Female | Girl Traveling Alone in Nepal

Female | Girl Traveling Alone in Nepal – Travel Guide for Lady Tourist

Introduction on female travelling in Nepal

As a rule, Nepal is a sheltered nation for ladies voyagers. Notwithstanding, ladies should even now be wary. Some Nepali men may have impossible to miss thoughts regarding the profound quality of Western ladies, given their introduction to Western movies depicting ladies wearing ‘bold’ apparel.

Dress unobtrusively, which implies wearing garments that cover the shoulders and thighs – take your sign from local people to gage what’s satisfactory in the territory. A few ladies have written to state that a long skirt is extremely valuable for off the cuff latrine trips, particularly when trekking. Sexual badgering is relaxed yet exists.

Trekking guides have been known to exploit their position of trust and obligation and some solitary ladies trekkers who employ a guide have needed to endure rehashed sexual irritating.

The best exhortation is to never trek alone with a nearby male guide. 3 Sisters Adventure Trekking in Pokhara is controlled by ladies and works in giving female staff to treks.  Nepal is very sheltered contrasting with numerous nations in the world.

I haven’t known about numerous genuine violations against voyagers since couple of years. I am as of now living in Kathmandu. Indeed, even on the trek I have seen many solo female explorers trekking alone or with the guide. Remember couple of things while you are here and you will be without a doubt safe.

Solo travelling alone female

Actually, I prescribe you not to be so late in the night even on the urban areas. I intend to state don’t stroll around amid late night wherever you walk; it is possible that it is Kathmandu, Pokhara or in the mountains.

Come back to your lodging or guesthouses on time.  Make certain to utilize a fine settlement put. Don’t generally search for exceptionally shabby lodgings. A year ago I read news around an American woman that the supervisor of the inn she was remaining attempted to assault her. In this way, utilize presumed inns however you don’t have to search for lavish ones.


There were a few instances of sightseers missing on the trekking zones of Nepal. To the extent I know every one of those missing sightseers were solo explorers. Along these lines, either discover a buddy or utilize a Nepali staff in the event that you are making arrangements for a trekking in Nepal.

On the off chance that you want to trek on the famous courses then it isn’t obligatory to employ a guide and it isn’t required as well. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you would prefer not to bargain on the security at that point contract a decent guide or if nothing else a watchman.

Finding a travel friend is another way.  Nepal doesn’t have many instances of assaults, murders or torments with visitors. Nepal is a poor nation so individuals here feel that all vacationers are so rich.

Try not to convey bunches of resources and heaps of cash with you. It is smarter to convey little measure of cash and get from charge card at whatever point you require once more. In another hand you can keep the cash in the inn [if they have safe store office, at that point it is better] generally bolt your room legitimately and don’t keep your windows open.

So, Nepal is a 99.9 % safe nation for solo female voyagers yet dependably you need to take typical security measures when voyaging all over. We are masters to sort out Nepal trip for women’s; making a trip to Nepal the Himalayas compose diverse solo young ladies travel visits bundle with ladies manages on ask.

There are a few dreams that are appreciated by the urban lady vocation; instruction and the possibility of venturing to the far corners of the planet come up very high on the rundown. On the off chance that you are a female making a trip alone to Nepal, Asia, and the accompanying tips will prove to be useful when you are going to set out on your excursion.

While venturing to the far corners of the planet with the mentality ladies solo travel best may sound gutsy, with readiness you can ensure it is smooth cruising also.  Solo ladies visit bundles for single travel young lady in Nepal are recorded here; pick appropriate bundle visits at that point let us to know.

We mastermind bundle visits, convenience that reasonable for single voyagers of all financial plans from five star grand inns to little comfortable guesthouses according to your want and span of occasions.


Advantages of Female travelling alone in Nepal

* Freedom to go when you need and where you need. You are not subject to other individual’s decisions and likings. Finish adaptability.

* You can choose where you need to stay, what you need to do, where you need to eat, how much time you need to spend in a place or at what time you need to begin your day. You can choose everything as you like, there is a staggering sentiment Independence.

* You don’t have to share the room or modify timing to utilize the washroom with someone else.

* It will probably interface with new individuals/local people since you are not charmed with your travel friend.

* You can attempt diverse things at your own particular pace without agonizing over other individual’s assessment so you might be all the more eager to take a stab at something new.

* You can change your agenda in a brief instant if something fascinating comes up without counseling or contending (now and again)

* When you travel alone, odds are you have looked into better about spots since you have nobody to rely on (Other than web or local people)

* It’s a decent certainty promoter since you handle all circumstances all alone.

* You are viewed as overcome individual by others and now and again you show signs of improvement rooms or show signs of improvement situate on mentors amid touring visits and at times you get additional assistance and care to be a performance explorer.

* You need to keep the record of all costs (Smaller or greater) on the grounds that by end of the trek you will part the cost. It turns into a migraine in the event that you need to recall and note everything.


* You don’t need to contend with your travel buddy for some on the spot little choices.

  • Freedom

This is an obvious one. Without any worries of other people’s priorities or schedules, you can travel with ease in a place unknown. You have total freedom to do or eat whatever you feel like without getting into disagreements about where you want to travel and how long you want to stay. You are the sole master of your journey.

  • Self-discovery

This could be one of those travels where you will be able to interact with yourself and discover the inner you, especially if you are travelling to some quiet or spiritual destination. Through this experience, you can learn to trust yourself and the people around you as well.

  • New Friendships

If you are travelling solo, you are more likely to meet many more people on the way and make new friends. The fact that you are alone will push you to initiate contact with fellow travelers or locals on your journey. You can also network before departing through online communities and meet up sites, which will allow you to connect and form bonds with new people.

Disadvantages of Female travelling alone in Nepal

* The cost of travel increments in light of the fact that there is nobody to part the cost of room lease (Mostly room duty for single and twofold is same), nobody share auto/taxi bills.

* There is wellbeing in numbers as there is nobody to watch your back. You must be additional cautious about spots you flew out to or puts you are remaining in or your method of transportation

* If you are distant from everyone else and fell debilitated or get wounds, there is somebody to deal with in the event of crisis yet in the event that by it then things wind up noticeably troublesome.

* You have somebody fall back on for arranging or criticism—positive or negative.

* Dinner you need to eat alone, in the event that you are not accustomed to it at that point better get accustomed to it.

* There is nobody to contrast your impressions and. In the event that you run over something intriguing, you wish there is somebody to impart it to.

* On occasion it turns out to be forlorn having supper alone in eatery (Especially being lady)

* It’s great to have the room independent from anyone else however now and then by end of the day you need to examine your encounters of the day or possibly design something for following day with somebody.

* There is nobody to watch your baggage when you need to go to the washroom at air terminal or prepare stations.

  • All Alone

It could be a bit daunting to travel to a new place alone. There could be instances when you might rediscover a memory or want to share a story with someone. But since you are alone, you have no one to turn to at that moment.

  • More expenses

Another disadvantage is not being able to split costs with someone else as easily as you would with a travel partner. You might be lucky to get to share some of the costs with fellow travelers you meet along the way. But in situations where you have to pay for the cab all by yourself, you will have no option of splitting costs.

  • Gloomy or Sick Days

It becomes difficult to cope with during those less cheerful days when you are sick or sad or too tired and still have to keep going with your journey. Having a travel partner or a group by your side, things can be much easier, as you can get mental and emotional support.

Importance of Travelling for female in Nepal

  1. Health, happiness and pleasure:

Voyaging is the most vital methods for picking up wellbeing, satisfaction, a joy. Voyaging is generally for joy as it encourages out heart and expands our brain.  We discover incredible joy in observing the wonders of nature. The strong mountains and the glades, the streams and the waterway, the dark blue sky, the green trees, the fabulous betray and the huge ocean – all touch the core of the voyager.

  1. Travelling is a good part of education.

It is said that gaining from books is just a single piece of instruction. Voyaging is another piece of it. Rabindranath Tagore said ‘In instruction, perusing and seeing must be joined’.  Voyaging teaches the explorers.

We accumulate tremendous information on a thing that we see and experience around us. On information on a specific subject gets more flawless when we visit the real places.  The understudy life is inadequate without travel instruction.

The information we obtain from books and educators is most likely a basic piece of our training. Every one of our questions and inquiries stop to exist when we see things with our own particular eyes.  Voyaging makes distinctive subjects of concentrate clear and fascinating. We read the superbness of the Himalayan mountain runs.

Yet, we can know significantly more of them in the event that we see them with our own eyes.  Voyaging idealizes our insight into books contemplated in schools and universities. Books are the initial segment of our training. An understudy of history, for instance, will get himself up close and personal with the historical backdrop of the past, when he visits the memorable spots.

  1. Travelling broadens our outlook. 

We can know much about the general population of a nation we go in. These open our heart and psyche. Voyaging improves our insight, expands our standpoint and expels dreariness.

  1. Opportunity to meet new people:

Voyaging brings us into contact with different people and assorted ways of life. We consider almost their religions, conventions, and conduct. We find the opportunity of meeting new people and seeing new things.5. Flying out elevates us to create national solidarity through the acknowledgment of assorted variety. We can defeat our limitation, partialities and superstitions as well.

  1. We do not like to remain confined to a place.

We need to go out and see things outside our region. Truth be told, to see the concealed and to know the obscure is inborn in human instinct. This interest drives men to set out starting with one place then onto the next.

  1. Travelling offers synthesis of cultures.

Voyaging makes us acquainted with the huge world outside the tight space of our homes. We meet many individuals having a place with different societies. We begin valuing the convention, conduct and traditions of other individuals. We regularly acknowledge and present some of their great components in our own way of life.

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