380 Friendship Dosti Shayari Messages Quotes in English & Nepali Language


Friends are an important part of all of our lives. We live in the society with many different people of various backgrounds but the ones who really count the most in our lives are our friends.

Real friends stick by our side no matter what the situation. They guide us and they support us in our needs. The well said saying that goes on “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. This was not said just like that.

This saying has a much deeper meaning in our lives. When we really are in need of someone, we must have a look around us and we shall find that only real friends will be there for us.

Friendship is a beautiful bond that we have and so it is quite important to let our friends know that our friends are an essential part of our existence. Here are one hundred different friendship messages that you can send to your friends and let them know that they much more special than we let them know. Enjoy everyone! Cherish your friendships every single day. Have fun guys!

A best friend is the one who knows and tolerates you for everything you really are. He understands your silence as well as the words you speak.

Personally I like to call special gifts from God to us because they are priceless pieces of jewelry that make our lives better, brighter, lighter and make our world a pleasant place to live.

The sad thing is that it is easy to appreciate these people and get used to being together, that you do not realize that they should be recognized especially by whom and what they are for you.


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You do not have to wait until your best friend’s birthday to fill her with love and appreciation through sweet work and words and heartfelt messages.

True friends are rare, and when they meet, friendship needs to be nurtured and nurtured. If possible, be sure to stuff your heart and hands. Because you should never let her go, just let her grow.

And one way to cultivate such a wonderful relationship is to send warm messages from the heart to express how much you love and appreciate.

Celebrate celebrating lines in English and Nepali and send a smile to the face of his best friend today and every day any heart so that he knows that they love, enjoy, appreciate and value and your friendship means the world to you.

Get here 380 best and good friendship day shayari sms messages wishes and quotes in Nepali language and font. We have posted here some 180 top friendship quotes, message, shayari in Nepali language for your friends, facebook friends, twitters friends and college and school friends or business friends.

Friendship Dosti Shayari in Nepali. Nepali Friendship SMS / Nepali Friendship SMS collection contains mitrata sms, friendship sms in Nepali, and friendship sms in Nepali.

380 Friendship Dosti Shayari Messages Quotes in English & Nepali Languag

1. Friendship shayari in Nepali language

Aey mitra timi ek Mobile ko jasto hau,
kalpana maa aauchhau SMS ko jasto,
MuTu maa baschhau Ring Tone ko jasto ;
Prem tapaiko chha Network ko jasto,
hamilai bhool na janu Balance ko jasto ..

1. Friendship shayari in Nepali language

अए, मित्र तिमी एक मोबाईल जस्तो हौ,
कल्पनामा आउछौ SMS जस्तो,
मुटुमा बस्छौ Ringtone जस्तो ;
प्रेम तपाईंको छ network जस्तो,
हामीलाई भूल न जानु Balance जस्तो । ।


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Funny Friendship wishes shayari images in Nepali

2. Friendship shayari in Nepali language

Kahile na bhaneko kura haru yaada chha Mitrataa,
Kahile piDa ko ausadhi chha Mitrataa,
Kami chha Pujne baali sang,
natra jameen maa bhagwan chha MItRAtaA.
Be Friends Forever!

3. friendship Wishes in the English language

This connection that was built all of a sudden without realization makes me insane, wherever I think of someone close you pop into my brain, even for the most ridiculous things you catch me off-guard and relieve all my sickness and pain, is this what you call the bestest of all friend.

4. friendship Wishes in the English language

You can talk about anything and I will give my full attention to every single thing you are saying, I don’t know your friend groups but I will act like I understand every word about every person you keep gossiping, I will keep up with all of the promises and misunderstandings and help you while you are crying or smiling.

5. Friendship shayari in Nepali language

कहिले न भनेको कुरा हरु याद छ मित्रता,
कहिले पिडा को औषधी छ मित्रता,
कमी छ पुज्ने बाली सङ्,
नत्र जमीन मा भागवन छ मित्रता ।
बे फ्रेन्डस फोरेवेर्!

6.Friendship shayari in Nepali language

Pida + You = Malham,


Bhawana¯Â¿Â½+ You = Mahfil,

Tears¯Â¿Â½+ You = Smile,

Raasta¯Â¿Â½+ You = Uddesya,

Nothing¯Â¿Â½+ You = Everything,

Me¯Â¿Â½+ You = A gr8 story of¯Â¿Â½ ” FRIENDSHIP ”

7. Friendship Shayari in Nepali Language

Mitrata mausam hoina,
aafno ichchhaa pura garaai pharkine chhan.
mitrata sawan hoina,
maja le barsiyo ra rokiyo.
mitrata aago hoina
sulgiyos ra kharani bhai halun.
mitrata aapat hoina
chamkinchha ra dob jaye,
mitrata phool hoiin phulyora oilai janechha.
mitrata ta saans ho
jo chalchha tab sabai chij chha,
jo TuTyo tab kehi pani hoina.

8. Nepali Friendship Day SMS

मित्रता मौसम होईन,
आफ्नो इच्छा पुरा गराइ फर्किने छन ।
मित्रता साउन होईन,
मजा ले बर्सियो र रोकियो ।
मित्रता आगो होईन
सुल्गियोस र खरानी भाई हलुन ।
मित्रता आपत होईन
चम्किन्छ र दोब जए,
मित्रता फूल होईन फुल्योरा ओइलाई जनेछ ।
मित्रता त सान्स हो
जो चल्छ तब सबै चिज छ,
जो टुट्यो तब केहि पनि होईन ।

9. Friendship Shayari in Nepali Language

Who is a Dost?
dost tyo jasle na bolaaundaa ni aauchha,
bina karan tauko khaanchha,
khalti khali garaauchhan,
Kahile sataauchhan,
Kahile rulaauchhan,
tar sadhai saath nibhaauchhan.

10. Friendship Shayari in Nepali Language

Who is a Dost?
दोस्त त्यो जस्ले न बोलाउन्दा नि आउछ,
बिना कारण टाउको खान्छ,
खल्ती खली गराउछन्,
कहिले सताउछन्,
कहिले रुलाउछन्,
तर सधै साथ निभाउछन ।


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