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This page is about giving you a full form of ‘father’. We all know who is the father. We all have a father. A world can’t run without a father. A baby is born from the sperm of a father. So, a father is such a man who is blessed by God to be God in the real world.

So, friends, here we are going to give you a full form of father. It is our thought. You may agree with it or not. If you have another one, please write on the comment. If you agree with this, please love and respect your father.

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Father’s Day falls on different dates according to country and state. It is celebrated in different according to region and country of the world. Here is Nepal, babu ko Mukh Herne din is called. Let’s have a look at Full Form of Father.

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So, all of you happy father’s day!!!

Full Form of Father

Here is the Full Form of Father. This Full Form of Father may be different from you.


F stands for “Forever With My Family”
A stands for “Always There For Me No Matter What”
T stands for “The Only One Who’s There”
H stands for “He’s My Hero Till The End”
E stands for “Encouraging In Everything I Do”
R stands for “Really The Only One…”
No One Can Beat My Father is the Best!!!’
This is not the only words. These are the feelings of mine. So, dear friends, I think these are lines which you also feel. Love and respect your father.

Full Form of Father

full form of father

Full Form of Father

full form of father

Father Stands For

full form of father

Full Form of Father

full form of father

Full Form of Father

full form of father

Full Form of Father

full form of father

Full Form of Father

full form of father

Full Form of Father

full form of father

Full Form of Father

full form of father

Full Form of Father

full form of father

Full Form of Father

full form of father

Full Form of Father

full form of father

Role of a father in a family

The presence of the father and the mother is fundamental in the life of the children. It is from them that the family is formed, a basic institution for the good integral development of the child. And in this context, the father performs a unique activity.

The father is the stability of the home, the security of the wife and children, who expect from him, love, fidelity, affection, protection, and joy. When the father loves his wife and respects her, the children also feel loved and respected. When the parents disagree, they are offended, the children become insecure and frightened.


The defects of parents are the parents of the defects of their children.  therefore, our defects generate the defects of our children, we have to correct ourselves in what is not correct in us. Parents who are nervous or anxious, angry or pessimistic, transmit these imbalances to their children.

If on the one hand, it is difficult to control emotions and feelings. On the other hand, we have to hold back before our children, so that our despair does not harm them. Therefore the father has much more essential tiles that he needs to play for his whole family.

1. An Educator:

A father is the best educator in the world. The father is the first model that children have of God himself, for He is Father. The father is the first educator of the children, and this is a mission that can only be accomplished with love. It is not for men that they educate their children, but for others and for God.

To educate is to collaborate with God, and it is in the education of the children that the virtues of the father are revealed. Education cannot be done by since fear education deforms the soul of the child. For this, first and foremost, the father must be present in the children’s lives, especially in childhood.

It is necessary to conquer the child in order to educate him well, both as an honest citizen and as a good Human being. The father does not win the son with what he gives to him, but with what is for him. It is no good to give many gifts and treats to the son if he does not give himself to him.

A father must be present, attentive. This makes the child feel loved, safe, strong. Do not buy expensive gifts for him, give him your presence, your embrace, your friend and faithful smile.


2. An affectionate and loving father who has time for his children:

A father who is absent from the lives of his children will not be able to educate them well. The child needs to feel loved, and feels it when he notices that his father spends his time with him. He prefers to be with him than to indulge in other activities, especially on weekends, on free nights and holidays.

Take them for walks, kites, play football, swim, fish, ride, ride a bike, etc … The son needs a father, a strong friend, a mate. The son may forget his father’s words, but he does not forget his examples and his manner, his lap. That stays forever in him.

The father needs to be affectionate with the children, but he should not be afraid to be firm; because it gives security to the child; cannot be omitted when the child misses. You can not pamper your children, but let them do their activities for themselves, helping them only in the essential. He can not correct the children in front of others, for this humiliates them and causes them to rebel.

You can not allow children to form bad habits; teach and cover what is right. A good father is present even with little time. The day-to-day running makes it difficult for the father to always be with his children. But the gestures and attitudes he takes, the extra he gives up and even his rest time are worth a lot to his son.

Many parents confuse masculinity with lack of affection and avoid kissing and hugging the child. This lack cannot be excessive: the father can and must show the love he feels for his son. It is necessary to have a physical interaction with the child also during the games.

Sometimes the father prefers not to play dolls with his daughters, for example, because he is embarrassed, but one has to adapt. And make jokes with more personal interaction – staying only on the computer and video game is not a solution. The child needs affection.

3. A person who can be imperfect:

The father cannot make hasty promises that he can not keep, this leaves his son disappointed. You can not suffocate your children with your worries; they do not have the maturity to face any problem.

But even the father cannot be false, he must be true, even if he does not reveal everything to them. Nor does the father have to behave before his children as if he were perfect; they must know that the father also has defects. And no one gives what they did not receive.

Do not leave the children unanswered for their questions, otherwise, they will stop doing them, or they may ask who they should not. When a father errs with a son, he must have the courage to ask for his forgiveness, that does not detract from his authority, no!

The son will love you even more for this. Do not despise the small problems of the children, this offends them. Also, notice that your child is always growing, so keep up your growth; adapt your language to it. Never mock your child and do not be cynical with him; respect him to be loved by him.

The father must have wisdom in guiding the child in his vocation and profession; do not impose your will on him. Let him choose his way and orient him, advise him, without restraining him from freedom.

4. Provider:

A good father is a provider, one whose child expects to receive something. The guy who launches at work relentlessly to give his family what they need. Always looking for the best alternatives to satisfy the desires of the child.

5. An authority:

A good father represents authority, the one who comes and puts an order in the thing. Of whom we expect a word that will guide us, sometimes a half suspicious yes or no of those that we know is definitive. It does not matter much the answer but that is his, already solves.

Many men confuse authoritarianism with masculinity and become parents who impose themselves by shouting and threatening. It’s very damaging for children to be forced to do this or that because their father sent it, without any further explanation.

Authority is superficial, for that order makes no sense to the child. Parents with authoritarian profiles prevent the child from expressing feelings and thoughts because she does not feel respected. If a father is authoritarian and imposes himself by force and fear, it ends up inhibiting the child. She may grow more timid and introverted, with difficulty expressing herself. Boundaries must be built – not taxed.

6. Best Friend:

A good father is a friend, the one who looks for us in indecision. How not to look for someone who represents so much experience? He may not be educated, but what he lived in life is priceless. We know that his answer is the best and the most reliable.

7. Hero:

A good father is our hero, the one who fights for what he believes. You can not pull something from the father, always in our choices goes through the mind exactly as he would. No matter the profession or where that father works, his heroism is in who he represents to the son.

8. Ideal husband:

A good father is also a good husband and surely his wife expects this. That look of a mother when she sees her father playing with her son is priceless. The same that shows dedication to his wife, has promising chances of being great because you already know what love means.

9. An advisor:

The father must give good advice to the children, know how to praise them when they go well. Never punish them unjustly, and teach them to think, reflect, analyze what is good or bad, especially today in the face of overwhelming media that steal our children. And do not make every wish of your children not to spoil them.

Do not give them all the freedom they want, but measure it to the extent of their good behavior. The father does not need and should not shout at his children; it hurts them and makes them scream at the others as well. Do not compare your children with the other children, especially with the brothers, he is offended by it.

Do not change your mind easily because of your children’s insistence, it shows them a weakness. Correct them with love. Do not lie to your children or ask them to lie. This does not make them believe you. Always explain to them the reasons for their decisions or punishments imposed on them.

Be a great friend to your children. Do not ask them to do something you do not do. Strive to understand your children even if it is in insignificant things for you. Learn to tell your child, I love you!. Show your love to them; know them well, talk to them and support them.

10. Actively participate and often:

Participating only when the school bulletin arrives is not worth: it is necessary to approach the daily life of the child. The father must participate as who will give the limit, who will stimulate and praise, who will accompany the child. Five minutes a day can already be very important for the development of their relationship.

But it’s no use catching just one day of the month and somehow trying to catch up. Closeness builds slowly and it is important for the child to feel that they can trust the parent and that they are being valued. You have to keep track of what’s going on at school, for example, and not just ask what grade she took. Turning these moments into meaning for the child is a good start.

11. Provide effective attention and not material attention:

When witnessing a bad behavior of the children, many parents complain, saying But nothing is missing for him. Is not anything missing? Your presence cannot be exchanged for gifts. The presence is very important, Getting involved with children is not just about bringing chocolate at the end of the day when you get back from work.

12. Position yourself as a parent:

The most recurring mistake of parents is not taking a stand on the education of their children. Absence, lack of position and authority are a very strong need. This rule applies not only to the time to make decisions, but also to the chores and day to day care, such as bathing, food, and play. Also because the modalities of fun and learning of the mother usually are different from the one of the father.

13. A good citizen:

A good father is also a good husband and a good citizen. The whole environment around the child influences her formation and the figure of the father also counts. For children to grow up in the best possible way, therefore, parents should be emotionally mature.

Man and woman need to know what their own values are before a society that often leads them to know little about themselves and to be competitive and consumerist. To be a good father, one must first try to be a good human being.

A good father does not know everything or prove everything, but only to exist is already a gift for his children. Therefore, the father is as important as a mother. Though his presence or function cannot be seen directly as that of the mother. If the mother has the burden of her children and her home on her shoulder. Then the father is the one who carries the mother on his shoulder.

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Happy father’s day to all of you.

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