Famous Products of Nepal and Where it is Available

Famous and Popular Products in Nepal and Where it is Available

Here we have collected some famous and popular products in Nepal and where it is available. Famous and Popular Products of Nepal are enlisted here. All the products are made in Nepal. It is also enlisted here that Where it is Available. Particular places of Nepal are famous for their special products. There are many places in Nepal which are famous not only in Nepal but also all over the world.

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Nepal is a small country but it is full of geographical diversities.   Due to differences in landforms like mountains,   hills,   valleys,   Himalayas,   forests,   etc agriculture,  industry and trade has not developed equally in all part of the country. There are very few products that are famous in all over the world, not only in Nepal.

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Nepal is an agricultural country. For the past many years people have been involved in agriculture. It is still the main occupation followed by the majority of the population in our country. Paddy is grown in the terai region, hill region and bensi. Maize and millet are grown in the hill region and northern hilly region.

Wheat is grown almost all around the country. Oranges are grown in Dhankutta, Sankhuwasaba, and Pokhara. Jumla, Helambu, and Mustang are famous for apples. Fruits like mango, pineapple, and banana are grown in the terai region and bensi. Sugarcane is grown in mid terai region, llam is famous for producing tea.

Seasonal vegetables are grown in all parts of the country. Some example of Popular products in Nepal. Dhaka is one of the popular products in Nepal and rest of the world.

Some example of Popular products in Nepal. Dhaka is one of the popular products in Nepal and rest of the world. Palpa is famous for Dhaka (a kind of cloth), Bhojpur for khukuri (a kind of large knife), mustang for apple, Ilam for tea etc.

These products have the great and special role in forging a special identity in the world. Watch the name list of products and places where it is available. Popular products in Nepal. Popular products of Nepal. Famous products in Nepal. Famous products of Nepal.

famous place of nepal

The cottage industries are mostly established in the rural areas of Nepal. It is easier to start because it requires low investment and the raw materials are locally available. Generally, family members are involved in the smooth running of the cottage industry. The goods produced here are locally consumed. Doko, dalo, and name are produced in almost all parts of the country. Utensils are produced in the different parts of the city and the rural areas.

With the advancement of technology, education, transportation, and communication many industries have been established. The industries are mainly located in the urban areas. These industries produce goods on a  larger scale.  Cement is produced in  Udaipur and  Hetauda.

Clothes and shoes are manufactured in   Kathmandu,    Hetauda,    Birgunj, Biratnagar and other big cities. Birgunj is famous for producing sugar but it is also produced in Bhairahawa and Morang. There are lots of things that are produced in the industries. Biscuits, noodles, paper, toothpaste, pen, etc are produced in the industries.

The goods produced are consumed in the internal market and also exported to foreign countries which help in earning foreign currency. It helps in the economic development of the country. We have to consume the goods produced in the industries of our country. This will help in the overall development of the country.

Famous and Popular Products in Nepal and Where it is Available


Famous and Popular Product in Nepal

Name of Place Available in Nepal

1GingerMalneta, Salyan
3Coffee FarmingGulmi, aachaur
4radishChitlang, Makwanpur
5KhukuriVojpur, aathrai
7OrangePokhara, Dhankutta
9RiceSikarbesi, Nuwakot
11OilKhokna, Kathmandu
13pearPherping, Kathmandu
14FishBarbishe, MalekhuKarnali-chisapani
15Pipe of HookahBaglung, Doti
16GuavaDhunbeshi, Dhading
17SugarcaneDhunbeshi, Dhading
19SaligramKrishna Gandaki
20appleJumla, Humla, Mustang
21beaten paddyTikani, Bode, Bhaktapur
22teaIlam and Jhapa
23green groceryThimi, Bhaktapur
25Milky cowAchham
27Pot of soilBhaktapur
32mithila paintingJanakpur

Famous and Popular Products of Nepal and Where it is Available

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