Friendship Day 2019 Hindi SMS, Shayari, Message and Quotes


Get here 46 shayari quotes on friends forever in hindi language.  sms, messages, msg, text messages, shayari, image, photos, wallpapers in hindi language.

Just imagine how our life would deteriorate without allies. They give us to worship, they make us feel extraordinary, and we, in general, should dependably be appreciative for such a gift. Make an effort not to mince words – take a couple of considerations from the messages underneath and form your own, tolerable and genuine letter to the most critical individual ever! You needn’t waste time with an outstanding occasion to make something lovely to your BFF, who is dependably there for you.

Along these lines, don’t mess up your chance – it costs nothing for you, be that as it may, such a flag is up ’til now prepared to make the individual being referred to smile! Essentially think, you wake up instantly toward the start of the day, check your mail, and see such cool pleasing message! Sounds unbelievable, isn’t that so? So why not to use one of these unimaginable energetic brotherhood messages to light up your BFF up?

Real kinship couldn’t mind less whatever meddles with the commitment of fellowship If that it is an ocean or an enormous number of miles yet get more grounded even from past. Nearest sidekicks will remain the nearest buddy everlastingly and there is no reason even detachment or something else to continue with the certified disapproving.

In like manner, presently we have developments which are too helpful to even think about evening consider being remained related with our nearest partners, for instance, as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Pinterest or a ton logically even we are at a long partition from each other. Here we displayed to you the most flawlessly awesome long-expel fraternity messages and fellowship message to confer to your buddies who aren’t in a comparative spot with you or a long way from you.

You can simply send these messages to your new sidekick too. New colleagues are cool – they draw in us, they reinforce us, and they share everything with us. Along these lines, don’t miss a chance to have such individual staying close all of you through life! Demonstrate that individual that you are so cheerful to meet such a partner!

These stunning enchanting kinship message can fill anyone’s heart with joy. Despite whether your friend maintains to a cynic, verify that or she won’t have the ability to keep sentiments after the message that way! Thusly, pick one, send it, and welcome the positive reaction! Try not to waver to confer to your associates these long-isolated kinship messages and proceed with extraordinary holding and we believe your fellowship will remain green until the finish of time.


Friendship Day Hindi SMS, Shayari, Message and Quotes

No. 1. friendship day hindi message

ishk or dosti mere do jahana hai,
ishk meri ruha, to dosti mera imana hai,
ishk par to phida karadu apni puri jindagi,
par dosti para, mera ishk bhi kurbana hai..

No. 2. friendship day hindi shayari 2019

riston ki yaha duniya hai nirali,
sab riston se pyari hai dosti tumhari,
manzura hai aansu bhi akho mein hamari,
agar ajaye muskana hontha pe tumhari.

No. 3. hindi shayari friendship day special

sabhi insan hai magar pharka sirpha itana hai!
Kuchh jakhma dete hai,kuchh jakhma bharate hai!!
Hamasaphar sabhi hai magar pharka sirpha itana hai!
Kuchh sath chalate hai,kuchh chhoda jate hai!!
Pyar sabhi karte hai magar pharka sirpha itana hai!
Kuchh jana dete hai, kuchh jana lete hai!!
Dosti sabhi karte hai magar pharka sirpha itana hai!
Kuchh dosti nibhate hai,kuchh ajamate hai!!

No. 4. hindi shayari happy friendship day

khushi bhi dosto se hai
gam bhi dosto se hai
takarara bhi dosto se hai
pyar bhi dosto se hai
ruthana bhi dosto se hai
manana bhi dosto se hai
bata bhi dosto se hai
misala bhi dosto se hai
nasa bhi dosto se hai
sam bhi dosto se hai
mauhabbat bhi dosto se hai
inayata bhi dosto se hai
kam bhi dosto se hai
nam bhi dosto se hai
khyala bhi dosto se hai
araman bhi dosto se hai
khwab bhi dosto se hai
mahaula bhi dosto se hai
yade bhi dosto se hai
sapane bhi dosto se hai
apane bhi dosto se hai
ya yun kaho yaro
apni to duniya hi dosto se hai

No. 5. best hindi shayari on friendship day

sahila par khare-khare hamane sam kar di,
apana dil aur duniya aap ke nam kar di,
ye bhi na socha kaise guzaregi zindagi,
bina soche-samajhe har khushi apake nam kar di.

No. 6. hindi shayari on friendship day

Dosti Hr CHhehre Ki – Dosti Hindi Shayari
dosti har chahare ki mithi muskana hoti hai,
dosti hi sukha dukha ki pahachana hoti hai,
rutha bhi gaai ham to dil par mat lena,
kyoki dosti jara si nadan hoti hai..

No. 7. friendship day messages in hindi language

Dosti Ka Rista – Hindi Shayari Dost K Liye
dosti ka rista do anjano ko joda deta hai,
har kadam par jindagi ko naya moda deta hai,
sachcha dost sath deta hai tab…
Jab apana saya bhi sath chhoda deta hai..

Friendship day messages in English language

I requested that God demonstrate to me the dimension of his worship for me, and he sent me, You. My life has not continued as before since we progressed toward getting the opportunity to be associated. I welcome you to the moon and back.

I heard great conveyance individuals have been passed on to come to take favored emissaries that are on earth back home. In this manner, I created a safe in the most huge corner of my heart to keep you there. I am never releasing you, dearest companion.

I have the most assessed and rarest valuable stone on earth, in my ownership. I am basically revealing to you this since you are my closest sidekick. I understand my mystery is guaranteed with you, the name of the astounding valuable stone is really you.

There is a huge stone that was disregarded when the others were being found, and I am happy I was the one advantaged to discover it. Its name is You.

My closest sidekick is a champion among different gifts of life to me. She is certainly, a gift from above. One that has improved my life and filled it with criticalness. She is investigating this at the present time and I trust she is grinning, acknowledging she means everything to me. I treasure you, dear.

I wish I could state you are an ideal human, yet we both acknowledge you are undeniably not. One thing I can state at any rate is that you are the ideal closest pal for me. I revere you uber much.

It is said that blood is thicker than water concerning love. Be that as it may, you, old buddy, are astonishingly thicker than blood to me. Grateful for interminably being there for me. You are too much astounding.


Nothing will be able to grab you from me, bestie. I have canvassed you in a spot where nobody yet I can get to The most huge corner of my heart.

You, my dearest sidekick, are the best blessing life has offered me, and I will never release you. You have cheated by virtue of me endless dear sweetheart.

No. 8. friendship day message in hindi

doston ki kami ko pahachanate hai hama,
duniyan ke gamon ko bhi janate hai hama,
aap jaisae doston ke hi sahare..
Aja bhi hansa kar jina janate hai hama..

No. 9. friendship day funny shayari in hindi

ek hasina pal ki jarurat hai hamein,
bite huye kala ki jarurat hai hamein,
sara jahan rutha gaya hamase..
Jo kabhi na ruthe aise dost ki jarurat hai hamein


No. 10. friendship day sms shayari in hindi

kuchh salon bada na jane kya hoga,
na jane kaun dost kahan hoga…
Phir milan huwa to milege yadon mein,
jaisae sukhe huye gulab mile kitabon mein.

No. 11. friendship day special shayari in hindi

kyun muskilon mein sath dete hain dost,
kyun gam ko banta lete hai dost,
na rista khuna ka na rivaja se bandha,
phir bhi jindagi bhar sath dete hain dost..

No. 12. best friendship day shayari in hindi

Dil Tootna-Dosti Shayari
dil tutana saja hai mahobbat ki,
dil jodana ada hai dosti ki,
mange jo kurbani wo hai mahobbat,
jo bina mange ho jaai kurbana…
Wo hai dosti hamari…..

No. 13. happy friendship day messages hindi

nahin ban jata koi apana
Yun hi dil lagane se,
karani paratai hai duwa,
Sachta dost pane ke liye raba se,
raankhna sambhalakar ye yarana apana,
tut na jaye ye kisi ke bahakane se…

No. 14. happy friendship day sms messages hindi

barbad ho gaai the ham duniyan ne yun hamako sataya tha,
har ek moda pe ham girate the kisi ne bhi na hamako uthaya tha,
tab tune hi sanam ek umid ka diya jalaya tha,
apane har ek gam ko chhupakar mujhe jina sikhaya tha,

No. 15. happy friendship day sms in hindi 2019

tujhse dosti nibhane ka vada karte hain,
aur kabhi tujhe na bhulane ka irada karte hain,
mera raba meri nahin kisi aur ki to suna hi lega na,
ye socha kar har ika se tere liye duwa karaawaya karte hain

No. 16. happy friendship day sms 2019

ye dosti chiraga hai jalaai raankhna
ye dosti khusbu hai mahakaai raankhna,
ham rahen hamesan apake dil mein,
hamesan itani jagaha banaai raankhna

No. 17. happy friendship day 2019 sms in hindi

ai dost teri dosti par naza hain,
har vakta milane ki phariyad karte hain,
hamein nahin pata Ghar vale batate hain,
ham nind mein bhi apase bat karte hain

No. 18. happy friendship day 2019 sms messages hindi 140 words

dost ki dosti se dost aur kya hai bhala..
Dost jo hai sath phir dara kis bat ka hai bhala..
Kabhi kabhi bas aap juda ho jate hain..
Hamare dil mein bas dard is bat ka hain

No. 19. happy friendship day wishes sms in hindi

meri mahobbat hai wo koi majaburi to nahin,
wo mujhe chahe mila hi jaai jaruri to nahin,
ye kuchh kam hai ki bas hai meri sanso mein,
wo samane ho meri ankho ke jaruri to nahin

20. happy friendship day wishes in hindi

nahin tha zor usaki sitam naawajiyo ka magar,
mujhe bhi honsale mere khuda se mile,
meri ana kyun kahati hai bara-bar mujhe,
wo mahobbat hi kya jo ilatija se mile

No. 21. funny friendship day wishes in hindi

is nachija dil ki gustakhi to dekho,
chala hai chand se ishk ka izahar karne,
jisaki rosani se rosana hai puri duniyan,
usi ko chala hai pyar se rosana karne..

Happy Friendship day wishes in English

I may be away for a minute, second, hours and for multi-day, yet I will dependably be here for you. I likely won’t have the ability to invite you great am, gad pm or goodnight, be that as it may, I will never say goodbye!

Do u ever survey the important day we met? Or on the other hand, the principle hello there? The day we pushed toward getting to be colleagues? Everything considered, I do and I will recollect overlooking. For that day, I understood I’d love u.

I heard that the people who don’t have confidence in charm will never find it. I did and I found you!

In the occasion that mates were blooms, certainly, I would not pick you! I’d allowed you to create in the patio nursery and create you with friendship and care so I can keep you for time everlasting.

Our friendship doesn’t depend after being physically together, as long as we see each other. Love you.

You treasure me the most when each other individual disdains me. You believe in me the most when each other individual loses trust in me. You trust in me most when even I can’t trust myself – you are the best.

The charming commitment of our kinship isn’t evaluated by the number of blessings, Facebook inclinations or texts. It is evaluated by the number of grasps, smiles, and winks. I revere you tons.

All of us has a star that shimmers with the rest, a portion of the time we twinkle alone, anyway when you feel You will lose your own one of a kind begin, I’m here to share my sparkle.

On occasion, careful is better than treasuring. All over, tea is better than coffee. Now and again, the smile is better than laughing, in any case, nobody is better than anything you, finding time to content me.

I may not realize you great yet rather one thing I know is that you are a friend who can be trusted. An obligation of appreciation is made blessed by you in my life. Desire our companionship remains until the finish of time.

No. 22. best friendship day quotes in hindi

kya nasa hai ishk aja tak samajh na paye hama,
una nasili ankhon mein kahin ho na jaain guma,
yun to ishk samajh nahin ata na jane kya bala thi ye,
ki juda hone pe unki ye ankhe ho gai hai nam..

No. 23. friendship day quotes in hindi with images

yunhi be sabba na phir karo,
koi sam Ghar bhi raha karo..
Wo gazal ki sachchi kitab hai,
use chhupake-chhupake par karo..
Mujhe istihar si lagati hain..
Ye mahobbaton ki kahaniyan..
Jo suna nahin wo kaha karo..
Jo kaha nahin wo suna karo..

No. 24. friendship day quotes in hindi language

manjilon se apni dur na jana..
Raste ki paresaniyon se tut na jana..
Jab bhi jarurat ho jindagi mein kisi apane ki..
Ham apane hain ye bhul na jana…

No. 25. friendship day shayari in hindi language

Har kadam par imtihaan leti hai zindagi,.
Har waqt naya sadma deti hai zindagi.
Hum zindagi se kya shikwa kare,.
Aap jaisae dost bhi to deti hai zindagi…

No. 26. friendship day shayari in hindi

Jidhar dekhta hoon udhar tu hi tu hai,
Tera hi nazaara ab toh har su hai,
Aur kuchh nazar ab mujh ko aata nahin,
Meri jaan, mera khuda bas tu hi tu hai.


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