380 Friendship Dosti Shayari Messages Quotes in English & Nepali Language

We have made considerable progress my companion, and we are as yet going on. It’s been superb having you as an existence travel accomplice. I value your essence in my life and I can’t bear to lose you.

You’ve spoilt me such a great amount by doing everything for me. Regardless I can’t think all that you’ve improved the situation me every one of these years. You’re the best companion ever.


The way you grin and act quiet at whatever point I’m pissed and seething influenced me to get rid of resentment. You are constantly tranquil and cheerful regardless of the circumstance. You are the best identity I’ve ever met my extraordinary companion.

Smiling at myself here recollecting those amusing minutes we had, these recollections makes life sweet. I miss those occasions and I appreciate now since they before long would turn into a sweet memory. God favor you, old buddy.

I need nothing than for you to be glad and free from all abhorrent. I can’t stand anything awful transpiring, I cherish you like my own life and I can’t manage without you, old buddy. We are made to be as one from paradise.

I know I can be solid headed and persistent however regardless of what I cherish you amazing. Notwithstanding when I purposeful disappoint you, its resulting from adoration. You are my beginning and end, can’t quit cherishing you, my dear companion.

I simply need God to keep you for me. I can’t bear to lose you, you’re the motivation behind why I confront the furious tempest and win.

Starting my day and consummation it with you is my most prominent inspiration. You’re my Muse and you draw out the best in me. I don’t figure I would adapt without you.

You’re the fuel in my motor and I would quit working without you. I continue being appreciative to God for giving me a companion like you, and I could never underestimate you. I cherish you to such an extent.

I need to demonstrate you off to the world since I have the best of companions. You are the solution to my petitions, you came when I required a spine and you’ve never disappointed me. I welcome you, my magnificent companion.

I love the manner in which you recovered my constantly, notwithstanding when I know I’m wrong you influence me to comprehend that I am and urge me to make am correct. You are so sweet my companion.

Because I know you won’t censure me, that is thereason I come to you with certainty that you would comprehend me in adoration and help me with what I’m going through. You have never disillusioned me. I cherish you, my great companion.

You are the first at the forefront of my thoughts at whatever point I’m down. Your words bring support, restored certainty and light Life in me. Much obliged to you, my dear. I have you to thank for everything.

With confirmation, I could close my eyes and trust you with my life. On endless occasions you’ve earned my assume that I here and there feel you’re unrealistic.

You know this inclination you get when you have a spine and Godfather some place. You get things done with certainty and go up against anything that comes your direction.

I dependably thought you are the closest companion ever, I had this inclination that I was exceptionally fortunate to have yet I was damn right. I adore you, my dear companion.

As if God knew I couldn’t survive alone, he gave me someone to help me through the excursion. Not simply someone but rather a supplement, a compatriot and someone that comprehends me more than I do myself.

How do you feel when you know there’s someone some place that is prepared to stake whatever they need to encourage you.

I feel large and in charge at whatever point I’m with you. Regardless of whether the entire world doesn’t see anything great in meYou are the best.

I would do anything you need for you. You’ve done as such much for me that I feel regretful. I feel exceptionally fortunate and extraordinary to have you as a companion and I won’t quit valuing you. You are the best all things considered.

I needn’t bother with an impeccable companion, I simply require someone that comprehends me the manner in which I am and wouldn’t abandon me regardless. You mean everything to me, my superbcompanion.

Thank you for being the one, the one that considerations, the one that is constantly accessible and knows precisely what I need per time. I cherish you, my sweet companion. You mean the world to me.

Your nearness in my life is the best thing that transpired, reinforcing and empowering, supporting and invigorating, testing and pushing me to stand up to at all comes my direction. I adore you, my dear.

You pushed me out to confront my feelings of dread, remaining at my tail ensuring I wouldn’t keep running back. You assembled trust in me and all I today I have you to thank for it.

I wouldn’t have come this far notwithstanding you, you wouldn’t take No for an answer from you. I owe you, my sweet companion.

It would be so selfish to me not to appreciate. I know it’s difficult to endure my relentless self yet you kept the confidence. You are a companion without a doubt.

Even when I fall, I have your shoulders to convey me, I am confident to the point that I confront every day with incredible certainty that Failure currently fears me. I have you to thank for my prosperity. Much thanks to you for being a great companion.

Remember when we use to sit together and discuss the future, here we are currently living what’s to come. It’s being an extremely productive adventure this while with you. Much thanks to you, my beautiful companion.

We arranged it, we arranged for it and now we are here living it cheerfully. We are doing our best to improve the coming future. I have you to thank for everything

Life is a mix of upbeat and tragic, satisfaction and distresses with recollections that wait. You brought these recollections and I’d keep them with me until the end of time. You merit everything to me. I adore you, my dear companion.

Despite our battles and differences, the unpleasant and uneven streets we passed, our adventure together never halted. We are undoubtedly intended to be until the end of time. God favor you, old buddy.

Even when things are not going easily, we stood together and never separated now we are getting a charge out of the recollections and living our fantasies. We should proceed into the future, my superb companion.

Whenever I consider your affection, I feel overpowered and I can’t resist saying a petition for you since you have been my gatekeeper heavenly attendant.

I ask God will favor you and prop you up, you’ve done as such much for me that I wouldn’t improve the situation myself. You’ve indicated me cherish so awesome that I didn’t think I merit it. I cherish you, dear.

I took in each good thing from you, you have infused me with your energy and forfeit. Presently I am a superior individual and I have you to thank for everything. May God compensate you significantly.

Your companions characterize your identity. You move with individuals you share feelings and qualities with. I feel very greatful with you for being my companion. You are the best.

Always, you are and will be my unrivaled companion. I feel very greatful with you for remaining with me regardless of my defects. You are my closest companion.

Things may never be as they are at the present time on the off chance that you had not come into my life and remain with me as a companion. I welcome you to such an extent.


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