First Day of Fall – All About The 1st Day of Fall

The first day of Fall

Fall synonymous to Autumn is the third season of the year. There’s no definite date to say”Fall” falls on this day. The time varies from region to region. The duration of the fall also varies based on the topography and geography of the region. Usually, fall can be experienced around September / October. This year the first day of fall is on Sunday,┬áSeptember 23, 2018.

In the context of Nepal, Fall can be experienced around Bhadra or Asoj. The duration of the Fall may vary from seven days to 10/15 days.

I think Fall is the best season of the year. It is the transitional phase from the extreme hotness to extreme coldness. It is a relief of a few days for us after enduring the heat of the summer sun and before bearing the cold of the Winter. Every country celebrates the Fall.


First Day of Fall

The way to celebrate and enjoy varies. Fall is also the indication of the arrival of the festive season. The western nations celebrate the Thanksgiving Day and prepare for the holiday like Christmas and new year. Because they soon going to be knocking on their door. Meanwhile, they prepare a feast of turkey and apple pie.

Nepal and Nepalese tradition are also not left behind. Soon the great festival of Nepalese Hindus the Dashain will be coming knocking on our door. So Fall is also marked with the preparation for this festival.

The first day of Fall this year is going to be around September. I am very much excited for this day and for the whole Fall season. Let’s talk about what to do and how to spend the day in Fall.



Shopping always tops my list. I bet everyone does. The season is neither hot nor cold. So it’s favorable to shop around for a whole day. The Fall is an end of the season and the beginning of the new one. The summer clothes which we were eying for the whole season but couldn’t be bought due to the high price now becomes available all at a reasonable price that everyone can afford. Thanks to the Season Sales.

So the first thing that I would do is put on my best outfit of the summer ( probably the last day to wear this year) and go shopping. Fall is the season of Sale in the malls and stores. The best Summer clothes, shoes, and accessories are placed on a Sale at a reasonable price. The winter clothes and shoes with the accessories of the last year are also exhibited in the mall at a lower price. Apart from that, the most favorite word of the customers can be seen everywhere we turn.

The SEASON DISCOUNTS. Since the festive season is also around the corner discount in every products whether be electric or clothes, discounts are offered up to 20 or 30%. I remember that I waited almost four months to buy the new refrigerator for the discount I am gonna get. Not only the discount but some amazing ideas of marketing to lure the customers can be observed in the season. Like some prize schemes and lottery tickets.


So the two-three hours of the first day of my Fall are spent on shopping and shopping and shopping.

Storing away

Now comes the most boring and the laborious job of the world, at least for me it’s boring. All the light cool summer clothes are washed first and then locked up in the trunks or the closets. With a promise to bring them out next year. Not only the clothes and the body wear but nice soft cottony drapes are also locked behind.

Welcoming Back

I am not talking about welcoming any guests. I am saying we then welcome our woolly clothes, jackets, gloves the warm blankets and the quilts by bringing them back from the trunks. They are then soaked in the warm daylight of the Fall sun which they were not able to see for a few months. They also take the pleasure of seeing the sun and just after a few hours they also bloomed up and become nice and fluffy.

Preparation For The Winter

The day and in fact the whole Fall becomes busy in preparing oneself for the winter. Fall is also the pickle making season at home. Lots and lots of chopping and slicing of various vegetables come to the shoulder of the young members of the family. The most favorite part is making the Gundruk(the sun-dried green leafy vegetables). It is the most delicious and the one food originally from Nepal.

Apart from the diet, the preparation for the winter includes brushing and cleaning of the winter shoes like high boots or the closed sports shoes. Cleaning and drying of the thick woolly socks, the thick bedding and the mattresses etc.


After all the laborious work then comes the moment to enjoy the nice cool breeze in the evening. Sitting on the balcony in the evening and enjoy the cool fresh air breeze probably for a few days. I like to enjoy seeing the leaves of the trees change their colors and slowly fall from the trees with each breeze of air. Probably that’s why Fall is called Fall for this reason. Because of the falling of leaves of most of the trees.

Preparation for the festival

More commonly the people who have to go home for the festival get busy preparing. They have to purchase the gifts for each of their family members. Then they have to book the tickets for the bus or the plane for their departure. They then have to pack their bags.

One week of vacation

The Fall is the best season to go for a Safari it to enjoy the true vacation that you really need. The climate anywhere you go in the best term. The temper of the locals will be at their heights. Also because of the climate. Everybody seems to be enjoying the season exhibiting their local dance and tradition.


Fall is probably the best season of all because there is a moderation in all whether there be climate or the weather or the temperament of the people. Everybody seems to be in good mood enjoying themselves around.

Happy Fall Everybody.

Author: Ankur Pradhan