Fishing Tour in Nepal : Fishing Trip in Nepal

Fishing Tour in Nepal : Fishing Trip in Nepal

Let’s discuss about fishing tour in Nepal or fishing trip in Nepal. We have already discussed about fishing in Nepal related to many things like fishing in rivers of Nepal, where to fishing in Nepal, best season for fishing in Nepal etc. Now, we are going to discuss about fishing tour in tour in Nepal "Fishing trip in Nepal"

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Fishing tour in Nepal or fishing trip in Nepal is available easily through agencies.

There are many tourist attraction points in Nepal. Nepal is blessed with Natural things. There are many things that are blessed with nature. Among many, rivers are one of them that are blessed by nature. Here are in Nepal, there are many rivers more than 6000 rivers in Nepal, blessed by nature. Therefore, fishing in Nepal is one of the most important and beautiful tourist attraction points available in Nepal. Things to do in Nepal are fishing as well. Fishing is one of many things to do in Nepal.

Fishing in Nepal is an exciting and wonderful spot to hook out the colorful fish in the clear Himalayan Rivers.  Fishing sports in Nepal can be said as an Eco-friendly sport which requires great patient and lots of time.

The rivers and lakes of Nepal offer good grounds for fishing sports or fishing adventure activities. These rivers and lakes are very attractive for fishing lovers of the world.

There are approximately 185 varieties of fresh water fish in the Rivers and lakes of Nepal. Approximately more than 185 species of exotic fish are dancing around the fresh Himalayan water of Nepal. They range from the much sought after Mahseer to the mountain stream trout, catfish, rainbow trout, common trout, Murrei, and crap as well. The crap fish is the largest fish you may find in the Himalayan fresh water which can be of several kilos. Fishing tour in Nepal is more fun in the mountain streams. Here are varieties of trout- rainbow trout and common ones.

The best season for fishing tour in Nepal

The best season for fishing tour in Nepal is from October to November and February to May. The duration between October to November and February to May is the best fishing tour in Nepal. Tour agencies or organizer can organize or manage best at this time or season.

Fishing Spot in Nepal

There are many fishing spot in Nepal. There are many places to organize for fishing tour in Nepal. There are many rivers to organize for fishing tour in Nepal. There are many lakes to organize for fishing trips in Nepal. Some of the popular fishing tours are in Karnali, Babai Valley in the Bardiya National Park. Chitwan also hosts a number of fishing tour spots like the confluence of Seti and Trisuli, Kaligandaki and Trisuli.

Fishing Tour in Nepal + Rafting Tour in Nepal + Jungle Safari in Nepal

Fishing tour in Nepal, Jungle Safari in Nepal and rafting tour in Nepal can be merged. Three types of tour can be one. These three tours in can be done one place that is Chitwan national park.

Fishing can be organized for enjoying camping and Rafting in wilderness or spending in Lodge with additional Jungle activities in Chitwan National park. There are several Jungle Lodges in Chitwan National Park. Agencies or organizers can organize Fishing Trips as per the clients’ requirement and interest. He/she also organize fishing tours in streams close to Kathmandu, capital city of Nepal.

Dolalghat is another ‘catchy place’ for fishing tour in Nepal. You can encounter Nepali holidaymakers and the locals on the lookout for local variety of Asla and Katla, the former a kind of trout and the latter a carp in Dolalghat. Some of the Dams across Nepal’s many rivers too have a good stock of fish. Dolalghat is one of them.

The rivers of the Terai or Madhesh region are an angler’s dream. You can find large catfish, murrel and carp in abundance here.

Karnali, Sun Kosi, Bheri and Arun rivers give the local methods a go- using a bamboo pole or a crude fish trap. For the Mahseer fishing in Nepal is the best in the Geruwa river. As we know that Mahseer is a large and much- prized sport fish found in the Geruwa River that skirts the park.

Fishing Tour in Nepal : Fishing Trip in Nepal

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