500 Friendship Dosti SMS Shayari in Hindi Language

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The closest companion is the person who knows and ensures you for all that you truly are. He comprehends your quiet just as the words you express.

By and by, I like to call uncommon endowments from God to us since they are extremely valuable bits of adornments that improve our lives, more splendid, lighter and make our reality a charming spot to live.

Interestingly, it is anything but difficult to value these individuals and become acclimated to being as one, that you don’t understand that they ought to be perceived particularly by whom and what they are really going after.

500 Friendship Dosti SMS Shayari in Hindi Language

1. wishes for dosti sms in hindi 160 character

log rupa dekhate hai,
ham dil dekhate hai,
log sapane dekhate hai
ham haqikata dekhate hai,
log duniya mein dost dekhate hai,
ham dosto mein duniya dekhate hai.

2. wishes for dosti sms in hindi 160 words

karo kuchh ais dosti mein
ki Thanks& Sorry words be-imana lage
nibhao yari aise ke yara ko chhorana muskila
aur duniya chhorana asana lage…

3. wishes for dosti sms in hindi 140 words

isqa aur dosti meri zindagi ke do jahan hai
isqa mera ruha to dosti mera iman hai
isqa pe kar dun fida apni zindagi
magar dosti pe to mera isqa bhi kurbana hai

4. wishes for dosti sms in hindi 140 words 2015

ishk or dosti mere do jahana hai,
ishk meri ruha, to dosti mera imana hai,
ishk par to phida karadu apni puri jindagi,
par dosti para, mera ishk bhi kurbana hai

5. messages for dosti sms in hindi 140 character 2015

dil mein ek sor sa ho raha hai.
Bina aap ke dil bor ho raha hai.
Bahut kam yad karte ho aap hame.
Kahi ais to nahi ki…
ye dosti ka rista kamzor ho raha hai.

6. messages for dosti sms in hindi 120 words

us ke dil mein, usaki yado mein koi aur hai lekin,
meri har sans mein uske siva koi aur nahi..

7. messages for dosti sms in hindi 120 character

manzilo se apni dara na jana,
raste ki paresaniyon se tut na jana,
jab bhi jaroort ho zindagi mein kisi apane ki,
ham apake apane hai ye bhul na jana.

Friendship messages in English for Whatsapp

Things may never be as they are right now if you had not come into my life and stay with me as a buddy. I welcome you to such a degree.

I am not an absolute individual without you, you made me see life in an unrivaled view. I feel appreciative to you for being my buddy.

Numerous things can’t be differentiated and the love between partners. You make me see the radiance of life and nature.

There is nothing as sweet and fun as having that someone you can punch and press. Thankful for being that one individual for me.

An extraordinary crowd, a tranquil assistant, an excited encourager, a serious teacher all these are what makes up a nice buddy.

You fathom my perspective more than some other person. What more would I have the capacity to ask for in a friend? Thankful to you, Bennie, for being my sidekick.

Now and then, I don’t view you as a sidekick, I view you as my educator, mother, and guidance. I feel extremely thankful to you for being there for me for the most part.

Genuine sidekicks are hard to discover. Like stars and valuable stones, they are so remarkable. Additionally, that is what you are.

You came to me and brought me much fulfillment and chuckling. You are the nearest sidekick anyone can ever have.

8. sweet dosti sms in hindi 120 character

wafa ka dariya kabhi rukata nahi,
isqa mein premi kabhi jhukata nahi,
khamos hain ham kisi ke khushi ke liye,
na socho ke hamara dil duhkhata nahin!

9. sweet dosti sms in hindi 120 words

dosti zindagi ka khubsurat lamha hai,
jise mila jaye tanhai mein bhi khus,
jise na mile bhira mein bhi akela.

10. sweet and cute dosti sms in hindi Language

dosti se kimati koi jagir nahi hoti;
dosti se khubsurta koi tasvir nahi hoti;
dosti yun to kacha dhaga hai magar;
is dhage se majabut koi zanjir nahi hoti!

11. very sweet dosti sms in hindi Language

dost ko dost ka isara yad raheta hai
har dost ko apana dostna yad raheta
he kuchh pal sachche dost ke sath to
gujaro wo afasana maut tak yad raheta hai.

12. messages for dosti sms new hindi me

badal chand ko chhupa sakata hai akas ko nahi…….
Ham sabko bhul sakate hai aap ko nahi…

13. messages for dosti sms in hindi sad

itani khubsurati kabhi nahi dekhi,
banane vala bhi bana ke hairana hoga apako,
khubsurati ki jinda misala ho tuma,
khuda bhi dekhakar hairana hoga apako…

14. wishes for dosti sms in hindi language

khuda ka diya huwa nura ho tuma,
pharisto se paya huwa hura ho tuma
raba kare kisi ki nazar na lage tumhe
is duniya mein sabse khubsurat jaroor ho tuma

15. dosti sms written in hindi language

yad teri ati hai kyo.Yu tarapati hai kyo?
Dur hai jab jana tha.. Phir rulati hai kyo?
Dard huwa hai aise, jale pe namka jaisae.
Khuda ko bhi janata nahi, tujhe bhulau kaise?

16. dosti sms in hindi writing

tute khwabon ko jor nahi jata,
tuzase rista aba bhi tor nahi jata,
pana tumako mumakina hai nahi,
par yaha dil meri sunata hi nahi.

17. dosti msg in hindi font

isqa ne hame benam kar diya,
har khushi se hame anjan kar diya,
hamane to kabhi nahi chaha ki
hame bhi mohabbat ho,
lekin aap ki ek nazar ne hame
nilam kar diya…………..

18. dosti msg in hindi 160 character

Log kahate hain kisi ek ke chale jane se jindagi adhuri nahin hoti,
lekin lakhon ke mil jane se us ek ki kami puri nahin hoti hai

19. Msg for dosti shayari in hindi 160 words

na isqa kar mere yara yaha ladakiya bahut satati hai,
na karana ina par aitabar yaha kharcha bahut karaawati hai,,
richarja tum karaawa ke dete ho aur nambar mera lagati hai…

20. Msg for dosti shayari in hindi 120 words

jab koi khyala dil se takarata hai.
Dil na chaha kar bhi, khamos raha jata hai.
Koi sab kuchh kahakara, pyar jatata hai.
Koi kuchh na kahakar bhi, sab bola jata hai.

Friendship messages in English for Whatsapp

A buddy takes after an asylum, you can be rushed to when the world is harried. You have made camaraderie sweet and brilliant. You make me smile reliably and that I will keep in mind.

Give me a chance to use this opportunity to prompt you that we are sidekicks now and for time everlasting. You set out not end this partnership. I have a tendency we are not just mates, we are life assistants. An obligation of appreciation is altogether to be the best type of you.

I miss not having you around to complete things for me. Right, when are you getting back home? I miss you my sweet fish.

I miss your grips and the bothers we cause together. Desire you are doing fine?

Just you understand me. You are the individual who raises my demeanor. You are my sweet buddy now and until the finish of time.

My noteworthiness and jabber accessory, my sweet sister, my very important partner that is your personality to me Most of my events are profitable as I experience them with you, my incredible buddy.

Artificial intelligence constantly offers thanks toward God for offering you to me as your family relationship is a gift I would never need to think little of.

My bestie permits just to spend the straggling leftovers of our concurrence. Nothing ought to meddle with us. You are my dearest mates.

You are the best everything thought of you as; are my kin now and ever.

You’ve stayed by me regardless of all and I would dependably be grateful for our family relationship. I have a tendency we are not just associates, we are life accessories. An obligation of appreciation is altogether to be the best type of you.

A few conundrums are best left unraveled; our family relationship is one of them. My quality in a decent position that is what you are to me. You are a conventional partner.

You stay close and hold strong despite when I had my shortcomings.

21. sweet dosti shayari in hindi 120 words

Phul ho tum murajhana nahin
sath chhor ke kabhi dur jana nahin
jab tak ham jinda hai ai dost
kabhi kisi se ghabarana nahin

22. very sweet dosti shayari in hindi Language

dil ka dard dil torane vale kya jane,
pyar ke rivajon ko zamane kya jane,
hoti kitani takalif ladaki patane main,
ye Ghar pe baitha ladaki ka baap kiya jane?

23. Msg for best dosti shayari in hindi Language

kamayabi kabhi bari nahi hoti,
pane vale hames bare hote hai.
Darara kabhi bari nahi hoti,
bharane vale hames bare hote hai.
Itihasa ke har panne par likha hai,
dosti kabhi bari nahi hoti,
nibhane vale hames bare hote hai…

24. very sweet friendship shayari in hindi Language

ham wo nahin jo dil tor denge,
tham kar hath sath chhor denge,
ham dosti karte hain pani aur machhali ki tarah,
juda karana chahe koi to ham dam tor denge…

25. Msg for friendship shayari new hindi me

teri khamosi hamari kamajori hain,
kaha nahin pana hamari mazaburi hain,
kyon nahin samajhate hamari khamosiyo ko,
khamosiyo ko juba dena bahut jaruri hain
barasat aye to zamina gili na ho,
dhupa aye to sarason pili na ho,
e dost tune yaha kaise socha liya ki,
teri yad aye aur palaken gili na hon.

26. Msg for friendship shayari in hindi new 2015

suna hai pyar mein ura jati hai ninda,
suna hai pyar mein ura jati hai ninda,
kas koi hamein bhi pyar kare,
kyoki hamein bahut ati hai ninda.

27. friendship shayari in hindi for girlfriend 140 character

phul ho tum murajhana nahin
apane is dost ko kabhi bhulana nahin
jab tak ham jinda hai e dost
kabhi kisi se ghabarana nahin
dosti is tarah karo ki log Wah Wah karne par majabura ho jaye,
pyar is tarah karo ki duniya ko uske samane sara jhukana manjur ho jaye.

28. free shayari in hindi 140 character for friendship

dhokha diya tha jab tune mujhe. Jindagi se main naraja tha,
socha ki dil se tujhe nikala dun. Magar kambakhta dil bhi tere pas tha….

29. messages for friendship shayari in hindi writing

araman tha tere sath jindagi bitane ka,
sikaawa hai khuda ke khamos raha jane ka,
diwanagi is se badhakar aur kya hogi,
aja bhi intajara hai tere ane ka

Friendship messages in English for Whatsapp

I figure you don’t have a clue yet wowser right since you are more than a sidekick to me. You are my second half.

I see you and I can’t, be that as it may, energize seeing myself. You are my one real friend.

I will pick just a single exceptional partner than numerous standard allies. That excellent one is you.

Recollections of our excursions and night outs together evoke genuine emotion and I can’t yet thunder with giggling. How might you make sense of how to make me silly despite myself a period?

You are that one partner that one would love to have as you make things less bewildered than they show up. I will reliably esteem our cooperation.

Most occasions I see you and can’t avoid the chance to imagine that it is so possible to have an engaging yet incredibly clever partner like you. Come downpour or light you will reliably be the one authentic partner I have.

We created as associates stayed as one and progressed into sisters. You are the one that makes cooperation better than nectar.

Companions like you would make one trust whatever life may heave at him. You should have as of late come as kin.

The multi-day is new anyway you make it fascinating with your ways and lead. You are the best sidekick anyone can ever have.

I have various imperfections yet you skip them all. Precisely how you make sense of how to do that I can’t state. You are a buddy point of fact.

30. friendship shayari written in hindi language

jo jitana dur hota hai nazaro se,
utana hi wo dil ke pas hota hai,
muskil se bhi jisaki ek zalaka dekhane ko na mile,
vahi zindagi mein sabse khas hota hai… 🙂

31. messages for friendship sms in hindi writing

yadon ke sahare duniya nahi chalati,
bina kisi sayar ke mehafil nahi banati,
ek bar pukaro to aye doston,
kyon ki doston ke bina ye dharakane nahi chalati..!

32. friendship sms in hindi for girlfriend 140 character

Log kahate hain ki itani dosti mat karo
ke dost dil par saawara ho jaye
mein kahata hun dosti itani karo ke
dusmana ko bhi tum se pyar ho jaye….

33. free sms in hindi 140 character for friendship

na ruthana hamase ham marjayenge!
Dil ki duniya tabha kar jayenge!
Pyar kiya hai hamane koi majak nahin!
Dil ki dharakana tere nam kar jayenge!

34. very lovely friendship sms in hindi Language

koi mila hame chand ki chandani ban kara
koi mila pariyo ki kahani ban kara
par jis kisi ko palako mein basaya hamane
wo nikala gaya aankh se pani ban kara…

35. friendship shayari in hindi for girlfriend

zindagi milati hai himata walo ko,
khushi milati hai takadira walo ko,
pyar milata hai dil walo ko,
aur aap jes dost milata hai nasib walo ko

36. messages for friendship shayari in hindi for facebook

andaza-ai-pyar apaki ek ada hai,
dur ho hamase apaki khata hai,
dil mein basi hai ek pyari si tasvir apaki,
jis ke niche “ai mis yu” likha hai..

37. friendship shayari in hindi for best friend

dosti ki hai, nibhani to paregi,
apaki takalif hame batani to paregi,
apaki takalif na jana sake to dosti kis kam ki,
apake liye mar na sake to zindagi kis kam ki…

38. messages for friendship shayari in hindi for girl

jindagi mein har gam ko chhor dena, khushi ko nahin,
har muskil ko kho dena, kamayabi ko nahin,
agar zindagi mein kuchh khona pare to hamein kho dena,
par apni hasi ko nahin……

39. messages for friendship shayari in hindi download

jo hamara pyar hai,
unhe kisi aur se pyar hai,
bas har gaye ham yaha janakara,
ki jisse unhe pyar hai, wo hamara yara hai…

40. messages for friendship shayari in hindi blog

jindagi bahut chhoti hai,
samaya ko har vakta khoti hai,
kuchh vakta doston ke sath bhi bitaya karo,
kyon ki ye dosti ke yad mein roti hai