. It’s your birthday that’s why I am lying about this stuff. Let this day pass I will have nothing except bad things to tell about you. Thank your birthday if you are getting such extra treatment because you don’t deserve it. Happy Birthday idiot.

72. Why are you even worrying about the candles and your age? I think as long as your teeth and hair are still intact, you have got nothing to worry about. Don’t you think so? You have got only few years to lose them. Till then enjoy them and enjoy your birthdays. Happy birthday honey.

Funny Birthday Messages

73. I really want to meet the people who said maturity comes with age. Because when I look at you I don’t think I find any maturity in you despite your so called age. You are not a kid and the candles on your cake should prove that but I don’t know why you can’t act according to your age. Is that so hard? Happy birthday I hope something changes. And if nothing does well I won’t be surprised.

74. Don’t worry about past, it’s already gone. Don’t worry about future that has seen it. And about present don’t even think about it. I haven’t got any for you. Happy Birthday buddy. I hope this wish is more than enough for you considering how greedy you have become with your birthdays treats.

75. I didn’t know you had gotten so old. Your birthday candles say it all. I am pretty sure it won’t be so chilly this winter for you. Your candles will do the trick of warming you. You can even lend me some. I think they will be more than enough for you right. Happy Birthday friend. Time passed so fast. Yesterday you were just a kid now you are all grown old and crampy. Happy Birthday once again.


76. Another year another birthday. I hope this year you won’t get any new disease. But don’t curse it after all disease target only the old people. I will take care of you. Friends in need are the true friend right. Happy Birthday my weak and old friend. Keep it up. You can never know when death strikes using the old age.

Funny Birthday Messages

77. If your lungs do not support you while blowing out the candle, fear not. I have got the perfect gift for you a fan. What your lungs can’t do it will do except for the part when you need actual lung for breathing right. You need to breathe with your lungs to survive right. Take care till then my oldie. Happy Birthday once again.

78. No matter how kind, good and innocent you are never ever forget my birthday honey. I have remembered yours and I expect the same in return too. That is what we do with friends. We never forget each other birthdays. Last year you made the mistake and forgot mine and I hope this year you won’t repeat the same mistake. I will make it your last mistake. Anyway I love you and happy birthday honey.

79. Even if you lose all your teeth I wish you a big smile. Even if there is not a single hair on your head I hope you look as dashing as you right now. Age is just a number because if you start worrying about your age then it will put you in depression and we wouldn’t want that to happen in your birthday right. I love you buddy. Happy Birthday to you.

80. With every birthday you are getting old. So it’s time to get your shit together and start acting your age. Have fun, blow out the candles and eat the cake. Other than that I think you are too old to do anything. Happy Born day love.

Funny Birthday Messages

81. Happy birthday to you. One more year of annoyance. You survived this year too and now we have to survive you. I just hope our time doesn’t end before you. Cut us some slack of bearing your annoyance so many years. You should think of giving us a grand party. Don’t you think so? I think a big party should be on the way to your victory over death.

82. Happy birthday to you. I was just here for the cake and I hope I have the big slice of it. I hope gift is not mandatory because I didn’t get you any. I hope we are cool right. And just so you know I never told anyone of your true age. The secret is between us. After all friends for life, now where is my cake.

83. You are so old that your birth certificate even must say expired. You must be the oldest guy alive after few others. How you are even survive. It’s humanly impossible don’t you think. Don’t try to go against the nature. It’s not cool man. Anyway happy born day

84. I heard good people die really young. So that makes you what? Umm a pain in the ass right. No wonder god has left you to torture us because you would have been a jerk in the heaven or maybe hell. We should have a big party the day you leave this place man. Anyway happy birthday to the toughest man i have known.

Funny Birthday Messages

85. Another year and another gift of pain in the new place. I think you should give up. Let your old body rest. I just hope before you go it would be a lot fun if I was on your will you know. At least there must be someone to look after your legacy. I do love you but I would love you even more knowing you are thinking about me at the end of your time. Happy Birthday and have lots of fun.

86. Don’t count your wrinkles but count your blessings. It’s only possible when there are few wrinkles. But when your face is filled with lots of them I am pretty sure it’s hard to ignore them right. No matter how much wrinkle you get I hope our parties never end. Happy Bourn day girl. I miss you.

87. One more year to pretend that you care about the people. How does it feel to get older and too hard to even climb the stairs? You must miss your golden days but let me remind you it’s not your golden days it’s your older days. Haha. I was waiting entire year just to have this laugh. Gosh it feels so good now. Happy Born day mate.

88. I want to give you the gift of friendship love and fun. Because these were the only gifts that I was able to give you that cost nothing. Everything is so expensive nowadays. Thank god I found perfect things for you. Do you like it? I hope you do. Happy birthday man.

Funny Birthday Messages

89. Are you feeling old? Just think how old you will be after ten years. Geez right. Then enjoy what you have got because you are still young compare to the one you will be after ten years. It doesn’t suck right. We just have to increase the number of candles and parties each year. Happy Birthday honey.

90. Don’t count the candles or wrinkles. Be glad that you are counted during the census. After all you are still here whereas so many are under the ground. You are one hell of a tough lad. Stick to it and survive each year. We have still got lot more cakes to cut and candles to blow out. Happy Birthday man.

91. Thank you for being older than me. Looking you makes me always feel young and congratulation on being closer to using the diaper. You used to be handsome and cool now you are just old and angry. Sucks to be you and scares me at the same time. I will soon be in your place. Happy born day mate. Though you may not be so happy right now.

92. You look so young despite your age. I am not going to tell you any lies because obviously that is what your relatives are for. I am just going to say you are getting old and your hair is turning all grey. It seems it will be soon when you will be in your diaper and you will be roaming all around the house looking for your keys. Memories can be tricky when your age gets you right. Anyway happy born day mate.

Funny Birthday Messages

93. I know your choice is the best. You keep on reminding me that every day. So this year I didn’t want to disappoint you so I have wrapped your gift that you gave me last year. I am sure you are going to love it. Happy Birthday my friend. I am really happy and excited for this gift. Love you.

94. Laugh and smile all you want because you never know when you might lose your teeth. After all as you age you lose your precious teeth and hair. It is an inevitable thing. And I hope you learnt to read peoples lips. Because after you get old you lose your hearing and when they wish you happy birthday you just have to read their lips and respond right. Happy Birthday buddy.

95. Let me keep the gift and you can keep the age and cake. You need cake to sweeten the bitter truth of your age after all. And I don’t think gifts are going to be any useful after you reach certain age right. But you can keep the pair of glasses that I got for you. At least they are going to be in some good use once you start to see blurry image. One of the perks of reaching an old age right. Happy Birthday lady.

96. I searched for a beautiful presence but I couldn’t find one. Then I thought about it over and what’s better than my presence right. It’s me your gift. Nothing can competes me and outsmart me. Just a little secret between us. And we can count your wrinkles in our free time. Though it would be equal to counting stars. At least this can be fun for you considering your lovely age. Happy Birthday once again.

Funny Birthday Messages

97. I have learnt so many things from you. How to get away when you have seriously done something that might get you scolding. You were always there to look after me. And I must tell you looking after those years you were really a bad influencer. But I wouldn’t change nay of that dear brother. I miss you and I love you. Happy Birthday. Hope our bond stays as strong as it ever was.

98. Don’t worry girl. Age is just a number. Enjoy your life to the fullest. You may have one or two wrinkles here and there and except than that I think we are all good right. Though between us I have to tell that number is really really huge. Happy Birthday and love you.

99. You are the second favorite child of the house. Guess who is the first? Umm I think we can definitely point out that it’s me right. I am so sorry for all the times I busted you or the time when I made you at fault when you were not even guilty. It was really fun. Actually I don’t regret even a bit of that one. It was really fun for me. I wish we could go back to those times. Happy Birthday love.

Funny Birthday Messages

100. Dear friend, I think this is a good time to stop looking at the mirrors because they aren’t going to make you any more beautiful than you already are. Neither are they going to decrease any wrinkle from your face. You just have to deal with the fact that you are getting old and old day by day. Happy birthday

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