Top 15 Funny April Fool SMS, Wishes, Messages & Shayari in Hindi: Hindi April Fool MSG


So the April fool’s day 2019 is here and so are the most amazing April Fool prank ideas 2019, April Fool Facebook Jokes, Memes, Pranks, and Tricks. For you, we have brought the most Amazing and Fun April fool’s day pranks 2019 and April fool status for Facebook.

Show off your sense of humor and evil inside with these Best April fools Jokes 2019 and April fool Facebook Jokes From brutal pranks to harmless practical jokes we have got everything you need for this April fool’s day.

So Enjoy a Happy April Fool’s day 2019 with the April fool’s day Facebook Pranks, Jokes Memes and Tricks. Prank you sibling and friends this April fool’s day with the Best April fool’s day Facebook Pranks and Funny April fool’s day pranks of all time. These funny April fool’s day jokes will hit your funny bones.

Or how it can improve your relationships? I’m pretty sure you can do that. People may realize that April Fool’s joke is a real pain in the ass and they even try to avoid it at all costs.

But in fact, laughter can unite people, even when it’s hard to make a joke, and jokes and jokes serve to entertain another person. And boy, we need fun these days …

So if you’re looking for something on Facebook to spot the April Fool’s joke, but you do not want to go for a silly joke, here are some quotes (and gifs) that you can share on April Fool’s Day.

The Internet is a formidable place, and it’s never more obvious than April Fool Day when everyone and their mother try to get one quickly with 140 characters or less.


Honestly, if I could cut down my entire Internet service for that day and only for that day, I would do that, but because the temptation to check Twitter is too strong, and because I feel like I would probably die if I cannot.

If you look at Instagram every 10 minutes, giving up social networking is not a viable option. Instead, it’s better to play it safe and remember: do not trust anyone. These are some of the types of status that will inevitably be seen on the Innocents’ Day.

Top 15 Funny April Fool SMS, Wishes, Messages & Shayari in Hindi: Hindi April Fool MSG

This post is about Funny April Fool SMS in Hindi : Hindi April Fool MSG. Here is some top collected Funny April Fool SMS in Hindi. Here is some top collected Funny April Fool Msg in Hindi. Enjoy April Fool Day.

If you want, we have a special category just for this to send an April fool sms.

Top 15 Funny April Fool SMS in Hindi : Hindi April Fool MSG
Funny April Fool SMS in Hindi No. 1

Koi aapse baat kare…
Aapki tareef kare…
Aapko smart kahe to…
Use zor se ek THAPPAD jaroor marna..
Uski himmat kaise huee ki

aapko March mahina me APRIL FOOL banane ki…

Funny April Fool SMS in Hindi No. 2

FOOLse FOOLne FOOLonki FOOLwari me
FOOL ke sath wish kiya- O FOOL,
your are the most beautiFOOL,
wonderFOOL & colorFOOL amongst all FOOLS.
Happy April FOOLs day

Funny April Fool SMS in Hindi No. 3


Amir Khan Ne apni Movie
Ke Second part ke liye
aap ko Chun liya hai

Jiss Mein aap ka
Bahoot Main Role Hai
Film Ka Name hai

Tum April Fool HO

Happy April Fool.!

Funny April Fool SMS in Hindi No. 4

G for Great
H for Hot
O for One in million
N for Naughty
C for Cute
H for Humble
U for Unique

Zyada khush mat ho, hai to tu ghonchu hi…

Happy April Fool.!

Funny April Fool SMS in Hindi No. 5

Tamam bewaqufon
ko ittala di jati hai…
Aap to aise padh rahe hain
jaise ye ittala aap ke liye ho

Happy April Fools Day 1st Text Messages Greetings Cards Images quotes HD Wallpaper Pranks Ideas Msg Status Pictures Photos
Happy April Fools Day Greeting Cards
Funny April Fool SMS in Hindi No. 6

Aap jaisa koi meri zindaki mein aaye to baat banjaye
Aap jaisa cute meri zindaki mein aaye to baat banjaye
Aap jaisa cute meri zindaki mein aaye to baat banjaye
Aap jaisa bewakoof meri baaton per yakeen kare to “APRIL FOOL” banjaye…

Funny April Fool SMS in Hindi No. 7

Jaldi Door Ho Jao,
Ye Msg 5 Second
K Baad fat Jayega!
Nahi fata?
Naqali (fake) ??
Ye Bhi China Ka Maal Nikala


Funny April Fool SMS in Hindi i No. 8

143 Kya hai?
i love you
i miss you?
i wish you
143 means Ek Sou Taintaalis.
ma-baap ne tujhe kitani ummid se padhaya tha besharam.

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Funny April Fool Msg in Hindi No. 9

Aeroplane aa raha hai dekho..
Chala bhi gaya Buddhu.
upar dekhana chahiye tha na.
Mobile me Aeroplane aayega kya ?

April Fools Day Messages in English

The April Fool is dropped for the current year.

Try not to pursue a goat in front, with the pony from behind or with a trick from anyplace. Glad first April.

The outsiders have reached Earth, they watch the news and they see it.

Extremely difficult to beguile you since you are moronic.

Somebody. I miss you. He needs you. Stressed over you. Alone without you. Think about who? The monkey in the zoo.

Connections are a joke nowadays. It resembles April first of the entire year.

A trick supposes he is constantly shrewd, however, an insightful man realizes he is a trick. Try not to trust anybody

Indeed, even divine beings love jokes.

Try not to offer exhortation to pigs or tricks.

Make tracks in the opposite direction from everything or from any other person who is finding employment elsewhere. Life is too short to even consider supporting FOOLS.

In the event that all dawdles me wore a crown together, we should all be rulers.

Resist the urge to panic and continue clowning.

Everything is extraordinary and savvy while it transpires else.

It is in the idea of man to think carefully and act moronically.

Nothing is faultless for an amazingly capable trick.

I’m your better half … Brilliant. Shrewd. Sweet. Amazing ability Romantic It’s not short, I’m yours S I S T E R … April Fool’s joke

Funny April Fool Msg in Hindi No. 10

In hasino se Rasme Waf
or Dil Lagana sarasar bhool hai€¦
Jis din ye ikrar karen mohabbat ka,
Samajh lena us din APRIL FOOL hai¦!


Funny April Fool Msg in Hindi No. 11

Is kadar hum aapko chahate hai ki duniya
wale dekh ke jal jate hai, yu toh hum sabhi ko ULLU banate hai, lekin aap thoda JALDI ban jate hai…

Funny April Fool Msg in Hindi No. 12

Yaad hai ham pehale kahan milte the…… train ruki, khidaki khuli, nazaro se nazre mili aur aapne kahan,….. ALLAH KE NAAM PE KUCH DE DE BABA!!!!!!

Funny April Fool Msg in Hindi No. 13

1st April ko logo ko murkh banane k 5 tarike..
Ye Pehla tha..
Happy all fools day..

Funny April Fool Msg in Hindi No. 14

Khush toh bahoot hoge tum,
Baat hi kuch aisi hai,
1st april jo ho rahi hai,
Dil mein gudgudi si ho rahi hogi,
Aur kyo na ho….saal mein ek hi toh din aata hai
Jo hota hai sirf tumhaare naam.

Happy April Fools Day 1st Text Messages Greetings Cards Images quotes HD Wallpaper Pranks Ideas Msg Status Pictures Photos
Happy April Fools Day Greeting Cards
Funny April Fool Msg in Hindi No. 15

Larkiyon se Dil lagana ik bhoOl hai
Larkiyon k piche jana fuzoOl hai
Jis din kisi Larki ne Apkokeh dia “I LOVE U”
To Samajh lenaUs Din
April FoOl Hai.

I wish it could be the nitwits’ administration in the joke of the blameless people.

A spoon of soup does not know the flavor of soup in like manner, an astute taste of intelligence.

The objective of a joke isn’t to corrupt people, however, to advise them that they are as of now debased. ” Happy April trick.

I never appreciate seeing a few people post this on April Fools’ Day as a ploy to see who will implore them to remain via web-based networking media. What’s more, it’s plainly time for me to log out.

Here you have a promotion for every one of the idiots … That …… .. This peruses like you’re a major trick.

Hi Dear FOOL, I wish you a decent April Fool. Today is your day

On April 1, resist the urge to panic and troll.

On the off chance that you need to misdirect the world, come clean.

The most imperative exercise in our lives is to comprehend that even tricks are now and again right.

Meaning of a trick who knows reality; Look at reality, however, continue trusting the falsehoods.

He who was brought into the world a trick is never recuperated.

I don’t assume I need to stress if it’s the April Fools jokes. I’m exceptionally disturbed that it’s Monday.

No more work for me, I won $ 750,000 with a scratch card last night!!!!

I’m a trick, I’m a trick, I’m a trick, I’m a trick, I’m a trick, it’s alright, it’s alright.

I might want to tell you that today I won’t take Facebook’s “not kidding” notices genuinely.

On the first of April, some state it is prepared for All Fool’s day. In any case, for what reason do individuals consider it that, I don’t have any acquaintance with them either?

I have discovered affection for my life. Here is the connection of your profile:

Congrats to the season to my commendable instructors and a glad first April to all!

Try not to stress We won’t go down, i’ll make another gap in the pontoon and all the water will turn out.

On the off chance that you think you are the dad, the best joke you could have longed for was.

Craftsmanship is the declaration of the delight of a man at work. I have an incredible specialty of confiding in blockheads: fearlessness, call my companions.

April is the cruelest month. The first of April is the day we recollect the other 364 days of the year.

I think despite everything you believe it’s March, and you surely won’t bring me April Fool’s joke.

Joblessness gives me a ton of time to poke some tricky April fun at the general population that made me jobless.

Everything has an entertainment day. Each pet has a entertainment day. Each trick additionally has a entertainment day. I trust you making the most of your day today. Upbeat April first!

Here is a msg for, An appealing person, B superior to the best? C adorable, D Dashing, E astounding, F amusing. G So, what’s going on, does it look great? H Hehe. I am, J simply joking. Glad April Fool, nectar!

Dear companions Today is your day I wish you many, numerous upbeat returns of the day. Cheerful April first

What? Don’t you need to see that trick on April Fool’s Day? Hah! Do you simply cover every one of the mirrors at home?

Subsequent to keeping it a mystery for a considerable length of time, I’m happy to the point that I’m at long last pregnant!

** Sweetheart** Will you be my servant of respect?

We’ve stolen away! Wow so enamored with xoxo

** She ** and I simply separated. This is an extremely troublesome time for both of you, kindly don’t put forth any inquiries.

You don’t trust that, however, I’m most of the way to the world. In this way, hang tight for my next incredible experience!

Every one of you might consider tricking me! You may figure it would be simple, I don’t think so. Not notwithstanding for a second. Attempt again one year from now.

Truly, I think Donald Trump is truly making some huge focuses.

I, at last, did it! I at long last surrendered my activity!

I have done the craziest thing simply occurred, see this is my new tattoo!

After such a large number of long periods of diligent work, my book business at last finished. On account of everybody for your help!

Goodness stunning, I can’t hold on to get a duplicate of your book at Barnes and Noble when it NEVER arrives. Congratz!

I’m going to leave Facebook. Until the end of time

On the off chance that individuals state you are insane, be tolerant; If they state you’re a simpleton, unwind; If they state you’re inept, be incredible; But on the off chance that they state you’re shrewd, beat those idiots. Upbeat trick’s day!

The earth can never again turn; Birds can quit flying; Candles can quit dissolving, And hearts quit thumping. However, my companions will never begin working. ‘April first’

This is the day we recollect what we are in the other three hundred and sixty-four.

The issue with reasonable and entertaining jokes is that they are regularly get picked.

I can neglect to wish you Diwali, Christmas or even New Year. Be that as it may, how might I neglect to wish you on April trick! It is your day!

Be that as it may, I express gratitude toward God particularly to recall him and I wish him a unique day, intended for individuals like you. Honest!

The world is loaded with numb-skulls; and the individuals who would prefer not to see one, need to bolt themselves up, yet in addition break their glass reflect.

Simply close your eyes and think for 10 seconds. Open your eyes. Presently you will find that you have thought of a trick for 10 seconds. Cheerful April first!

Dear companion, I am shocked by your resourcefulness, your intelligence, your insight, and your insight. In any case, the most vital thing is that I am astonished by my bogus recognition to you. Cheerful trick’s day!

Top 15 Funny April Fool SMS in Hindi : Hindi April Fool MSG


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