Can a Foreigner Buy Land in Nepal?


Can a foreigner buy land in Nepal? :- As Nepal is popular for its cultural heritage, mountains heights and greenery and peaceful territories, people around the world dream to spend some parts of life in Nepal.

Nepal is a natural resource fulfilled country where people from the foreign country come here to play with nature, to arm nature. The shades of beauty and bucket of happiness spray the great glad and vibrate the feelings which are countries experiences spending in Nepal.

A tourist who comes to Nepal generally desires to live in Nepal. They fall in love with the beauties of Nepal and its natural resources. Nepal is rich in natural resources, heritage resources, cultural resources and golden hearts of people who are helpful in nature. Nepal is only the country where people live in a collective bond by sharing their happiness and problem.

A tourist from the world comes here to captures the shining beauty and singing waves of mountains, movement of j birds in jungle and laughter of Nepalese which is priceless and cannot be found anywhere in the world. The mount Everest and history of Gautam Buddha makes the country more proud and lifts its height more and more.

 The curiosity of a foreigner who wants to buy the land in Nepal has the answer yes.

In earlier days, there were not the rules that they can live in Nepal by building their own homes in own land. But now it has made liberal. Nepal also wants to makes the country of collective culture and class of peoples shelter. In the former period, Nepal has not any rules and policy through which the foreigner can enter Nepal.


They can only come here to visit Nepal only as a tourist not as the permanent residence. Due to that, many foreigners were not able to purchase the land here. There are many foreigners who have a dream to live in such a peaceful country.


After the country has entered in republic democratic, there has been opened the facilities of a foreigner by limiting the limited criteria.

If you are willing to purchase the land in Nepal being a foreigner then you have to come here as a businessman. After that, you can invest your capital here in different sectors. You can also invest your amount in buying land for the purpose of doing real estate business with 100% ownership.

Earlier, there were many barriers which have made the foreigners blocked. By registration you company in a register office, you can start your business and purchase the land.

Next, for betterment, you can even start it by consulting a good legal counselor which cost about 1000 to 2000$ (estimated). After consulting with them, the way becomes clear and there would not arise any kinds of barriers in the ways that stop your project.

The government even traps you if they found illegality in your work and project. Therefore, with these process also, you can purchase the land and then you can do whatever you want to construct.

For dong these all you have to give some more time that of about 1 to 2 month.


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