28 Fun Things to Do in Kathmandu Nepal

Fun things to do in Kathmandu Nepal

KATHMANDU IS THE HEART OF NEPAL AS IT IS ALSO THE CAPITAL CITY. The people or the tourist who comes internally and externally for doing and entertaining the something extra. The Kathmandu is a valley and is surrounded by green mountain. People want to share their feeling in the hotness and coldness of Kathmandu atmosphere. The people are in the search of joy and for happiness. They are victims of busy life and wants refreshment for some days after the completion of the target. So you can also enjoy in Kathmandu according to your wish. The safety and safe traffic rules will allow your vehicles to move in mannerly.

There is very less chance of an accident. As the people of Kathmandu also seems very busy and they have not the time to take rest from their continuous works. A lot of work and program is opened in the Kathmandu for the services of the tourist. You can enjoy and spend your time according to your budget and management. Moreover, you can also achieve the services depends upon your expenditure skills and maintenance that enlightenment your entertainment and feelings with pasting the colorful taste and jam in the sleeping bread.

Kathmandu is the capital city of beautiful country Nepal. You can enjoy lots of activities in Nepal and you can also create lots of fun activities within the Kathmandu valley. These funny and adventurous activities assist in creating the wonderful and unforgettable memories. Culturally and historically rich Kathmandu valley provides the good opportunities to explore new things which are interesting in their own way more than expected by the visitors. The beautiful Kathmandu valley has its own unique blend of different culture and tradition that makes it different from the other places. Some of the funny things to do in Kathmandu can be mentioned below. So following are the some of the services and things which make you fun and you can entertain:

1. Shopping at Bhatbhateni:


It is also the delightful work from which you can adapt lots of fun and joy with various appearance. This one of the biggest roof under which found the lots of goods and commodity-related to your demand. You have the right choice if you enter in it and also you can get more services in less time. The saving of time can add some extra time in entertainment. Bhatbahteni has the greatest store of the national and international product with comfortable prices. This is a benefit that customer can purchase the good and qualitative product after the expenditure of the money in consumption. The product of Bhatbhateni can be expensive but not compromised in the qualitative product to sell only.

2. Playing the game in the mall:

It can be also the best alternative to make fun by playing many games in the mall like the civil mall, K L tower, and city center. These are the largest services provider of Kathmandu in the various stall and launching different offer. It also deserves with the selling of the qualitative goods and services. The mall offers different types of digital game like as arrows, bingo, carom board, racing and much more. The playing game in largest and lightest pitch provides more satisfaction and eagerness to the feelings. And also the video game of army and Fight man, Spiderman, that makes much fun and the time will be formed as the railway’s speed going. The decoration grants the emotions and lets you to plays controlling.

3. Spending the time in fun park:

This also the famous places in Kathmandu located near the Singhdurbar which calls the people by showing many attractions activities. There are many services conduction for the entertainment of man and women. The park is all time full filled with all class people and couples. The park facilitates the rotate ping, magic, swimming pool, and many children functions and forums. The swimming pool will give you more encouragement to play and fun. The name fun park will not leave you any comment and lacks in doing fun. It is the common places and invited also commonly. The person and the couples mostly come here to make refreshment and play the game. You can take the entertainment of magic and ping and break dance in the wheels.

4. 8D movies shown:

This is the international movies categories theater having the high contrast and light, makes you feel as reality going on. This show is not moved and run for the normal movies because it is the highly animated film. There are many class and types of movies which even affects the watcher after seeing. The movies are only of 15 to 20 minutes with lots of fun and contrast. The movies company already notified you do not see if you are weak hearted. According to my view, it can be also the best fun factory for taking fun which can be the memorable, while watching this film, we think and feel the film actions is the reality going on in front of my eyes. So the company gives you the Googles which makes your senses and looks more efficient and films effectively watch.

5. Breakfast on wheels:

The money and the passion are two different things, which can be acquisition according to necessity. There are much rich who do not want to eat something in footpath due to their own values and positions. The thought of the person depends on variously. Some don’t mind about the standard while some guarantee minds the standard. Kathmandu is not the small city having the largest population of Nepal and area also occupying much as the summation of three districts treated as. Breakfast on wheels is also so much tasty somewhere like in the Ratnapark and Gaushala. If you show your personality you can’t be near or touched to happiness, but if you free from all the tension of boundaries and taste the breakfast and food items offered in the wheels give you the wonderful taste. This activity can be also the fun in groups.


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