380 Friendship Dosti Shayari Messages Quotes in English & Nepali Language

11. Friendship Shayari in Nepali Language

Aey mero SMS mero mitra ko chheu janu,

Yadi u suti raheko chha bhane hallaa na machaaunu ,

Jaba u jaagchha tab bistarai ‘Muskuraayer’,

Ani bhannu “aie sala KANJUS” SMS chhiTo gar!

12. Friendship Shayari in Nepali Language

अएय मेरो स्म्स मेरो मित्र को छेउ जानु,

यदी उ सुती रहेको छ भने हल्ला न माछाऔनु ,

जबा उ जाग्छ तब बिस्तारै ‘मुस्कुराएर्’,

अनी भन्नु “ऐए सला कण्जुस्” स्म्स छिटो गर्!

13. Friendship Shayari in Nepali Language, Nepali Funny SMS

Phool ko shuruvaat kopila dekhi hunchha ,

Jindagi ko shuruvaat mitra dekhi hunchha ,

Mitra ko shuruvaat aafanta dekhi hunchha,

ra aafanta ko shuruvaat tapai dekhi hunchha !

14. Friendship Shayari in Nepali Language, Nepali Funny SMS

फूल को शुरुवात कोपिला देखी हुन्छ ,

जिन्दगी को शुरुवात मित्र देखी हुन्छ ,

मित्र को शुरुवात आफ्यानत देखी हुन्छ,

रा आफ्यानत को शुरुवात तपाईं देखी हुन्छ !

15. friendship Wishes in the English language

Why do you need a best friend? It is simple they will be your driving energy to look forward to every challenge and obstacle that you might have to face, they will accompany you through heaven and hell, they will never forget your birthdays and all other important days to come, they will nag and complain forever in your life but no matter what this will make never leave your side.

16. friendship Wishes in the English language

Life has much in stored for us, it will pull and push you back and forth while time will never stop for us fate will always catch up to make your life a little more interesting, in such times I realize the only one I can count on is a true friend who will not try to pull me down like gravity but lift me up when the situation really calls for it, tear apart the sacred laws of the universe and tie up the past within my memories, just to see me smile a little more happily.

17. Friendship Shayari in Nepali Language

Aakash lai nindraa Aaye tab sutaau bhane,

dharti lai mrityu Aaye ta gaadi deu bhane,

saagar ma lehar uThyo tab lukaau bhane,

tapai jasto mitra ko yaad Aaye tab jaau kaha.

18. Friendship Shayari in Nepali Language

आकश लाई निन्द्रा आए तब सुताउ भने,


धर्ती लाई मृत्यु आए त गाडी देउ भने,

सागर म लेहर उठ्यो तब लुकाउ भने,

तपाईं जस्तो मित्र को याद आए तब जाउ कहाँ ।

19. Friendship Shayari in Nepali Language

Mitrata mausam hun jasle aafno mag pura garun aru risai bhai hale,

Mitrata phool hun jasle phualai aru oilai janchh,

Doosti ta sans chha jasle challay timi sub chij chha.

Joun totchhha kehi pani chaina…….

20. Friendship Shayari in Nepali Language

मित्रता मौसम हुन जस्ले आफ्नो मग पुरा गरुन अरु रिसै भाई हले,

मित्रता फूल हुन जस्ले फुअलाई अरु ओइलाई जन्छ्,

डूस्ती त सन्स छ जस्ले चल्लरी तिमी सुब चिज छ ।

जोउन तोत्छ्ह केहि पनि छैन । । । । । । ।

21. Friendship Shayari in Nepali Language

Prem ko sirap hou timi,

Tension ko capsule hou timi,

Aapat ko injection hou timi,

tar ke garau jhelna ta parchha,

Kinaki… MItRAtA ko oxygen hou timi.

22. Friendship Shayari in Nepali Language

प्रेम को सिरप होउ तिमी,

टेन्सन को कप्सुले होउ तिमी,

आपत को इन्जेक्सन होउ तिमी,

तर के गरौ झेल्न त पर्छ,

किनकी । । । मित्रता को ओक्स्य्गेन होउ तिमी ।

23. Friendship Shayari in Nepali Language

Sancho mitra ko 3 Nishaniharu:-

1.Besamay Miss Call Garnechha.

2.SMS Muskuraayer Padnechha.

3.tal Na paDhanu..-





Jo Kaam na gar bhanchhu,

murkhyai tyo Jaroor Garnechha.

11. Friend shayari in Nepali language

सान्चो मित्र को ३ णिशनिहरु:-

१ ।बेसमय मिस्स कल्ल गर्नेछ ।

२ ।स्म्स मुस्कुराएर पद्नेछ ।

३ ।तल ण पढनु । ।- । । । ।

जो काम न गर भन्छु,

मुर्ख्यै त्यो जरूर गर्नेछ ।

24. friendship Wishes in the English language

I smile when people expect me to but I really only laugh when I am with you. You my friend is a special beings especially crafted by the heavens above for someone like me if I had another half that would not be my twin but the graciously and carefully selected to be forever with me, my best friend.

25. friendship Wishes in the English language

Life is like your favorite food, you separate the pieces that you like and eat them slowly and savor the taste so that it lasts forever and for the ones you don’t like you easily and quickly forget their texture and flavor, just like this people who you like and dislike are separated so that you can balance your diet and life.

26. Friendship shayari in Nepali language

dil lai

dil le





aaphno banaayau timile..

Kahile bhulne

chhain timilai

ae dOST..



nai sikaayau


27. Friend Shayari in Nepali Language

दिल लाई

दिल ले


तिमीले । ।



आफ्नो बनायौ तिमीले । ।

कहिले भुल्ने

छैन तिमीलाई

अए दोस्ट । ।



नै सिकायौ

तिमीले । । । ।

28. Friendship Shayari in Nepali Language

Yo mutu ko chha ek condition,

Jasma chhain kasai lai permission,

Matra tapai jasto mitra lai chha admission,

U pani bina donation,

So just maintain good relation.

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