100 Funny Birthday Wishes And Messages Collection

Funny birthday wishes and messages:- Birthdays are here and you are bored with plain wishes. You just want to wish them but at the same time, you want to pinch them or want to have a great laugh. Then there are some funny birthday wishes all waiting for you. Choose what you like and send the birthday boy or girl and make their day.

100 Funny Birthday Wishes And Messages Collection

1. Many many congratulations on this happiest day of your life but of course I want to remind you that too much hapouness eventually leads you to cry in the end. You can’t have too many birthdays honey. Too many birthdays that is a too short life. Wouldn’t want that for you. Love you though.

2. Happy birthday, honey. Of course, you may not be so happy. How does it feel to get near to the stage where you have no hair, no teeth and you literally do not have control over your own poops? Getting old, aren’t you? I am worried about you my old guy. How many more birthdays are you going to have now? Love you no matter what buddy.

3. Each year passes and each year we celebrate your birthday with so much fun. What’s so fun if each birthday gets you closer to pain and body ache. Its something we should think of, don’t you think bud. You are getting an old buddy. Happy birthday old guy. Try to have fewer birthdays.

Funny Birthday Wishes And Messages

4. You are not getting old but you are being really young as in newborn baby. You know why? Soon you won’t have any teeth and any hair. You must be really happy right. I am happy for you to buddy. Happy birthday, bud. Remember you are not getting old haha.

5. Get your birthday under control buddy. You have been having too much of them lately. It’s been proved that too many are simply not good for you. Give it a rest for a while will you? Happy birthday though.

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6. How many birthdays are you planning to have? Seriously do you know getting you a perfect gift is such a pain in the ass? I have to go into every store, look after every gift and think about whether it is best for you or not. Stop having too many birthdays. I am so tired. Happy birthday, idiot.

7. Having a birthday this year too but not feeling quite young, are we? Fear not I have got a perfect plan for us. Why don’t we celebrate your birthday with old people and feel young and active again? I am sure that will cheer you up. See you there buddy. Happy birthday once again.

Funny Birthday Wishes And Messages

8. You know what you should do to feel young again at your age. It’s a small secret but doesn’t tell anyone. Simply lay about your age and feel young one more time babe. So how old are you this year? I am pretty sure the answers are getting somewhere around the 20s. Happy birthday young man.

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9. You should know you are getting pretty old when you can’t even hold out your pee. I am saying this because I saw you the other day how you were desperate for peeing. I know I know all your excuses how you had too much water. But we both know its cuz you getting old my man. Happy birthday. I think you should know that it’s your birthday reminding you that you are getting old.

10. Smile and be happy my friend. It’s your birthday after all and remembers things could always be worse but they are not right now. So enjoy and force that smile in your wrinkle face. It looks weird but we can deal with it. Happy Birthday, man.

Funny Birthday Wishes And Messages

11. You are worried that you are getting old. Just think about how you will be in ten or twenty years. I know not a pretty sight right. Then what’s there to worry. Enjoy what you have and be happy that there are still a few years left for you to feel beautiful till you go all ugly. Happy Birthday, honey.

12. Congratulations on your birthday. The only difference this year is that you look a year older. Except that everything seems the same boring and plain. Happy Birthday once again. My wish is same. You are same and our friendship as strong as it was last year. Love you honey.

13. Congratulations our pre-historic guy who was born i don’t know when but really really long time ago. You are the oldest guy of our group and lately you seem to be getting even older. Is that supposed to be good? Take care man. We don’t want to lose you to your old age. After all you are a special member of pour group. Happy Birthday man.


Funny Birthday Wishes And Messages

14. Age is only in the mind. You get actually old when you let it flow to your body. Block your age buddy. You can’t be old too soon. We have so many things to do. Don’t lose your mind too. It’s something that comes with the aging. We have so many memories. Wouldn’t want you to miss on that. Happy birthday my friend.

15. Happy birthday my friend. Congratulations on joining the 30s club. You must not have thought you were the only one getting old right. We have millions of members all around the worlds. Feel free to be included in old gang. I am just kidding. We are still considered young. I think so at least. Happy Birthday once again.

16. Don’t be sad or bummed honey. It’s your birthday after all. No matter how grey your hair turns or how wrinkled your face gets I will always be there to look after you. And you know what they say about it, it’s better to be a year older than a month late. Happy birthday. I love you. You will always be the mist beautify women in my life.

Funny Birthday Wishes And Messages

17. Happy Birthday friend. Time flies by in a blink of an eye and here we are with our kids all grown. I would like to advise you to look after and love your children even more from this day onwards because the older you get the closer you are to the nursing home. And we wouldn’t want that for any of us right.

18. You do know when dog gets really old they put them down for good. I am so glad that you my friend are not a dog. Otherwise they would have put you down for real good. Anyway happy birthday my friend.

19. Happy Birthday my friend. May you live and survive so long that you look like a walking dead. Or may you even wish that you were dead. Life would be so boring without me right. Happy Birthday once again buddy.

20. Happy Birthday love. You are such an am, zing person but of course there are tons of amazing and even more successful people out there. Don’t let yourself feel so down. You are not a failure through looking at them sure can get anyone down even the likes of you.

21. I am so sad that you have gotten so old that nothing that comes in market suits your taste. Well the market do not target your age after all. You are just old fashioned according to new generations. Happy Birthday buddy.

Funny Birthday Wishes And Messages

22. It’s a very special day buddy. Let’s go out and celebrate e this special opportunity of being one year closer to putting g your tombstone. Why don’t we go to your tomb shopping? Better late than never right.

23. I went out to buy you cake and candle. Boy you know how much candle I had to buy to correspond with your age. . When the number of candles is more than the size of cake, you know you are too old. I just hope all those candles fit in the cake. After all you have gotten so old that the candles aren’t even fitting in cake for you to blow out.

24. No matter how many candles you blow out and how many cake you cut and how many birthdays you celebrate you are going to be as old as you feel. Always keep that in mind. But also don’t forget the fact that no matter how young you feel you will always be a year older than me. Happy Birthday brother.

Funny Birthday Wishes And Messages

25. You have gotten so old that sometime I think you can even barely function in the society. I hope it become your best birthday because soon you will not be here to enjoy them. Love you dear. And Happy Birthday once again.

26. What is your secret because the last selfie you took looks exactly the same as you are right now. You are as old as your photos. Kudos to you for maintaining that. Happy Birthday once again love.

27. Our match is a heaven made love. You know why I think that because you don’t like to celebrate your birthdays and I am just too lazy to give you any surprises or celebrate it with you. We are just perfect for each other love. Happy Birthday once again love.

28. Happy Birthday to you. You know what’s amazing for the people of your age. Your tombstone will never say died too young. You will die old. Happy Birthday once again my old friend.

29. What’s your age because you must feel like a dinosaur? You are not that old. Why don’t we go see Jurassic world. Atleast it will make you feel less the age you actually are. Happy Birthday my friend. I love you no matter how old you get

Funny Birthday Wishes

30. I was going to send you message but I thought a card would be better. After letter is what people of your age prefer right. Happy Birthday my friend. You have gotten so old and so ugly with each passing birthday but that still hasn’t decreased my love for you.

31. I think it’s time you start celebrating your birthdays less. It looks less fun and more concerning. It makes you look old. It shows people your real age. Happy birthday, my oldie.

32. Oh it’s your birthday again. I am glad you are her to increase purr country population. I wonder how long you can keep it up. After all that weak body of yours can hardly take any more burden right. I am glad to see you among living. Happy Birthday buddy.

33. Congratulations you have reached the level where you can use your birthday candles to light up your entire house. Less cost on lights right. Thank your age for that. Happy Birthday my friend.

34. So how does it feel to surpass your twitter followers? You have become so old. I wonder how many birthdays are left for you to enjoy. Till then have fun buddy. You never know when you might meet the grim reaper at your fragile age. Happy Birthday my friend.

Funny Birthday Wishes

35. This birthday wish is for my old friend who has become so old that he can’t complete his movie without going to loo time and again. You must know that you have become so old when you can’t even hold out yourself. Something to think about, aint it? Anyway happy birthday buddy.

36. Happy Birthday my friend. May your birthday be filled with happiness and fun? Sorry what? You are enjoying it with your family. Poor you. I promise next year birthday, you will be celebrating with us and it won’t be hell as this birthday. Happy Birthday once again. You need it.

37. I am hoping to give you one million for your birthday. Would it be enough? Oh just for your information it’s only paper and nothing worth any values. Enjoy your million papers. Happy Birthday my rich friend.

38. Happy Birthday my friend. May you live so old, that even your family does not acknowledge your presence. It would be really funny to see you in that situation. Seeing you all grumpy in one corner of the house. May be I would join you too. Buddys for life after all. Happy Birthday once again friend.

Funny Birthday Wishes

39. Happy Birthday my friend. No gift for this birthday. I am pretty sure you wouldn’t have preferred me taking money out of pour alcohol budget. So don’t frown its going to be hell of a booze party. Let’s party till Sun gets high up in the sky, all night and all day.

40. Happy birthday. I just hope you are not having any kind of midlife crisis. I would hate to find you in that situation because at the end of the day I am always the one taking care of your problems. You do know you can’t do that again and again. But then it’s you who am I even kidding right.

41. Happy Birthday to this girl who just can’t seem to get that she is too old for swings or any kind of hobbies that she is having. You are too old for that stuff. Its time you take up new hobbies that suit your age honey. No offence though.
42. Congratulations. Now you can legally take performance drug to perform yourself in this society. Let’s get our fact straight. You are getting old buddy. Celebrating birthday is like celebrating the time for your deathbed. That’s how old you should feel. Happy Birthday once again.

Funny Birthday Wishes

43. Here is to your amazing birthday. Let’s have fun of our life and don’t even worry about booze. I have taken care of them. I want you so intoxicated that even you forget how old you are getting. Because your age is the last thing we want to feel sorry about during this awesome moment. You get me right. Happy Birthday. I wish you all the fun and happiness in your life.

44. I am really worried about you my buddy. You have reached the age where you can simply die from flue or even a common cold. That’s how old you are getting. You have your insurance right. Can I be you beneficiary? Many happy returns of the day though.

45. It’s your birthday buddy. Are you having fun? I am not talking about Facebook and instagram photos they are as fake as anything I have seen. I just hope your birthday is one quarter the fun as you portrays in your photos. Happy Birthday once again.

Funny Birthday Wishes

46. You are the best brother. Despite all our arguments and misunderstanding, I love you. I just hope with time you get the fact straight in your head that I am always right and you never mess with me. You know the saying you mess with the bull you get the horns. Other than that I love you and many many happy returns of the day my dear brother.

47. You are older than me but that only means you were able to beat me in only one thing and that is our age. Other than I wonder how it feels to be beaten in almost everything by your younger. Sucks to be you I know. Anyway Happy birthday dear sister.

48. I am so satisfied to be your younger brother. I never have to give you any gift but I can argue for my gift any time and it wouldn’t be wrong. I can take your stuff but you can’t touch mine. It’s so fun. I love you. Happy birthday. I wonder what I should take this year.

49. You know what my gift is? I am not sharing any kind of funny thing or any embarrassing thing in Facebook. But that’s only for today. For tomorrow get ready for all hell to loose free. You are welcome. Don’t worry I will always be here to make fun of you. Love you and happy birthday okay.

Funny Birthday Wishes

50. History subject was never boring and hard for me because I had someone who looked after me and taught me. As it was fun because I learnt it from someone who had lived through it all. Thanks for being there. It was so helpful. Happy Birthday though.

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