16 Famous Nepalese Actresses Who are Searched Most on the Internet

Famous Nepalese Actresses: – Nepalese Movie Industry is gaining huge popularity with lots of fan base. In this context, how can we forget about our gorgeous Nepali actresses who have been able to touch the heart of million people? As much as Nepalese movies are gaining popularity, our actresses are equally making everyone go crazy with their attitude, good looks and of course acting talent.

So, if you have wondered about who the most talked about Nepalese actress or more importantly the most Googled Nepali actress on the web, then check out this list of the top 16 most popular Nepalese Actress that are searched most on the internet. Surprisingly, few of the girls might be lesser known or heard of but are certainly gorgeous to be searched on the internet. Have a look for yourself; the list of top 20 gorgeous Nepali Actresses with their pictures.

16 Popular Nepalese Actresses Who are Searched Most on the Internet

  1. Shristi Shrestha

A gorgeous Shristi Shrestha is one of the most beautiful and highly googled Nepali actresses. She rose to prominence and popularity overnight after she was crowned Miss Nepal 2012. The same year she even represented Nepal in Miss World 2012 and gained worldwide acclaim and recognition as the first Nepali to reach the quarter-finals of the miss world contest. The beautiful ShristiShristi debuted in the Kollywood with the movie named Gajalu opposite Anmol Kc.

Shristi Shrestha
Shristi Shrestha
  1. Reema Biswokarma

Actress, beauty queen, VJ, model and television journalist, ReemaBiswakarmais definitely a multi-talented actress we have in our movie industry. Recently, with her appearance in ‘Nepal Idol’ as a presenter, her fan base has increased subsequently and she has been able to list her name among the highly searched Nepali actresses. Other than that, she has been seen in numerous movies, music videos, and television shows. The gorgeous ReemaBiswakarma is definitely an idol for all those people who dream of becoming a beauty queen and a tv presenter.

reema bishwokarma - Nepali Girl Lady Image
Reema Bishwokarma – Nepali Actress Image
  1. Shrinkhala Khatiwada

Miss Nepal 2018 winner Shrinkhala Khatiwada is one of a gorgeous Nepali girl and also the highly searched one. As much as she is gorgeous, Miss Khatiwada is equally talented. Currently, she is gaining huge popularity with her acting skills and modeling skills as well. Her cute smile, bold personality and amazing talent have been able to attract thousands of fan base.

Shrinkhala Khatiwada - Miss Nepal 2018
Shrinkhala Khatiwada – Miss Nepal 2018

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  1. Amrita Acharia

All Game of Thrones fans out there must have been felt really proud knowing one of the most loved GOT character is our own Nepali girl. Amrita Acharia, best known for her role in HBO hit series Game of Thrones gained huge popularity among the Nepalese people after it was revealed that Acharya was born in Kathmandu. Currently she lives in Norway, however, she has been able to make thousands of Nepalese Fan Base.

Amrita Acharia
Amrita Acharia
  1. Anna Sharma

Annapurna Sharma, also popularly known as Anna Sharma is a very popular new generation Nepali actress who has been able to make a huge fan base. Naturally talented actress, Anna discovered her love for acting when she was a child and subsequently made her debut in movies with Nepali movie ‘Jerry’ opposite Anmol KC. The gorgeous and cute Anna Sharma is a perfect example of ‘beauty of brain’.

Anna Sharma Nepali beautiful actresss
Anna Sharma Nepali actress

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  1. Barsha Raut

A popular Nepali model, BarshaRaut has successfully established herself in the modeling and movie industry of Nepal. Especially known for her expressive eyes, gorgeous smile and curvaceous figure, her dialogue delivery, dancing skills and acting are also considered her strong points. Today, she has been able to establish herself among the top actresses of Nepal and has the huge fan following. She is also one of the highly searched female celebrity of Nepal.

Barsha-Raut-Nepali-model image photoshoot glamour picture
Barsha Raut
  1. Keki Adhikari

One of the busiest Nepali actresses, KekiAdhikari is on her top point in her acting career. Keki debuted on Nepali movies with the Movie Swor in 2010 and since then she has been a prominent Nepali actress having won many national awards for her acting skills. A versatile actress and model, Keki has a very pleasant smile, bold personality and charming face which has attracted thousands of fan followings. She is among the top female celebrities and highly known as well.

Keki Adhikari Nepali actress model pictures images photos wallpapers movies films kathmandu glamour photoshoot
image of Nepali Actress Keki Adhikari in romantic mood
  1. Namrata Shrestha

Known as the most romantic Nepali actress, Namrata Shrestha is yet another very popular Nepal actress who has left a mark in Nepalese movie industry. Shrestha has been continually focusing on enhancing the quality of movie industry of Nepal since 2008. Breaking the stereotype of Nepalese people that actress do movies randomly, Shrestha has been selecting the movies which she thinks are perfect for her and that is the reason she has been able to give back to back hit movies. The beautiful Namrata Shrestha has proved that she is in the movie industry to rule this industry.

Nepali Actress and Model Namrata Shreshta Images Pictures Photos
  1. Nisha Adhikari

VJ, model, Beauty queen and an actress, NishaAdhikari is one multi-talented actress we have in our entertainment industry. Adhikari is also known for her bold attitude and her passion for modeling and acting. She is also one of the few actors of Nepali movie industry who has raised voice against the media as well which has made her one of the highly respected and admired Nepali actresses. It is for this reason, she is listed as one of the highly looked for Nepali actress.

Nisha adhikari in Newar Dress

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  1. Priyanka Karki

PriyankaKarki is one of the most celebrated and talented Nepali Actress who is gaining huge acclaim and popularity among the Nepalese people. Her good looks, character, dancing skills, as well as acting skills and most of all her passion for movies, is what that makes her highly influencing Nepali movie star. professionally an actress, Priyanka has also been seen in numerous music videos, shows and much more which has been able to attract thousands of Nepalese people making her one of the highly searched Nepali actresses.

Priyanka Karki Nepali actresses in Nepalese Traditional dresses
Priyanka Karki Nepali actress
  1. Samragyee RL Shah

SamragyeeRL, a royal descendant, stepped in the movie industry of Nepal in August 2016 with the hit movie Dreams. In a few short time, she has become one of the leading movie stars in Nepal with highest views on the web. Her beautiful smile and unique voice are what makes her the most promising actress in the Nepali movie industry. Being brought up in a royal way, it’s amazing that she chose to become an actress and serves Nepal as an entertainer.

Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah
Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah
  1. Swastima Khadka

SwastimaKhadka, who debuted in Nepali Cinema Industry from a very hit movie Hostel Returns is considered as one of the most promising Nepali actresses. Having come from very humble family, she chose to establish her career in modeling and movies and in which she has been quite successful. Her fan base is huge and has lots of movies on the pipeline as of 2017, it is for that reason Khadka is one of the highly looked after Nepali actresses, not to forget her good looks!

Swastima Khadka - Nepali Beautiful Actress
Swastima Khadka – Nepali Beautiful Actress
  1. Malvika Subba

One of the highly celebrated and top media personality in Nepal, MalvikaSubba is yet another highly searched female celebrity of Nepal. A beautiful diva, Subba was able to bag the Miss Nepal title back in 2002 and immediately identified herself in the field of social service as well as modeling. Funny, confident, adorable and intelligent, these are only a few words to describe one of the top media personality of Nepal.

Malvika Subba - Nepali Girl Lady Image
Malvika Subba

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  1. Sahana Bajracharya

Model, television anchor and a well-known media personality, SahanaBajracharya is an all-rounder when it comes to showing talent. In a very short time, she has been able to establish herself into a well-known personality of Nepal with her amazing TV presence, dialogue delivery and of course her amazing personality and good looks. Having been a winner of the Miss Nepal Pagent, Sahana is well aware of her responsibilities towards Nepal and that is what been pushing her to become a better person each day. She is one star who is taking the Media of Nepal to the next level for sure.

sahana bajracharya - Nepali Girl Lady Image
Sahana Bajracharya – Nepali Model Image
  1. Pooja Sharma

A successful ex-journalist, Pooja Sharma stepped into Nepali movie industry with the movie 3 lovers. Pooja has also tried her luck in singing and sang her first duet song with Anil Singh in 2015. Apart from that, she is also very active in modeling and music videos. She might be one of the least known figures in Nepal, however, her popularity is increasing and she has been able to attract many people towards her. Today, she is listed as one of the most beautiful celebrities of Nepal.

Nepali Actress Pooja Sharma
Nepali Actress Pooja Sharma

16. Rekha Thapa

Rekha Thapa is one of the most and famous Nepalese actress in Kollywood film industries. She has acted in dozens of Nepali movies.

Nepali actress Rekha Thapa
Nepali actress Rekha Thapa

So, these are 16 gorgeous, multi-talented and confident celebrities of Nepal who have been getting lots of popularity these days. These girls are just a few of the representative popular celebrities of Nepal. they have been able to attract thousands of fans towards them with their good looks, talent, and definitely good acting skills.

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16 Popular Nepalese Actresses Who are Searched Most on the Internet

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