6 Most Important Places to Get Information About Foreign Employment in Nepal


There are many numbers of manpower agencies in Nepal. Get here a post about 6 most important places to get information about foreign employment in Nepal. Do you know where to get information about foreign employment and job in Nepal? If no, then here it is. We have posted here Information About Foreign job in Nepal.

6 Most Important Places to Getting Information About Foreign Employment in Nepal

The work done in the foreign country contributes in various ways. Many Nepalese youths go the overseas and send remittance. The Nepalese mainly visit the gulf countries and -work hard. The amount sent by them contributes jot nation building. It also prospers one’s individual life.

Citizen of a country working in another country is called foreign employment. According to their knowledge, skill, and capacity, a citizen from one country gets involved in foreign employment. Foreign companies, organizations, and entrepreneurs get permission from Nepal government and demand manpower as they require. While demanding manpower, they provide information about the profession, its nature and number of labor needed. Different manpower companies work as a mediator in this process.

Human beings need development. We need a field to utilize our potentialities and engage ourselves in creative works. Such an environment is possible only when there is development. Development as such is not a thing which is brought from outside. We have to use resources available in our surroundings.

The job or employment that a worker gets in a foreign land is known as foreign employment.  It is the process of draining the youths to foreign countries for earning  money and raising the standard of living. Due to the unemployment  problem in the nation, people are compelled to go to foreign land. Similarly, some people go to a foreign land because they do not like to confine themselves to their country only. Similarly, poverty, poor agricultural outcome, less income and political instability are other inspiring factors to push the workforce of Nepal to a foreign land. The increasing demand for workers abroad is also encouraging the youths to leave their homeland. The influence of friends, relatives and well-wishers and pressure from family also play a prominent role in the promotion of foreign employment. People tend to go to those countries where there are high prospects of earning money.

The history of the Nepalese going abroad for employment started right after the Anglo-Nepal War. That time people used to go to foreign land, joining the military force.

Until the restoration of democracy in 2046, the Nepalese mainly visited India. Now, the situation has been reversed. The trend of foreign employment in overseas nations has been increasing day by day. According to the Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE), around  700 youths cross  the national border for the job every day taking work permit. The government has legalized only 107 countries for foreign employment. Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Korea, and Israel have been the major Utopian land for seeking their future. However, people with high education and more skill also visit European countries, America and Japan. The people of the western Nepal mainly go to India for seasonal employment. In the fiscal year 2014/015 only, the youths leaving the country for the foreign job was 5,27,814 (Economic Survey) as per the data provided by DoFE. It is the data of the people going with a work permit.


Others going without a work permit is estimated to be more than 3 lakhs. Women going with work permit in the fiscal year were 26,628. About one-fifth of the total population of Nepal is abroad-residing permanently or for the job. Much Nepalese have become permanent or seasonal residents in different places of India. Among the total immigrated population of Nepal, 72% have gone to India. Out of them, the one-fifth population has been there for job purpose. As a foreign employer only, more than 30 lakhs Nepalese are working abroad.

Out of three types of human resource, only skilled human resource can contribute to a concrete development of a nation. Such human resource is brought forth the best utilization of the natural resources and mobilize semi-skilled and unskilled human far real output. For such a human resource, the government should impart citizens through technical and practical education. Development refers to the positive and progressive change in an individual, society, or a country. For such a change or development, the means and resources available in a country play the vital role. The resources for development can be divided broadly into two categories: Such sources can be categorized into two:

1. Natural Resouces: The resources that are god-gifted or provided by nature are natural resources. For instance: land, rocks, minerals, bio-diversities, etc. We have natural resources like rivers, lakes, soil, forest, minerals, various geographical features, etc.

2. Human Resource: The human resource that possesses the capability, strength, skill, experience and efficiency to carry out some work is known as a human resource. For example teachers, pilots, porters, drivers, etc. There are various human resources like skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled. All of them are indispensable for the prosperity of a nation. It is through the human resources that the natural resources are best utilized. However, the skilled human resource prepared through education, training, science, technology with reference to specific sector plays a vital role in the overall development of a nation.

Although both types of resources are significant, human resource is required mostly for actual progress in a nation. It is through human resources that all natural resources are best utilized. For example, Japan is a country of islands without sufficient natural resources. However, it is prosperous economically due to the availability of human resources in the country. Nevertheless, the balance of both types of resources would become advantageous for the development of a nation. If a country succeeds for the mobilization and utilization of both types of resources, it can lead easily to the acme of progress.

The most important means of development are human beings. When the people of a country are innovative, enthusiastic, laborious, and skillful, they bring about development in the country no matter what natural resources are available. We can take the Japanese people for instance. Japan is a group of small islands in the Pacific Ocean. There are no sufficient natural resources. On the contrary, the country is affected by earthquakes and volcanoes. In spite of such drawbacks, Japan is one of the most developed countries in the world. It manufactures goods of all kinds. Japanese goods are exported all over the world which brings in foreign currency. It has become possible only because of its highly able human resource.

Types of Work

People are involved in various economic activities for their livelihood.  People get involved in different economic activities or work to maintain their livelihood. On the basis of the criteria of the work, such activities can be categorized into four. The nature or type of work that they carry out can be classified into 4 types:

a. Primary: Producing raw materials for subsistence use or commercial purpose. For example Farming, forestry, fishing, mining, etc. If the determining factor for the activity is the nature it is called primary activity. Human beings grow raw materials for sustenance or sale on the surplus to earn money from this activity. Farming, forestry, and fishing fall under primary activity. A good human resource understands the nature and performs his her ^cnvity or the resource rationally.


b. Secondary: Producing goods by using different raw materials. If the controlling power on what, where, when and how much 😮 produce is in the hands of human beings it is called secondary activity. Manufacturing goods out of raw materials is the main activity in it. Processing food grains, building house?. preparing finished goods, handicrafts, etc., are some of the examples of this activity. For such works people use animals, machinery and tools without which their work becomes slow.  For example Processing food grains, production of goods in the factory, construction of buildings, sewing clothes, weaving, knitting, handicrafts, etc.

c. Tertiary: If the people perform an activity to benefit people or serve people it is called tertiary activity. Providing services or utilities to other people fall under this activity. Providing services or utilities to other. At the same time, those who serve others get benefit by selling their services. People engage in shops, dispensaries, teaching, transport and communication, entertainment, hotels and restaurants, tourism, etc. For example Transportation, communication, pharmacy, government job, shop keeping, hotels, restaurants, teaching, etc.

d. Other: Expert services or work. All the activities which are not abided by the afore-mentioned activities fall into it. Specialists or experts assist other groups through invention, discovery, research and programming. They make plans, show how to carry out the plans and offer recommendations and suggestions. For example Research, invention, discovery, planning, and programming, etc.

Most of the people are engaged in the primary activity. In order to improve this activity and expand other sectors, we need highly skilled human resource.

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The company asks all the necessary information of the person interested employment. They request to submit their bio-data including their knowledg^ about profession, skill, capacity and training. Usually, the foreign employment provider company gives the authority to complete the process of selection o^ workers to country’s private employment provider companies. Sometimes foreign companies directly select labors.

Thus, in order to develop the country, the first and foremost thing is to train and educate its people. For training and education, we need a peaceful environment. At the same time, vocational education, orientation to the latest development in science and technology, are essential to arouse the interests of the people in their work. If we can make people aware of their potentialities, if we can provide them with a proper working condition then we can improve their economic condition. What we lack are a proper atmosphere for work, appropriate education, and training.


Out of such division, skilled human resource plays a pivotal role in the actual development of a country. Hence, it should be given high priority for its production and utilities. A skilled human resource refers to the person having a specific talent for carrying out a particular work independently, efficiently and in an expert way. A country can lead to progress due to such human resource. Thus, the priority must be given to the production of such human resource.

For this, they should be provided with proper health facilities, nutrition education, safe drinking water, training, practical education, etc. A skilled human resource has greater significance because s/he can do the following:


  1. create employment opportunity.
  2. make the country self-reliant.
  3. develop new technology and idea.
  4. develop ideas for proper utilization of means and resources.
  5. develop infrastructural development.
  6. create awareness.
  7. lead a country to the economic boom.

Every country wants Skilled Manpower

For the sustainable development of a nation, the government should mate the provision of producing the human resource that can fulfill the short-term us well as long term needs. Only the production of human resource to address the present need or just the future may lead a nation to failure.

A skilled human resource refers to the person having specific knowledge, skill, efficiency and capability for performing any specific work in an expert and systematic way. It is impossible to carry out any development work in the absence of skilled resource. Only skilled human resource can fulfill the needs of the present as well as future. It is needed in every sector of development. It is the sole responsibility of government to produce the human resource that can fulfill the short term needs as well as long-term needs of a nation.

The human resource that is prepared to fulfill the short-term needs of a country is termed as the short-term human resource. It is prepared to fulfill the present or immediate needs of a nation. Such type of human resource 5 prepared through short training, assessment or education. It takes the short period of time and less investment to prepare such human resource. After the completion of the work or objective, this type of human resource gets over for the certain period of time, Some examples of such human resource are census enumerator, volunteers, rescue operators, temporary police during the election, etc.

Skilled Manpower in Nepal

The Government of Nepal should prepare various strategies to produce the human resource so as to fulfill various short term needs and urgency. Nepal is an agricultural country where more than 70% (CBS, 2011) of people are engaged in farming. The people in villages are in need of training to increase skills for commercialization of agriculture. Thus, agro-based industries, small or medium scale industries, and forest-based industries should be established to create an opportunity of self-employment. Various training on handicraft, bee farming, poultry farming, sericulture, floriculture, fisheries, horticulture.etc. should be equally valued. Similarly, tourism and other income generating programs like cooking, expedition guide,resort, hotel and lodge management etc. should be conducted. Moreover, skilled human resource or health, education, transport,communication, administration, etc. should be generated.

The  human   resource which is prepared for fulfilling present as well as future needs and purpose is defined as the long-term human resource. It requires more skill, education, training, investment, and the longer period of time for preparation of this type of human resource. For instance, lawyers, engineers, planners, teachers, etc. The government has to formulate appropriate policies and initiate various projects for the production of the human resource that can accomplish long-term needs. It should develop the nation through the establishment of large-scale industries. It should invest in the development of science and technology. It should focus on scientific education. For our government is investing a large sum of money. It has initiated computer reduce revision of the academic curriculum. To achieve such goals, it should have smooth, result-oriented mission, vision, and will-power.

Sources of information about foreign employment are as follows.Say, these are places to visit in Nepal where you can get information about foreign employment. Either they are skilled manpower or semi-skilled manpower or unskilled manpower. All the human manpower should visit to get information about foreign employment.

Where to Contact for information about foreign employment

1) Department of Foreign employment

Under the ministry of the labor of Nepal, foreign employment department is established. This department does all the works about foreign employment. It works also in the sector of labor permission, labor insurance, health examination, labor duration and renew. It keeps the record of people involved in foreign employment land also attaches sticker in the passport.

Department of Foreign employment in Nepal


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