35 Friendship Shayari in Nepali Language

Nepali Friendship SMS / Nepali Friendship SMS collection contains mitrataa sms, friendship sms in Nepali, and friendship sms in nepali language. Happy Friendship day!

Friendship Shayari in Nepali

1. Friendship shayari in Nepali language

Aey sathi timee ek Mobile ko jastoy 6u,
kalpana ma aau6u SMS ko jastoy,
Mutu ma bas6u Ring Tone ko jastoy ;
Prem tapaaiko 6 Network ko jastoy,
hamilaai vul na jaanu Balance ko jastoy ..

2. Friendship shayari in Nepali language

Kahile na vaneko kura haru yada 6 Mitrata,
Kahile pida ko ausadhi 6 Mitrata,
Kami 6 Pujne baali sang,
Natra jameen ma vagwaan 6 MITRATA.
Be Friends Forever!

3.Friendship shayari in Nepali language

Pida + You = Malham,
Vawana + You = Mahfil,
Tears + You = Smile,
Raasta + You = Uddesya,
Nothing + You = Everything,
Me + You = A gr8 story of  ” FRIENDSHIP ”

4. friendship quotes in the English language

You can count on someone to care for you as a friend only when you have learned to trust and love that someone yourself, without hesitation move forward and look for the positive vibe to make your days count so that you can come together as one to make a lasting friendship.

5. friendship quotes in the English language

In the start of friendship you grow a little bit of love for that friend this love will always stay the same and only grow through time with hurdles in this relationship to make it so much sweeter than it is and that is friendship the bittersweet moments that will make you whole as a person.

6. Friendship Shayari in Nepali Language

Mitrataa mausam hoina,


aafno ich6 pura garai aru farkine 6n.

mitrataa sawan hoina,

maajaa le barsiyo ra rokiyo.

mitrataa aago hoina

sulgiyos ra kharaani vai haalun.

mitrataa aapat hoina

chamkin6 ra doobos,

mitrataa ful hoiin fulyora oilaai jane6.


mitrataa ta saans ho

jo chaal6 tab sabai chij 6,

jo tutyotab kehi pani hoina.

7. Friendship Shayari in Nepali Language

Who is a Sathi?

Sathi tyo jasale na bolaunda ni aau6,

binaa kaaran  tauko khan6,

khaalti khaali garau6n,

Kahile satau6n,

Kahile rulau6n,

Tar sadhai saath nivau6n.

8. Friendship Shayari in Nepali Language

Aey mero SMS mero sathi ko chheu jaanu,

Yadi u suti raheko 6 vane haalla na machaunu ,

Jab u jag6 tab bistarai ‘Muskurayer’,

Ani vannu “aie sala KANJUS” SMS chhito gar!

9. Friendship Shayari in Nepali Language, Nepali Funny SMS

Ful ko shuruvat kopila bat hun6 ,

Jindagee ko shuruvat sathi bat hun6 ,

Mitra koshuruvat aafanta  bat hun6,

ra aafanta  ko shuruvat tapaai bat hun6  !

10. Aakash laai nindra Aaye tab sutau vane,

dharti laai mritu Aaye ta gadi deu vane,

sagar ma leher uthyo tab lukaauu  vane,

tapaai jastoy sathi ko yaad Aaye tab jau kaha.

11. Friendship Shayari in Nepali Language

Mitrataa mausam hun jasale aafno mag pura garun aru risai vai haale,

Mitrataa ful hun jasale fualaai ra oilaai janchh,

Sathiyata ta sans 6 jasale chaallay timee sub chij 6.

Joun totchhha kehi pani chaina…….

12. Friendship Shayari in Nepali Language

Prem ko sirap hou timee,

Tension ko capsule hou timee,

Aapat ko injection hou timee,

tar ke garau jhelna ta par6,

Kinaki… MITRATAA ko oxygen hou timee.

13. friendship quotes in the English language

We are one and the same because we don’t care about anything but us, we only indulge in gossips about people that surround us and we may be judged but it does not ever hurt us because no matter what we support us.

14. friendship quotes in the English language

There is nothing that can compare to you and all that you stand for, you mean and do so much more than what you show, you are humble and perfect in my eyes even though you see so many flaws I just see you stepping on the ladders to perfection, lets grow and get old together my friend.

15. Friendship Shayari in Nepali Language

Sancho sathi ko 3 Nishaniharu:-

1.Besamay Miss Call Garne6.

2.SMS Muskurayer Padne6.

3.Tal Na padnu..-





Jo Kaam na gar vanchhu,

murkhyai tyo Jarur Garne6.

16. Friendship shayari in Nepali language

Dil laai

dil le





afno banaayau timeele..

Kahile vulne

6in timeelaai

ae SATHI..



nai sikayau


17. Friendship Shayari in Nepali Language

Yo mutu ko 6 ek condition,

Jasama 6in kasai laai permission,

Matra tapaai jastoy sathi laai 6 admission,

U pani bina donation,

So just maintain gud relation.

18. Friendship Shayari in Nepali Language

Nata haru  ko duri kamjor hun6 ,

Aankha ko kura mutu ko chor hun6 ,

Vagwaan le Jab pani sodcha mitrataa ko matlab,

Hamro  aula tapaai tir hun6.

Happy Friendship Day.

19. Friendship Shayari in Nepali Language

voli hos “AAJ” jastoy,

Mahaal hos “TAJ” jastoy,

Ful hos “GULAB” jastoy,

or Jindagee ko harek kadam ma FRIEND HOs






excuse me ?




Friend hos ?


Ma jasato (H):p

20. friendship quotes in the English language

I want to see how our life plays along as we get old, we may be young now but I don’t want to miss your first kiss, proposal, wedding or your first kid because you have played such an important role in my life I want to see and show how the new pages of our life unfold.

21. friendship quotes in the English language

A strong friendship never ends, we may not talk every day or text to see if the other is okay, we may not take selfies and tag each other in every blank space but we will always care and love each other in our hearts that is what matters and with that we know who matters.

22. friendship quotes in the English language

You are my angel, my body and soul resembles you so much as to the point that I see a reflection of me when i see you; you brought me joy and all other virtues that have made the toughest times in my life endurable.

23. Friendship Shayari in Nepali Language

Jindagee ma manchhe vetne6 n *EVERY TIME*

Or ramro lag6 n *SOME TIME*

Sathi ban6 n *ONE TIME*

Tar yaad aaudai6 n *LIFE TIME*

Nepali Friendship SMS

24. Sathiyata shayari in Nepali language

Asal sathi “haat” ra “ankha” ko jastoy hun6n n,

Jab “haat” laai takleef hun6  tab “ankha” run6,

ra Jab “ankha” run6 vane “haat” ansu puch6n.’-..’-.

25. Friendship Shayari in Nepali Language

Kehi manish

Vandai 6n mitrataa prem 6 kehi manish

vandai 6n mitrataa jindagee 6.

ma vandai 6n mitrataa mitrataa 6u..

jis-laai vari vari prem 6 na jindagee 6….

Friendship Messages in English Language

Much gratitude to you for the gleam of your cooperation and real kinship in the aggregate of what we have encountered together. You are the best thing to ever come to pass. You are the veritable significance of real regard. Real cooperation stands the preliminary of time and you have exhibited to me what it is to have certified colleagues. I regard your association and I will remain each grateful for your love. Thankful for being my sidekick. Cheers to our loving fellowship. Really you are a friend.

Friendship Messages in English Language

Such an incredible add up to talk about when I consider on you as a buddy. I can simply say thank you as far as concerns you of immaculate kinship. Genuine associates stay reliable with one another. They are always together, and their hearts reverberate and resound comparable sounds. Your family relationship has been truly astonishing and this is the reason we are unclear. Thankful to you for being a bewildering buddy. You are truly regarded.

Friendship Messages in English Language

Come downpour and sun, whirlwind and peaceful, despairing and euphoric elation. I realize I can essentially rely upon you as a partner in all seasons. I esteem your companionship. You can continue being partners with yourself figuratively speaking. You should pick associates as you jump on your experience for the duration of regular day to day existence, and I am eager to the point that I settled on the right choice in you. An obligation of appreciation is altogether to be the nearest buddy ever.

Friendship Messages in English Language

This far I have come is only a joke with you expelled from the story. Your cooperation justifies even more, anyway you generously shower it on me each time at any rate. Really I am thankful. You have reached my heart in the best way ever and that is what authentic cooperation is about. I realize I have not affected you as much as I would need to anyway I assurance to be your best and most trusted in a friend. An obligation of appreciation is altogether to be there.

Friendship Messages in English Language

It’s out of every last one of those, smiles, and impeccably created compliments snoozed with love, we uncovered our partnership. Thankful, you went along. We never knew from Adam, yet you danced into my life and transformed into the best thing that anytime happened. You have given our connection the best life ever and genuinely gave my life essentialness. Thankful for being the most surprising sidekicks that you are.

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