Filmywap 2021 – Illegal Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil HD Movies Free Download Website Review

Filmywap movies download 2021 :- Filmywap is one of the most liked and illegal websites in India. You can download any movies, songs, pictures, series, etc. not only download but also to watch various recently released films and TV series in Hindi dub.

Filmywap is a torrent website specially made to download Bollywood and Hollywood movies in India without any charges. It is almost the same as 9x movies responsible for illegal supplies of newly released movies, and it is totally against India’s legal action.

This Filmywap used to leaks famous online stuff in HD quality with the dub of various languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, etc. filmywap south India website provides high quality movies and songs regarding Bollywood and all regional films.

After 9x movies got banned, filmywap is the only website left where Indian people can get TV series and movies without any fee or charges. The government also used to ban thousands of websites every year under illegal websites like filmywap and 9xmovies. It has collected many users around the world because of its free way to provide all online stuff. 

It always gives many movie collections to its audience who used to visit this website and benefit. The group is pretty extensive, and everyone can enjoy their favorite movie and TV serial through it.

Filmywap movies download Website Review

Filmywap recognizes for its copyright issue where it used to leak all TV shows and films during the release date or sometimes earlier than that. Pirated movies are the source of this website’s income, and people feel free to download from this link.

This website’s arrangement system is so relaxed and comfortable for the entire user because it has arranged it in the right way. Despite the arrangement of all online portal, it keeps updating all the systems from time to time.


People love its simplicity, and it also gets fame for its song where we can get all the languages song without too much effort. It gets high tracks by providing a simple and easy method to download and watch movies without popping ads anytime, like other websites.

Some of the proxy websites of were as follows

  1. Filmywap in
  3. Filmy org
  4. Filmy wap in
  5. Filmywap Bollywood download
  6. Filmywap Hollywood download
  7. Filmywap Hollywood dub download
  8. www.filmywap download 
  9. Filmywap watch online

 All of the above websites were, directly and indirectly, connect with All of them were proxy for this website, and if anyone wants to watch movies, they need to assess any of them.

Due to its huge range of links and it has many ways to link for the main website. Specially filmywap movie south was the main reason for leaking various films yet to be released in the theater.

The filmmaker is the one who gets pissed off by this type of news that their movies get leaked by some website, and the audience already watches it. Some of the reason to banned filmywap is as follow.

Huge budget movies get leaked

There are many reasons that this website gets banned, along with many other websites. This is not like 9x movies were already leaked films, and TV series can found, but on the filmywap website, we can get big budget movies before the release date.

It connects with many other websites and supplies many more movies without any rate and charges. Some of the recent films find in the filmywap website, which gives hit on Indian cinema whereas follows 

  1. Bharat
  2. Dear comrade
  3. Saho
  4. Chhapaak
  5. Bahubali 2
  6. Spider man far from home
  7. John wick 3
  8. Avenger endgame 3
  9. Kabir Singh
  10. The lion king

As per the international report from film industries, the film industry loses more than $2 billion every year worldwide because of pirated movies websites.

Those are massive amounts. When the audience gets all the entertainment with free charges, they don’t want to spend their money on already watch movies. It is banned in India with many other countries globally, which is considered against the country law.

It has also leaked some of India’s big budget films like the haunted ship, bhoot part one, shubh mangal, and zyada saavdhaan. All these movies may get more income if they don’t get a leak online on these websites. 

Never give credit to its owner.

 One of the facts that we can’t deny while using anything is that we must credit those people and owners. Unless anyone who never shows that the owner of this and that movie was this person, it is an illegal and copyright issue. The filmywap movie’s website is also the same as that which never gives any credit to its owner of the films and TV series.

Giving credit means you are using that content honestly, but these websites even never support doing that and never include any name and promotion of other people in their list.

Privacy is taking as a crime in many countries, and in the context, it is strictly applied. Indian cinema is nationally and internationally very famous, and it has a huge platform as well.

Providing credit is one way to promote that particular product as well, but if the website like filmywap starts to give praise, then from tomorrow, people begin to know a lot about this website. Its system of management is so large due to its publicity in the international market as well.

It can be a lot helpful if any pirated website provides enough credit and promotion to any leaked movies so that both go well on the business. That would be good for both parties, and loss can be minimizing in that case, but the filmywap website never agrees on those terms and conditions. It also leads to the failure of this website by banning from all over India.

It is just a relatable question for everyone why these types of websites are more in India than any other country. Like 9x movies and filmywap, all these websites are both hit illegal torrent websites in India and occupied 70% of alone income from India.

Because India is a huge country with a lot of population, almost 1.3 billion and more than 60% of people were illiterate. Rather than that, films are the most prominent entertainment sector where people have a huge attachment to film industries. There are many states and movies, and TV serials are made according to the people’s demands.

Everyone loves and enjoys movies so, every week, more than 3 or 4 movies got a release in theater, and the audience paid enough money for hit movie tickets. They are such crazy people for their favorite actors and actress.


Like filmywap, these websites create a brilliant website where any user can assess and download any movies and TV series according to their interest and like. They got big opportunities to earn income without much more investment and become famous among these people.

In India, more movies and films of various regions and languages are released on multiple days, and filmywap websites get more chances to earn money. 

Over many years India has blocked many more websites like filmywap and another piracy website in their country. Under the Supreme Court’s direct orders, thousands of pirated websites and URLs were banned in India every year.

Now, it becomes so common each year for the government to bane these sites. As for government order in 2015 AD, 875 pirated and illegal websites were banned from India and pornographic websites. And in June 2016, more those illegal copyright websites were bane. Almost 200 URLs were also got deleted and banned from India.

Minimum 900 websites were bane each year due to their pirated content, and few only get a chance to become popular worldwide. Like the 9x movies website was the first website that has pirated content, and within a brief period, it got famous around the globe.

So, after it got banned within a concise time, another website known as filmywap was created. This website includes all the 9xmovies, and even more like ads can be minimized and less buffering while watching online movies and TV series. We can say that the government’s effort alone does do not only it but also various Pvt ltd companies.

Like star India Pvt ltd has successfully case a file against these websites on the court and block the entire copyright content website within a few months.

That legal website will defiantly take action against the filmywap webpage because of its illegal work by leaking recent movies and earning huge amounts of money through illegal ways. This was the direct misuse of the internet and any website when it went out of the country law. 

Misuse of power

Filmywap has always been a lead role to misuse its power and support of its users. It has always included all pirated movies and series, which were unacceptable for the government and film industry. Filmywap and 9x movies are also considered a rough website by India’s government because of its unfair and illegal act.


A large part of the film industry starts to collapse due to the lack of proper support of the audience, and it has an apparent reason. Filmywap has played very well in games by supplying recent online stuff and becoming so popular among everyone.  

Filmywap movies

As we are talking about the misuse of the internet, it is clear that people are engaging daily in these cybercrimes. It is almost effortless for those who have enough talent to create any website and hack other creativity. Today’s youth start to search shortcut methods to do any work, and they want something new in this modern era.

But instead of becoming creative, they start to become passive towards other work and professions like hacking and leaking online portals. Students begin to utilize their educational skills in creating a website like 9x movies and filmywap from where they can quickly gain income by posting pirated content.

It is hard also to stop all cybercrime within a short period of time, but crime is still increasing day by day. Today government of India bane 1000 of the website, which illegally supplies copyright content to their users but tomorrow it will become double.

Government as well trying to track down this type of website with the owner and put them behind bars so that it will never repeat. It is not new in India as well that every month many movies got leaked and reach to all the audience through these websites.

After 2016, the Indian government takes a strong step by implementing 3years of jail and 3lakh fine to this website’s owner. It has also helped a lot to take down the pirated website, but when people start to realize that VPN is the solution of any banned website globally, it again comes into existence.

Every country has already implement rule against cybercrime and bane many of these websites because illegal act on the internet is a fair crime against the law. It is mentioned that duplicating, viewing, and downloading from any bane websites is taken as a crime, and even users also get punishment.

People used to think that one movie is not a huge loss for the film industry, but one movie from each website is significant. A country like India, which is in the process of economically and politically development, needs strong security on the online portal.

Hackers’ main target is those countries that are weak in online security, and they create a website like filmywap to ruin the system of government and make income source.

All this type of website has been tracking day by day and start to bane from 2015 after the first website went viral in India. But nobody ever thinks about why these types of illegal websites get viral despite having many legal websites.

The government must view this topic, and some of the articles were also published when the pirated website was on the top of the game. Because of the higher charge, another website like Netflix and Hotstar becomes too expensive for people.

It is not the only supplier and user’s fault, but other legal and balance websites also need to pay a little cheap. We all know that affordable and free items attract people most of the time, and filmywap never promotes their website also on the internet.

It’s all free for any users, and people who live in India are not well rich to purchase the subscription of a legal website. The rate and payment start to decrease with every movie and TV series than it will gain many more subscribers in no real time.

The next thing about this cybercrime and the increase in users is the lack of proper knowledge. Even educated people were the victim of the filmywap website, and they are the ones who use it more than other uneducated users. 

Many people still use filmywap by using VPN, and it becomes impossible to track them. The piracy problem becomes a big headache in India, and it also takes too long to bane any illegal website after it gets an order from the court.

The lawyer starts to force court these days to take action as fast as possible, and within an hour after the order of the court, these websites need to stop. It is necessary to protect the leaked content in websites like flimywap because that action at that moment can save movies from huge losses.

Live action on this website differs a lot in every crime scene, and patent layers also start to force court nowadays for live-action. IT students were more active on the internet crime act than any other field student, so it will be better for the government to make them aware of the pirated website on their first course.

According to India’s telecom regulatory authority, these websites get banned by every ISP of India, and from that day, nobody ever can connect on this website like flimywap. 

Filmywap has recently uploaded a newly unreleased movie on its website, GREAT GRAND MASTI, and it is the final sequel of this movie. Producer and director have complained file against all these pirated websites to bane from India, and it also got banned.

Filmywap has leaked many movies and series even as a Hindi dub before the theater’s original content hit. Even in 2016, the Bombay high court released a statement that watching the pirated movie doesn’t make us criminal, or it was free to watch it.

At that time, fimlywap got even more popularity due to its freedom, and users express their happiness by watching more pirated movies at that time. Downloading movies from torrent and selling openly in DVD became famous for the town, and the court already declared it is fair to watch.

Now, users start to use fimlywap even more than usual, and the cinema hall seems empty without any audience to watch. Every DVD store started to sell new movies, even Hollywood, with Hindi dub and Bollywood, but this trend was illegal in any other country.

Watching online on the filmywap website was not a big problem, but selling on DVD was unacceptable and disturbing after this new order. Without permission, filmywap started to supply more pirated movies with some pop ads and no charges.

Even for ISP, India got a lot of messages at that time from users trying to open banned websites. Talking about other countries, any pirated content uploader more than 10 times within six months needs to face punishment and could face five years of jail.

Even after websites like filmywap get banned in India, we can see apps that provide pirated movies online, and nobody knows the owners. At first, the only laptop could assess India’s websites, so it doesn’t seem too much a criminal act. Still, after mobiles become as advanced as pc, pirated websites can consider from android again.

People also save this pirated website by saying that these free movies help them in many depressed situations. It helps them kill time when traveling, and many say that even we are insufficient to pay a regular subscription on a big website, now, we are no more backward.

Pirated websites have both advantages and disadvantages, but the central situation is that if filmywap torrent gets freedom in India, then producer and director will never make another hit movie due to lack of money. 

After banning the filmywap website In India, many users get offended and start to blame the country’s law. They ask the government that it may be possible that any films may not get enough business if it leaked before release.

But how can a month or two month old film reduce the business of film industries when it got leaked on filmywap. Many raise their voice against the government as well, and they are also told that it will only help to understand more about Indian cinema.

Even many small film producers tell that websites like filmywap always leaked small films, and the court never took action until huge budget movies leaked.

Famous producers can only pressure the Indian government, and due to the unbalanced political system, this type of website takes advantage of Indian resources.

In conclusion, the government took action against filmywap torrent and banned it as an unauthorized content website. This website’s unique quality is that they edit and dub Hollywood and many international movies in Hindi and many more languages, and more people can watch it.

India started to make their internet asses much strong and effective after filmywap get banned, and it keeps continue to watch over the pirated website in upcoming days.