10 Popular Festivals of Nepal

Nepal is enormously called the world of colorful vibrant fairs. Most of the fairs celebrated in Nepal have the religious connotation and some are primarily based on vital occasions from historic mythology and epic literature. The shiny cultural diversity of Nepal may be found within the difference of different competition celebrations. Exactly here are the 10 popular festivals of Nepal.

10 Popular Festivals of Nepal

  1. Dashain

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Dashain is celebrated in the month of Kartik (overdue September and early October); the Nepalese humans take pleasure in the biggest festival of the 12 months, Dashain. Dashain is the longest and the most auspicious festival within the Nepalese annual calendar, celebrated with the aid of Nepalese of all caste. The fifteen days of party happens all through the bright lunar fortnight ending on the day of the total moon. Throughout the dominion of Nepal, the goddess Durga in all her manifestations is worshiped with innumerable puja, abundant offerings and thousands of animal sacrifices for the ritual holy bathing, therefore drenching the goddess for days in blood.

  1. Buddha Jayanti


Buddha Jayanti is well known to mark the birthday of the Lord Buddha which dates returned in about 543 BC. It falls on the overall moon night time of both May and June. The peace lover and Buddhist communities like to make their pilgrimage at Buddha’s delivery region Lumbini of Nepal on this auspicious day.

  1. Gai Jatra


Gai Jatra is one of the maximum popular festivals usually celebrated in between August-September. Even though Gai Jatra has a presence all through the Nepal, it has most strongholds within the Newari community of Kathmandu valley. This competition has its roots inside the belief that the god of dying, Yamaraj, have to be feared and for this reason worshiped.

  1. Janai Purnima


Janai Purnima continues the sacred meaning in Hindu network of Nepal. In this equal day, Rakshya Bandana is also celebrated in which every Hindu ties a sacred thread. Janai Purnima continues the holy importance wherein as Rakshya Bandana makes more potent the love and recognize in among and among sisters and brothers.

  1. Teej


Teej is a celebration of fasting wherein ladies pray for marital bliss, properly being in their partner and children and purification of their personal body and soul. It takes location in August and September. Inside the gift context, the pageant has a connotation with rights of girls.

  1. Shree Krishna Janmashtami


Shree Krishna Janmashtami marks the birthday celebration of the start of Lord Sri Krishna. Lord Krishna appears because of the eighth avatar or ‘incarnation’ of Lord Vishnu. It falls in August and September. This festival is highly celebrated throughout the Nepal.

  1. Falgun Purnima


Falgun Purnima, allegedly named after the mythical demons Holika, is a day when the dinner party of colors is widely known. The ancient Holy pageant falls on past due February or on early March. It has a developing reputation among Nepalese even today and it is amazingly celebrated at some stage in the country.

  1. Maghe Sankranti


Maghe Sankranti is the primary day of the month of Magh of Bikram Sambat. Magh is 10th month within the year. Sankranti is the Sanskrit phrase in eastern Astrology which refers to the transmigration of the solar from one Rashi (sign of the zodiac) to another. In a word, Sankranti is the primary day of Nepali calendar. Then manifestly, there are 12 such Sankranti in 12 months. Makar Sankranti is the transition of the sun from Dhanu Rashi (Sagittarius) to Makar Rashi (Capricorn).

Maghe Maghi sankranti laddoo Til Ko Laddo Chiura ko laddoo Murahi ko laddoo festival hindu Nepal Images a little girl kid is eating
a little girl is eating Til Ko Laddoo in Maghe Sankranti

In Hindu Astrology the solar function at some stage in the year is split into 12 Rashi’s zodiac symptoms). It’s miles, however, very tough to reconcile amongst Bikram Sambat months, Zodiac months and lunar calendar’s months. Whilst the conventional Calendar is primarily based on lunar positions, Sankranti is a solar occasion. So dates of all Hindu festivals hold converting as in keeping with the Gregorian calendar and so do the Makar Sankranti too.

  1. Tihar


Tihar is one of the most wonderful festivals of all Hindu. Tihar is likewise known as Dipawali in Terai place and falls between the month of October and November. Generally, Tihar festival is well known for five days, beginning from the 13th days of the waning moon in October-November. On this competition, we worship Goddess Laxmi, known as Goddess of wealth.

At some stage in Tihar pageant, all the homes of the metropolis and villages are made easy and embellished with lit oil lamps. Throughout the night time, all of the city and villages looks as if a shining diamond. Many human beings are known as Tihar as “Panchak Yama” which means the five days of the underworld lord. This 5 day is considered as very critical which reflect appreciate no longer handiest for human and god but additionally to that animal like a crow, canine, a cow who have got the sturdy relationship to human. for the duration of Tihar festival, many humans decorate outdoor their homes by using making the Rangoli, which is made via the usage of the exclusive colors which makes the house appealing and delightful at some point of the night time after lit oil lamp on it.

  1. Mahashivaratri


Mahashivaratri is the birthday celebration dedicated to Lord Shiva which falls in February and March. It’s the birthday celebration of the ideally suited god of Hindu mythological parent. Hundreds and thousands of people make their pilgrimage go to in Kathmandu on this day. MaHa Shivaratri is a Hindu competition celebrated annually in honor of the god Shiva. Before the advent of spring marks MaHa Shivaratri which means that “the awesome night of Shiva”.

It is a chief festival in Hinduism, but one this is solemn and marks a remembrance of “overcoming darkness and lack of know-how” in lifestyles and the sector. it’s miles found by using remembering Shiva and chanting prayers, fasting, doing Yoga, and meditating on ethics and virtues such as self-restraint, honesty, noninjury to others, forgiveness, and the invention of Shiva The ardent devotees maintain conscious all night. Others go to one of the Shiva temples or pass on a pilgrimage to Jyotirlingams. That is a historical Hindu festival whose starting place date is unknown.

Apart from the above-mentioned festivals, Nepal celebrates increasingly more different nearby, communal and seasonal festivals. These are the 10 most popular festivals of Nepal.


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10 Popular Festivals of Nepal


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