10 Famous Places To Visit For Watching Dussehra Celebrations In India

Place to visit in India during Dussehra: – As we know that, Hinduism is one of the greatest religion of the world having one-fourth of the total population follower all over the world. It is not only the religion of spreading but also proving the world about the truth never defeat. There are many trinity and epics related to Hinduism and its festival.

Among them, Dussehra is one of the most worshipped festivals celebrated by almost very Hinduism and even other religion join hands to accomplish it greatly. It is one of the marking and positioning festivals which make the follower very un-patience to come again after its accomplishment in the current year. The person who is a devotee of the Durga is more crazy to make their presentation more crunchy and crispy in the beat of Durga puja.

Dussehra is the symbol of victory very the injustice and falseness. People of today are busy in gaining the worst faith and doing illegal and harming business, but they forget that God is watching and reminds at the time of leaving the Earth. India is one of the largest Hinduism follower countries, so it’s also a very auspicious chance to visit India at the time of Uehara.

The whole of India changes its color with a moment of joy and smile in the face of everyone. They all have gone sink in its devotion without caring about their personal identity.

So, at the time of Dussehra, its also one of the gratitude chance to make their moment more memorable by visiting India and its celebrated area, to achieve more and more blessing and schemes of grace. Here is the favorable and most dashing place that has a great history and emblazoned pictorial mart at the time of Dussehra.

10 Famous Places To Visit For Watching Dussehra Celebrations In India

1. Kolkata – A Places To Visit In India During Dussehra

It’s one of the most populated areas of India having many Hindus follower. It is not only the destination of place but also the great scenario of temples and beauties are leaving here. At the time of Durga Puja, the whole Kolkata become a decorated with LED light and decorated with many colorful pumps and valves points.  It’s the glorious day of Kolkata and even for all the Hindus who love the scene, of Durga Devi.

As we know that Durga Devi or Durga Puja is also known as the Dussehra that holds the story of Ravens defeat. This festival also symbolizes the story of Ravan’s defeat proving the truth never defeats and always gets the victory.

Thus, we can see in Durga Puja, there is burning of Ravan statue by hitting the fired arrow. It is the proof mint and sign of making all the devotees faithful believed. At the time of Durga Puja in Kolkata, there even started to dive the market having very cheap rate saree and other decorating materials.

When you visit Kolkata at the time of the Sahara, you will never forget those moments even wanting to erase it. The whole Kolkata sinks in the madness of its devotion and rustling sound.

Moreover, women wearing Red Saree and White Saree smearing Sindoor on the forehead visit temple and bow their head begging a blessing for their family and for the relatives. So Kolkata is not only the city of seeing natural marts but also the artificial creation, that you see at the time of the Dussehra.

2. Mysore: – A Places To Visit In India During Dussehra

The place lies in Karnataka. This is one of the traditional celebrations and the people of Karnataka are more devoted towards celebration point. Karnataka is only the place where the people celebrate this festival 10 days with great joy and great happiness without getting tired in the even single moment. Mysore becomes fully in their action when the Durga puja come nearer and nearer, brings the fruitful memo at the time of the Dussehra.

The whole Palace is Lit of bulbs and decorated with great flowers and other artificial art. the whole Palace looks like a golden temple because the whole palaces decorated with golden bulbs that catch your eyes and trap emotion to make you feel of extreme heaven. People come by carrying a lot of problem and lots of obstacles that even got declared and erase after reaching its Palace.

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Therefore, the idol of Chamundeshwari is situated here and people worship that Idol. Apart from the beautiful ornamented decoration, here also like the great elephant Parade that adds more Joyness. Therefore the Sahara in Mysore makes you feel that you are reaching to the heaven even in your living life. The pleasure that you achieve after reaching is really not definable.

At ending days, the Mysore palace does not look so attractive but the smell makes you attractive and give you the feeling of really you are in the winning moment.

3. Kullu (Himachal Pradesh) – A Places To Visit In India During Dussehra

The next place that you must have to visit is Kullu which lies in Himachal Pradesh. It’s also one of the biggest tourist destinations because its climate is very suitable and very favorable that your all tiredness get destroyed. It has given the name of Heaven because the beautiful natural places make you hypnotized.

The beauty of this place is alluring all the people and all the tourist to ones visit the land. If we talk about the festival Durga Puja, Durga Puja has celebrated the great iconic festival. The story of celebrating Durga Puja in Himachal Pradesh was set by King Jagat Singh.

The story goes back to the 17th century. The king Jagat Singh had installed the idol of Raghunath on his Throne after which the Raghunath was declared as the main deity of Kullu Valley on their respects.

Kullu Dussehra Festival in India
Kullu Dussehra Celebration in India

After the ending of day and accomplishment of Durga Puja, the process of celebrating is a little bit different from other. At last day there is a collection of wooden pieces and the moved to local river Beas where the woods are burn that symbolizes that Lanka is burning.

If you manage your time to spend some more days in Himachal Pradesh, you even become addicted due to its natural beauty but when you visit here at the time of the DusSahara also get chance to observe and see the local culture and local manipulation.

There is the largest crowd when the Chariots of Durga and other different God and Goddess idols are traveled around the city. People are in the queue and crowd to gets one semblance of Goddess Durga. Hence Kullu is also one of the listed names in the visiting platforms.

4. Delhi – A Places To Visit In India During Dussehra

The next one is Delhi also the heart of India and capital of India where there is great celebration occurred at the time of the DusSahara. The great ground RamleelaMaidan is one of the greatest platforms where the activities of Ramayan and the melody of Durga Puja shown in front of the greatest crowd.

Delhi is popular for hosting the best traditional and cultural stories. Unlimited fun and unlimited decoration are started before some days are raised to come to the Dussehra.

The whole capital sings in the sheriff of its melodious music and vibrant comics. Delhi is said as the city of the greatest person lips hair. After the first day of starting Durga Puja, there is the greatest burning of the crackers and other bumping things are started and to see the effigy of Ravan the streets are filled with crowded with people to see it’s moment. This is the greatest that forms of celebrating Vijayadashami with greatest joy and Fireworks.

Because RamLeelaMaidan is the largest ground of India where there is the occurrence of Vijayadashami in the mass of many people the Raven is burnt at the last day of Durga Puja which is called Navratri or Vijayadashami, the 10th day.

Therefore you get some special feelings and a special gift when you visit the capital city Delhi at the time of the Dussehra. Due to the center of the greatest leader, the city is more decorated and designed with colorful light even in the streets and all over the Delhi.


5. Varanasi: – A Places To Visit In India During Dussehra

The places are known as the holiest places of  India which is situated in the arms of goddess Ganga river, the most spiritual and beloved river of Hindu religion. People even visit here apart from the Dussehra to see its traditional arts and arts and even for making their life virtues and remove the curse. It is the land of god and goddess.

When you talk about the matter or content of celebrating Durga pooja in its land, then you even get happier and more inspired. It has the great combination of a celebration of Delhi and Kolkata. It has also the great organizing matter that affects all the devotes to stay and get connected to peach its precious prices. Varanasi is the place of virtue.

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Thus, it never too late and never the offseason to visit but when you visit at the time of Dussehra, its become the matter of getting real God when seeking the stone. Therefore, this is also the 10 places to visit  India which get its priority even by the many great leaders, many businessmen, and many great peoples take the blessing before starting something new in their life.

6. Barara: – A Places To Visit In India During Dussehra

It lies in Haryana which is the birthplaces of great Yoga guru of the world  SwamiRamdev. the city has already written its name in the  Limca Book of Records for burning the tallest effigy of Ravana in the whole world. And the system of increasing the size of Ravan effigy is going every year something more on its celebration content to make it more praiseful and more loveable.

The crowds do not have an end when the celebration of Ravan effigy occurs that is the last day of celebration.  In the year 2013, there was the burning of Ravan effigy of 200 feet tall but in 2015, it increases with 15 feet more that is 215, breaking its own past records.

7. Bastar (Chattisgarh): A Places To Visit In India During Dussehra

This is the famous places for worshipping Durga puja with great joy and new contents.here is located in the jungle named, Dandakaranya, which is the places of Ram, spent their time during exile period. Bastar also hosts one of the longest Dussehra celebrations that go on for 75 days and there are many tribes that perform various puja and worship Danteswari because of it’s their cultures and identity of celebration.

The stranger’s system is in prevail here and its one of the adventurous works. The bed of thorn and fire are kept and the devotes walk over, by believing that the Goddess Durga Devi is getting pleased and all of my sins are going destroyed.

8. Ahmedabad (Gujrat): A Places To Visit In India During Dussehra

The atmosphere at the time Dusehra also gives you support and pushing in the ponds of joy to make your every moment wet with its blessing and virtue. Throughout Gujrat, there is a decoration of shinning pulping bulbs everywhere to make the picture of Gujrat more attractive and colorful.

This festival is also celebrated with something different in styles from other cities. There is the occurrence of dance all over the places of celebration. Dandiaras’, perhaps the longest in the world. People flock each night to celebrate the power of Shakti and prosperity.

9. Mumbai: A Places To Visit In India During Dussehra

It is the shining city of India having shinning start and streets.  In the Mumbai, Durga Puja is mostly organized by the Bengali Goldsmiths every year to gives the sensational meaning and creation of huge budgeted fair to make it size more large and larger.

There are lots of streets where there is a celebration of Durga in great joyous flakes. It is the city which does not sleep and is always in ready action for celebration.

10. Kota (Rajasthan): A Places To Visit In India During Dussehra

This is also the great scenario of celebrating the Durga Puja with great momentum standing. It has new modes of celebration and the Durga Puja is celebrated only for 3 days. Handicrafts and other food stall are kept for possessions.

People from the different village come to make the few days of celebrating Durga puja more special and more glorious. On the third day, here also the Ravan effigy burns in the crowd of people to show that the demons are never true and there is always victory of truth.

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