6 Most Important Places to Get Information About Foreign Employment in Nepal

2) Ministry of Labor

ft manages labor market. It gives information about foreign employment and | the employment providers. Similarly, it also gives information about country, profession, number of labors required. It also gives the information about the ; appropriate training the person needs for foreign employment.

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3) Manpower organizations

There are many foreign employment agencies in Nepal. Some of the foreign employment agencies are giving very good information about foreign employment. Some of the overseas recruitment agencies in Nepal are cheating the general public. The interested person should have the knowledge of the profession, wage, air ticket, other expenditures as well as all the works that should be done in the foreign country. Such person should take permission to the ministry of the labor of Nepal. Manpower companies help in providing such valuable information through newspapers, radio, television and people’s awareness program.

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4) Website of foreign organizations

The various country demands the manpower required by them from the websites of foreign organizations. This information is effective for two countries with the collateral labor agreement. Thus, for obtaining knowledge for foreign employment, such websites can be also checked. The official site of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nepal MOFA Official Site is https://www.mofa.gov.np.


5) Training organizations

Training institutes are established with the Moto of providing necessary basic training, skill, and knowledge required for foreign employment. They conduct various training on the basis of learners necessity, preference, and capacity. Such training is conducted with payment or without payment. Such training institutes provide information about documents, visa process etc. They also give information about the duty and responsibility to be conducted in the foreign country.


6) Consultancy

There are many foreign job consultancy in Nepal. These abroad job consultants provide information about foreign employment. Consultancies give the information about the opportunity and challenges of people going to foreign employment. It provides knowledge about the code of conducts, documents, visa process etc. before going to abroad. It makes aware about the challenges and opportunities about the foreign employment through papers, website or any other communication media. It also advertises about its necessities.

Pros and Cons of Foreign Employment

Nepal is a developing country where foreign employment plays a crucial role. The population is soaring high in an explosive way whereas the economic activities are traditional and slowly. The expansion of industries and factories are null and agriculture is subsistence and unscientific. People are poverty ridden and are wandering for livelihood. They lack job facilities being compelled to go abroad. In such critical situation, the Nepalese economy has turned to become remittance-based economy rather than agro-based. People go abroad, earn a certain amount, and send to their home. Rather than manufactured goods, Nepal exports labor as commodities. Each house in villages has at least one member abroad. Even in towns, the youths are found to be going to various other countries of the globe. During the difficult financial situation, such remittance plays the significant role in national economy.

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