Flood in Nepal 2017 – Terai Madhesh, Southern Part is Most Victim Areas with Pictures


Flood in Nepal 2017 – Terai Madhesh, Southern Part is Most Victim Areas with Pictures

Flood in Nepal 2017:- As we all know that southern part of Nepal, Terai or Madhesh is most victim areas by the heavy raining. The most of the population of that areas are victimized by rain. Since 3 days it is just raining. Nepal government is in sleep mood but some people, organization, youths, social activists are active.

We have collected some pictures that show you how the people are suffered from the rain.

There are many volunteers group are active for collecting donations. One of them is “Volunteers for Flood Relief Nepal 2017“. Please join in this group and make a donation what you can do. This group is supported by us. “the imnepal.com team”. We all show you how are collecting donation and how we will go to the door of victim people.

A flood is a spread out of water that submerges all land this is usually dry. Flooding might also happen as an overflow of water as of water bodies, along through a river, lake, or ocean, wherein the water overtops otherwise breaks levees, ensuring in some of that water escaping its typical barriers, or it is able to rise due to an addition of rainwater on flooded soil in a flood. While the scale of a lake or a different frame of water will vary with seasonal modifications in precipitation and snowmelt, those modifications in size are unlikely to be taken into consideration tremendous until they flood property or drown home animals.

Floods can also arise in rivers when the float price exceeds the capability of the river channel, mainly at bends or meanders within the waterway. Floods regularly purpose damage to homes and organizations if they’re inside the natural flood plains of rivers. Even as reverie flood damage can be removed by moving away from rivers and different our bodies of water, human beings have historically lived and labored by way of rivers due to the fact the land is normally flat and fertile and because rivers provide clean tour and access to commerce and enterprise. Some floods broaden slowly, whilst others which include flash floods can expand in only a few minutes and without seen signs and symptoms of rain.

In the context of our country, Nepal is in a state of panic as floods and landslide triggered by heavy monsoon wreak havoc in several districts of Nepal. The government has already issued Flood warning In Terai Region. As the water level in Koshi, Kankai, Kamala, Badganga, Rapti and dozens of other small rivers and streams has gone up above the risk level, flood Forecasting Section of Department of Hydrology and Meteorology issued a warning requesting people to take precautionary measures for possible floods in many parts of plain areas of Nepal. Koshi’s flood is getting higher and large numbers of people have already been evacuated to the safe areas.

According to one of my friend currently residing in Terai has informed me that, four people of the same family were killed by a landslide in Kamala Mai Municipality Ward 4 of Sindhuli District. According to Weather Forecasting Division, there will be mostly cloudy throughout the country. From Light to moderate rain may occur at many places in the country, chances of heavy rainfall at a few places in the country.


According to the section, the water stage in Koshi and Kankai rivers has already reached the danger degree and a similar situation is in other rivers. With the monsoon stress is constructing near Chure and Terai, there will probably be more rain during the monsoon season. To limit the problem of flood, Nepal has requested India to open all the doorways of Koshi barrage to prevent any similarly damages. Overseas Minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara, via a tweet, knowledgeable the request turned into made thru Indian embassy in Kathmandu. He tweeted that ‘I have requested concerned aspect through Indian embassy to open all doors of Koshi barrage to prevent similarly lack of lives and residences,’ in advance, a meeting of domestic Ministry had requested the overseas Ministry to take diplomatic initiatives to open the doorways of the barrage. The selection was made after water flow in the river reached risky degree due to heavy rainfall for the beyond two days.

As all Nepalese and Indians know that” Naturally, Koshi river is one of the biggest threat to Bihar city, lies in India”. Bihar city will drown completely if the Koshi River crosses its limit. But since couple of years, Only Nepal is facing the problem raised due to Koshi River. In every monsoon season, the water level in Koshi River rises unexpectedly and Nepalese living in Terai region has to bear the problem occurred because the key which can open the doors of Koshi River is kept by Indian government.

Nepalese P.M. Mr. Sher Bahadur Deuba has already ordered government workers to finalize the process to rescue the victims of flood. But there aren’t any chances to open the Koshi River doors only by the order from Prime minister because the Koshi Bridge was handed to India for 200 years. In the other hand, the Ex prime minister has told that “India should open the bridge and let the river to flow in its own / normal way” otherwise India should be kicked out of the right to take the keys of Koshi bridge. India is doing most probably silly things because they are trying to stop heavy flow of water in bridge, there is also higher chance that river might destroy the bridge.

As all of us recognize, Heavy rains given that Friday, August 11, have left large quantities of the nine districts extending from East to West Nepal beneath flood waters, inflicting deaths, displacing thousands, and affecting ordinary lifestyles within the low-mendacity regions. There’s motive to fear as extra rain is expected thru the weekend. Reviews imply airports and hospitals too have been inundated in numerous districts.

Further, some river basins in West Nepal together with Rapti and Babai suggested cloudburst, a situation whilst there may be severe rainfall (one hundred mm in an hour). This causes a pointy upward thrust inside the water stage in rivers originating from Mahabharat and Chure variety. West Rapti at Kusum recorded 442 mm rain in only two hours on Saturday, stated Binod Parajuli, a hydrologist on the Metrological Forecasting department. Important rivers, namely Kankai, Riukhola in Chitwan, Babai, West Rapti and Mohana recorded water ranges at dangerous with threat of flooding. The water in Mahakali, Karnali Koshi and Narayani is about to attain risk degree too. With endured rains on Saturday, the water stages in the rivers are likely to pass the dangerous mark by way of Saturday evening, stated Parajuli.

The branch of Hydrology and Meteorology (DHM) has been asking human beings to live alert through early warning flood forecasting in Terai district. Acting on early messages approximately precipitation conditions, disaster danger reduction committees in all concerned districts have mobilized their sources to help affected groups, stated Acharya.

We will update.

flood in terai madhesh nepal (1)
flood in terai madhesh nepal


flood in terai madhesh nepal
flood in terai madhesh nepal



flood in terai madhesh nepal
flood in terai madhesh nepal


flood in terai madhesh Nepal
flood in terai madhesh Nepal


flood in terai madhesh Nepal
flood in terai madhesh Nepal


flood in terai madhesh Nepal
flood in terai madhesh Nepal


flood in terai madhesh Nepal
flood in terai madhesh Nepal


flood in terai madhesh Nepal
flood in terai madhesh Nepal

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यदि तपाई हरु संग तराई का बाढ़ी पीड़ित हरुको लागी खाना या न्यानो कपड़ा हरु छन भने तल दिएका स्वयं सेवक हरुलाई संपर्क गरेर बुझाऊं सक्नु हुन्छ | तिनीहरु प्रभाभित क्षेत्र हरुमा कार्यरत स्वयम सेवक हरु समझ पुर्याउने छन |

If you have #food (priority) & warm clothes for flood affected people of Terai Nepal, please we request you to contact the following volunteers of your region. They will take the supplies to the volunteers working with all heart in the affected zones.
It’s time we all have to unite once again just like we fought earthquake in the past.
यदि तपाई हामी हरु संग मिलेर बाढ़ी पीड़ित लाई मदत गर्न चाहुन्हुहुन्छ भने यो पोस्ट को तल कमेंट गर्नु होस |

If you want to volunteer with us in collecting food & warm clothes, please join our hands, and comment below.
New Baneshwar, Kathmandu
Nish Jha
Contact Number +977- 9801082094

Lazimpat, Kathmandu
Ava Gurung
+977- 9823145866
Koteshwar. Kathmandu

Rohan Poudel
+ 977 – 9851197732 /9818045268

Thamel, Kathmandu,
Dil Gurung


Pepsicola & Sinamangal, Kathmandu
Prakash Chaudhary

Prajwal Manandhar

Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Nepal
Neema Daisy Tamang
+977 – 9860104130

Rajeev Pradhan
+977-9840018666/ 9852024534


Lahan, Siraha Nepal
Jitendra Sahayogee

We are collecting donation like this.

donation for flood victims in Nepal

donation packages for flood victims in Nepal
donation packages for flood victims in Nepal

We are updating…

Doners Name Place Type Details of Donations If Cash (NPR) Reference Volunteer
Bimala Sapkota Imadol, Lalipur Cash Cash 1000 Rohan Poudel
Wasta Lohani Mustang Cash Cash 500 Rohan Poudel
Kul Dai Dingboche, Hotel Good Luck Cash Cash 5000 Dil Gurung
Rajan Thakuri Kathmandu Food 2 cartons Ava Gurung
Anila Simkhada Kathmandu Clothes + Cash 3 Bags of clothes 5000 Ava Gurung
Sushe Shresth Thamel, Kathmandu Waiwai 1 carton Dil Gurung
Saksham Human Resoruce Employees Koteshwar , Kathmandu Clothes + Cash 3 Bora Rohan Poudel
Dil Gurung Thamel, Kathmandu Food + Clothes 5 Carton food, 5 cartoon clothes Dil Gurung
Amit Malla Kathmandu Clothes 1 big plastic bag Neema Daisy
Neema Daisy Kathmandu Clothes 3 big folds of clothes Neema Daisy
Rajan Mishra Kathmandu Food + Clothes
1 cartoon food + 2 sack clothes + 1 packet biscuit
Nish Jha
Shailesh Singh kathmandu Food + Clothes 1 cartoon food , 1 bag clothes Nish Jha
Santosh Mishra Kathmandu Food 1 kg chiura + sack of clothes Nish Jha
Manju Gurung Kathmandu Cash + clothes 1 bag of clothes 2000 Ava Gurung
Shants Gurung Kathmandu Cash cash 5000 Ava Gurung
Ming Sherpa Kathmandu Food + Clothes 1 cartoon food, 1 cartoon clothes Ava Gurung
Amuthan Chandra London, England Cash Cash 2830 Anil Mahato
Jake Richmond Derby, England Cash Cash 5730 Anil Mahato
Nangsal Tamang Kathmandu Cash + clothes 1 packet of clothes 6000 Neema Daisy
Yogendra Tamang Kathmandu clothes 1 sack Nish Jha
Raj KC Kathmandu Clothes 2 Sack Yogendra Tamang


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