List of Essential Drugs/Medicines for Primary Health Care Provided Free by Government of Nepal

Get the list of essential drugs/medicines for primary health care provided free by Government of Nepal. We have here enlisted all the free medicines in Nepal that are provided to all the Nepalese citizens by the Government of Nepal. Do you know all that drugs?

List of Free Medicines That are Provided to All Citizens by Government of Nepal

Read here the name list of free medicines in Nepal that are given to all the public by Nepal government.

List of Free Medicines That are Provided to All Citizens by Government of Nepal

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S.N.Name of the DrugDosage Form
1.     1Lignocaine Injection2% ml (hydrochloride) in vial
2.     2ParacetamolTab, 500 mg, Inj, Syrup 125 mg/5ml
3.ChlorpheniramineTablet 4mg, (maleate)
4.PheniramineInjection 22.75 mg (maleate) / ml
5.AlbendazoleChewable tablet, 400mg
6.MetronidazoleTab, 200mg, 400mg,  Sus, 100mg or 200mg
7.AmoxycilineCap- 250mg, 500mg, DT- 125 mg, 250 mg
8.Sulfamethoxazole +TrimethoprimTab.120mg,240mg,480mg,Sus 240mg/5ml
9.Ferrous salt + Folic acidTablet, 60mg + 250mg
10.Calamine lotionLotion, 1%
11.Gamma benzene hexachlorideCream or Lotion, 1%
12.Povidinelodine Solution5%, 450 ml
13.Aluminium hydroxide +Mag. hydroxideTablet, 250 mg, 250 mg
14.HyoscinebutylbromideTablet, 10 mg, 20mg
15.Oral Rehydration Solutions (ORS)Powder, 27.5g /litre
16.CiprofloxacinEye and Ear drops 0.3 % W/V
17.CiprofloxacinEye Ointment, 0.3 % W/W
18.ChloramphenicolEye applicaps, 1%
19.Clove oilOil
20.Vitamin B complexTablets
21.MetoclorpropamideInjection, 5 mg/ml in 2 ml ampoule
22.Ringers’ LactateInjection solution
23.Sodium chlorideInjection solution, 0.9% isotonic
24.Charcol activatedPowder 10 gm in sachet
25.AtropineInjection 1mg 1 ml ampule
26.CiprofloxacineTablet, 250mg
27.Benzoic acid + Salicylic acidOintment of cream, 6% + 3%
28.AtenololTablet, 50 mg
29.FrusemideTablet, 40mg
30.PromethazineTablet, 25mg (Hydrochloride)
31.DexamethasoneInjection 4mg/1-ml ampoule
32.SalbutamolTablet, 4 mg
33.OxytocinInjection, 10 IU in 1 ml ampoule
34.Magnesium SulphateInjection, 1 gm/2ml (50 % W/V)
35.GentamycinInjection, 80 mg/2 ml vial