Friendship Day 2019 Hindi SMS, Shayari, Message and Quotes

No. 27. friendship day messages Urdu

Yeh CHhaand Aur Yeh Abar-e-Rawaan Guzarta Rahe
Jamaal-e-Shaam Teh-e-Asmaan Guzarta Rahe,

Bhar Rahe Teri Khushbu Se Tera Sehn-e-CHhaman
Bas Ek Mosam-e-Ambar Fishaan Guzarta Rahe,

Sama`aten Tere Lehje Se Phool CHhunti Rahein
Dilon K Saaz Pe Tu Naghma Khawaan Guzarta Rahe,

Khuda Kare Teri Aankhen Humesha Hansti Rahen
Diyaar-e-Waqt Se Tu Shaadmaan Guzarta Rahe,

Main Tujh Ko Dekh Na Paaon To Kuchh Malaal Nahi
Kaheen Bhi Ho Tu, Sitara Nishaan Guzarta Rahe,

Main Maangti Hoon Teri ZIndgi Qiyamat Tak
Hawaa Ki Tarah Se Tu Jawedaan Guzarta Rahe,

Mera Sitara Kaheen Toot Kar Bekhar Jaaye
Falaik Se Tera Khat-e-Kehkashaan Guzarta Rahe,


Main Teri CHHaaon Mein Kuchh Dair Bayth Loon Aur Pher
Tamaam Raasta Be Saaiyebaan Guzarta Rahe,

Yeh Aag Mujh Ko Humesha Kiye Rahe Roshan
Mere Wajood Se Tu Shola Saan Guzarta Rahe,

Main Tujh Ko Dekh Sakoon Aakhri Basarat Tak
Nazar Kay Saamne Bass Ek Samaan Guzarta Rahe,

Humaara Naam Kaheen To Likha Howa Hoga
Mah-o-Najoom Se Yeh Khakdaan Guzarta Rahe,

Main Tera Saath na De Paaon Pher Bhi Tera Safar
Gulaab-o-Khawab Kay Hi Darmiyaan Guzarta Rahe,

Main Tere Seene Pe Sarr Rakh Kar Waqt Bhool Gai
Khiyaal-e-Tezi Umar-e-Rawaan Guzarta Rahe.

No. 28. happy friendship day sms in hindi shayari

agar jo dil ki suno to har jaoge..
Ham jaisa pyar phir kahan se paoge..
Jana dene ki bat ko har koi karata hai..
Jindagi banane vala kahan se laoge..
Jo ika nazar dekhoge hamein..
Har tarapha hamako hi paoge..
Yakin apni chahat ka itana hai mujhe..
Meri ankho mein jhankoge aur lauta aoge..
Meri yadon ke samandar mein jo dub gaai tuma..
Kahin jana bhi chahoge to ja nahin paoge..

No. 29. funny friendship day quotes in hindi

tere gam ko apni ruha mein utar lun..
Jindagi teri chahat mein saawara lun..
Mulakat ho tujh se kuchh is tarah..
Tamama umara bas ika mulakat mein gujara lun

No. 30. friendship day messages hindi 140 words

wo kahate hain dil pe bharosa itana nahin karte,
ham kahate hain mahobbat mein socha nahin karte,
wo kahate hain nazaron se dur par dil ke pas hun,
hamane kaha sapano se dil ko bahalaya nahin karte

No. 31. friendship day messages hindi 140 character

ham nahin jita sake unse..
Wo aisi sarat lagane lage..
Pyari si ankho ko…
…. Meri ankho se ladane lage..
Ham sayad jita bhi jate..
Par palake hamane tab jhaapkain..
Jab unki palakon se aansu ane lage
happy friendship day 2019

No. No. 32. cute dosti messages in hindi

taron mein akele chand jagamgata hai,
muskilon mein akela insan dagamgata hai,
kanton se mat ghabarana mere dost,
kyonki kanton mein hi ek gulab muskurat hai
happy friendship day 2019

No. 33. cute dosti messages in hindi

har sapana khushi ka pura nahin hota,
koi kisi ke bina adhura nahin hota,
jo rosana karata hai sab raton ko,
wo chand bhi to har bar pura nahin hota
happy friendship day 2019

No. 34. cute dosti messages in hindi

apni khushiyan lut kar us pe kurbana ho jaun,
kas kuchh din uske sahar mein mahaman ho jaun,
wo apana nayaba dil mujh ko de den
……………….Aur phir vapas mange
mai mukkar jaun aur beimana ho jaun
happy friendship day 2019

Cute dosti messages in English

Express profound gratitude to God we are not bound by find, yet rather by heart. A fragment can’t change them all out I love and view you as my dearest friend. I miss your center so much and can barely hold onto be back with you.

I really have never missed anyone this much. This has affected me to see how positively weaved our hearts and soul have pushed toward finding the opportunity to be. I basically can barely sit tight for you to be back home, so I can show to you the total I appreciate you. I miss you bestie.

I basically need to state thank you for being a dazzling associate in need and deed. Clearly, I regard you more than I revere chocolate cake. You see what that prescribes.

You are the most bizarre individual I know, and that is the thing that makes us a perfect fit as nearest accomplices. I miss us dear sweetheart, and I will never discharge us bound, in any case.

You locate a couple of arrangements concerning me than some other individual, and you have been noteworthy paying little notice to know my lacks. A dedication of appreciation is through and through to be such a super sidekick sweetheart.


I made a fast outline out of qualities that make you a shocking and perfect choice of nearest sidekick for me. I started hours sooner, and I’m not completed with the once-over of properties.

For sure, even my relatives are not as patient and understanding as you are to me. You are in truth an abnormally made favoring from heaven to me. Grateful, bestie.

A couple of sidekicks come into our lives just for a reason, a couple of, just which is as it ought to be. You are that one companion that has been there through everything. I really respect your essence in my life, and I revere you disseminate. You understand I do.

May you get the direct best of all life passes on to the table. Basically in light of how you are my closest accomplice, and you are confusing.


Thankful for being my astoundingly made accomplice, sent from paradise to help me, and make my life so staggering and flooding with fun. You are the best blessing and accomplice anybody can ever need.

No. 35. cute dosti messages in hindi

na jane tum pe itana yakina kyon hai?
Tera khyala bhi itana hasina kyon hai?
Pyar ka dard mitha hota hai…
To Aankh se nikala ye aansu namkina kyon hain?
happy friendship day 2019

No. 36. hindi dosti sms forward

na jane kyon wo hamase muskura ke milate hain,
andar ke sare gam chhupa ke milate hain,
janate hain ankhe sacha bola jati hain,
sayad isi liye wo nazar jhuka ke milaten hain
happy friendship day 2019

No. 37. hindi dosti sms forward

kuchh yaden dil ko lubhati hain,
kuchh baten dil ko jagati hain,
apaki yadon ki kya tariph karen,
ye to ane mein pal aur….
…… Jane mein bahut vakta lagati hain.
happy friendship day 2019

No. 38. hindi dosti sms forward

kyun ika pal bhi tum bina raha nahi jata,
tumhar ek dard bhi mujhse saha nahi jata,
kyun itana pyar diya hai tumane,
ki tum bina mujh se jiya nahi jata…
happy friendship day 2019

No. 39. hindi dosti shayari sms collection

pyar kabhi purana nahi hota,
jindagi ka har pal suhana nahi hota,
juda hona to kisamata ki bata hai,
par judai ka matlab bhulana nahi hota.
happy friendship day 2019

Happy Friendship Day Messages For facebook friends and family

Much obliged to you for obliging my overabundances and requesting that I be and upgrade the situation. You are the best thing that happened to me, and I regard your family relationship.

On the off chance that you are ever alarmed or concentrated, fundamentally consider me, and you will encounter concordance and be tranquil. That is in light of the way that I am your closest accomplice, strikingly proposed for you.

I understand you have missed me superfluously, and that is the genuine clarification behind your disease. I will be with you soon bestie, and fundamentally, my grasp will make you well.

Together, we are more grounded and make a broad social occasion. Offer thanks toward God we found one another, and nothing can pull us confined. We are BFFs, dear.

We began as mates, by then wound up being family. My life has been sweet with you in it, and I anticipate what our collaboration is so far framing into.

Everyone surmises I am peaceful and quiet, in any case, just you comprehend that is a falsehood, and acknowledge how to draw out the insane in me. I miss you, dear sweetheart.

You appear to know me on a very basic level more than I know myself and love me more than I esteem myself. I feel uncommonly thankful with you for reliably paying one of a kind identity to me, I treasure our affiliation more than whatever else.

I owe different things I am and do today to you. The direct, the dress sense and style, I couldn’t have understood all that if not that you drove me to. You are the closest amigo ever.

In the event that you are ever pitiful and need to cry, promise you to call me first, so I can watch you cry and snap you while at it. It will be such a ton of beguiling to torment you with the pics later. That is what closest accomplices are for right?

Like a fine wine, our association continues improving and better. Cheers to our generation that has no conclusion.

It is truly astonishing being able to give my life to you without dread of being judged. Accomplices like you are wonderful, and I don’t belittle you.

I likely won’t have all the cash on the planet to give all of you truly legitimize, yet I do have a critical heart that worships you fundamentally and won’t let anything hurt you.

Happy Friendship Day Messages For facebook friends and family

You understand you can basically rely upon me, dear. To comfort you when you are surrendered, importune with you when you are down, and laugh at you when you move. That is the thing that companions do dear.

I understand our kinship is still especially new, yet it feels like I have known all of you my life. I anticipate an entire arrangement association of fun and fulfillment with you. I understand we will be best of sidekicks.

Being infatuated is splendid when it is with the opportune individual. Affiliation is flooding with delight when it is with you.

You are the ideal pal everybody needs, and I am cheerful to have you in my life.

I appreciate the way in which I would altogether be able to act typically when I am with you. Brotherhood with you liberates me and makes me feel like I can fly. You are the best dependably dear.

You legitimize all the joy on the planet, and that is the reason I am a vital bit of your life. To promise you to detest everything alone. Isn’t that what closest sidekicks are for?

I have given you such innumerable to surrender me and our association, yet, you have remained by me and not let go. What a stunning heart you have, and what a splendid blessing you are to me. You are the closest pal ever.

Happy Friendship Day Messages For facebook friends and family

Where have you been for whatever length of time that I can recollect? I glance back at a couple of years I have known you for, and I can state they have been the best-expanded lengths of my life up until this point. Just in light of the way that you are the closest pal anybody can ever have. I worship you, dear sweetheart. I feel incredibly appreciative to you for everything.