First Travel Agency in Nepal : First Travel Agency in World

This post is about to first travel agency in Nepal. Here we also discussed about the first travel agency in the world. We concentrate about the travel agency as a business. We include in the post something about function of travel agency. We also write something about the father of the travel agency in the world.

What is travel agency?

A travel agency is a private retailer or public service that provides travel and tourism related services to the public on behalf of suppliers such as airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, hotels, railways, and package tours.

Travel Agency as a Business

Travel agency is also one of the business types. It is unique business. It is service-oriented business. Travel agency business belongs to tourism activities.

Travel agencies play a vital role in the tourism industry. It plays a crucial role in the tourism as a brain in human body. As we, all know that travel agency is an axis of tourism. The tourism activities of the country revolve around the travel and tour agency. The tourism is the result of the movement of the people from one place to another. It is universal fact that travel agencies generate the movement of the people. Consequently travel agency is remembered as the generator or a creator of tourism.

We can’t imagine tourism without travel agency because ‘tourism is the result of joint effort of the travel related jobs” and travel agency joins them together to form a travel industry.

First travel agency in the world:

According to wikipedia, the first travel agency in the world started in the year 1841 by a British citizen.

The history of the travel agency is not very old. Establishment of travel agency is from an idea. Thomas Cook first developed the idea of travel agency in 1841. In the beginning, it was an idea to arrange a group travel for his friends to attend various seminars in train.


For that purpose he decided to negotiate with the rail transporters to give some concession for the group travelling. He arranged a railway trip for 570 members of his society. He reserved the railway seats and sold them. Later, he planned to convert this concept into a business idea.

This reservation and selling gave him a new idea that ‘service can be sold and business can be run’. He learned that packaging of travel services could be a profitable business. That was the beginning of the travel agency business in the world.

Encouraged by the success of his venture Thomas Cook arranged similar ventures by chartering trains. He developed the concept of ‘travel for pleasure’. Then afterwards Thomas Cook set up an office to arrange many more excursion trips on a fully commercial basis which is known as travel agency.

Father of travel agency
Thomas Cook
Thomas Cook. Image src

Let’s go about the father of travel agency. Thomas Cook, of course, is still remembered as “father of travel agency.” He developed the business idea of ‘travel for pleasure’. This is one of the important development in travel sector, which can be associated with Thomas Cook, is the support in pleasure travel. He developed the concept and idea that ‘service can be sold and business can be run’.Thomas Cook organized relatively complex tours and excursions.

He comprised several travel lines. He published several guidebooks and periodicals related to travel and travelling. Publishers published Cook’s Excursionist and Tourist advertiser. Thomas Cook developed hotel coupon to book hotel rooms. He also added bank and foreign currency exchange to his business.

The large-scale movement of people to various pleasure spots like sea beach resort and spas was the result of organized conducted excursion trips by Thomas Cook. Thomas Cook is a pioneer in organized travel. Consequently, in the history of modern travel, Thomas Cook is still known as “father of travel agency.”

Function of Travel Agencies

To facilitate the tour of a traveler is the objective of a travel agency. Travel agency is the business of taking responsibility of tour and travel. They are the bridge and fill the gap between the customer and service agencies or facilities they provide. They stimulate and motivate the people to travel.

Travel agencies perform a variety of functions for the benefit of the travelers. Travel agents encourage people to travel and help them plan and prepare for the trip. Travel agencies book tours for different types of clients. Travel agencies also deal with foreign currency. They provide foreign currency and inform the traveler about the currency regulations prevailing at scheduled destinations.

This will be reflected on the entire business and will be helpful for repeat business, improves customer loyalty and acts as a promotional tool due to the positive word of mouth publicity by the satisfied customer.

Main function of travel agency is to act as an agent like selling travel products and services on behalf of a supplier. A holiday package or a ticket is not purchased from a supplier unless a customer requests that purchase.

First travel agency in Nepal / History of travel agency in Nepal

History of travel agency in Nepal is not very long. History of first travel agency in Nepal is unknown. Who open the secret of first travel agency in Nepal. Not sufficient information are available on the first travel agency in Nepal.

We are unable to collect more about history of travel agency in Nepal related to the first travel agency in Nepal. But we have collected some history of travel agency in Nepal. We have discussed about the history of travel agency in Nepal in another post. We have some information about history of travel agency in Nepal from the 1965 AD.

It was the year when the travel agency named Nepal travel Agency and Everest travel service was established. For more….

The oldest and first travel agency of Nepal was Shah and Rai, which could not last more than one year. As far as we, first travel agency in Nepal is the Shah and Rai. But now this first travel agency in Nepal is not existence. We are unable to collect more information about first travel agency in Nepal i.e. Shah and Rai.

Then the tourism department started Rhino Tour to organize sightseeing tours. It had fixed pick up points and time and had fixed places of visit as well. Even this system did not last long. Then different travel agencies in private sector came into existence. At the same time different hotels were doing travel related jobs.

We hope you enjoyed this post about the first travel agency in Nepal, first travel agency in the world and father of the travel agency. If you have more information about first travel agency in Nepal, plz help us sending information. We’ll be glad. Thank you.

 First Travel Agency in Nepal : First Travel Agency in World

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