20 Benefits of Having True Friends – Why Friends Are Important in Our Life


Why Friends Are Important in Our Life…. Because…..

1. They say if you truly want to know yourself, then you should look at your five closest friends. They will represent what you truly are. You can only get along with those people who can fit your self. It means you can not get along with those which does not match your personality.

2. The closest friend will resemblance your true character. If you like it or not, friends will do  two things- they can either push you further or pull you back. As I student , I never needed to score great marks and study to the point where I got sick until my friend started getting perfect As on each subject.

3. Think about it , when the results are out who do you ask first? It’s your friends. If they get good marks like you do you feel happy? Sadness comes when you do score as much as they do or they score least than expected.

4. Friends with benefits! When you hear such topic you will get a bad vibe because let’s accept it that movie has made the impression of friends with benefit a wrong concept. I don’t mean friends with benefit as a negative trait. I mean having a friend that can benefit with spiritually and mentally. If you are an average student and your friends are the failure you will never move out of the comfort zone and thus always remain average as you are.

5. But if you are the failure one with friends having the marks you wanted , you can do better results. To be honest, I was an average student until I came to share my seats with the toppers. They did not like me at the beginning because of my nonreading potentials. But the time went by I tried to became more like them and started learning. That day changed me forever. And that is why you need friends with benefits.

6. They will help you to add to your life not subtract from it. And even if they don’t do anything that is just as bad as nothing . You can relate to business here, break even point is not taken as profit.

Why Friends Are Important in Our Life
We are friends

7. As a human being, you surround yourself with people and learn to adapt to it. But if you surround yourself with bad people , what shall be the outcome? Zero productivity.  Life is too short to live to the ideas of others. It might sound harsh when I refer them to friends.


8. And by friends I want to quote it as “friends” because apparently, I have 900 friends on Facebook , 1400 people on Instagram , 1200 on twitter but the work for them is to like my pictures. And that’s not how the world is going to work. You will someone to get support from.

9. People that respect your identity and decision you make to create indefinitely will help you in betterment.

10. True friends are those who can lift you up in the down fall phase. They help you in the betterment of you spiritually , mentally , physically and of course regularly. You are not friends with other if they are only part of you when you are in a good condition.


11. Friends are those who will make your life fun even though you are feeling sad. It is not mandatory to get drunk to help you get high . It’s your friends that will make you extremely happy making you high in happiness. That’s not a true friend.

12. A self-reminder : one hand washes the other before it cleans your face. So before you expect others to become a good friend you should be one for yourself. You see your reflection in other so when you make yourself the good friend , you can finally accept others being good to you.

13. Being good means having morale that will make you strong through your hard days. “A man that stands for nothing , falls for everything”.This should always be kept in the mind.

14. Don’t settle yourself for friends who does not do good to you. Now , do not be selfish and lure for good in everything. There will be good and bad phases in your life and see who stands for you.

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Funny Friendship wishes shayari images in Nepali

15. Do not consider those friends who will always be there when you have financial stability and no problems but fun all the time. Consider those who have always supported you when you could not handle yourself.

16. Don’t wait for people to be friendly and respect your decisions. You can always be the initiator and start being a good person. Never hold grudge against your friends on little disagreements.

17. Be kind and show your good points before they tell you to show it. Life is always hard and it won’t is easy but at least it will be good and simple if you have true friends to support you in every stage of life.

18. Be loyal and guide each another nobody is perfect is what they have till now so you have to be helping hands of each other. Always share the truth and forgive each other.

19. With relation to the subject every time I hear the word “friend” ,I remember the famous tale series called “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”. Six friends who have their own problems yet sits on  café and laugh at the moments they share.

20. They have created an example of being true friends who support each other and sarcastically tells their friends what to do and not to do. They love each other and the world revolves only around them. That’s what true friends  are and that’s how people should be.

Writer: Susaan Basel


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