Falling Out of Love is One of the Major Problems Among Teens

Get here some facts and information about falling out of love. How falling out of love is one of the major problems among teens. It is huge teen problems.

Falling Out of Love is One of the Major Problems Among Teens


Imagine you are flying and you are on cloud 9. A sudden rush in your body and heart beats that won’t stop beating fast. Imagine you are at the peak of happiness – feeling of being loved. Love; the best thing you can ever imagine. Love; that has the capability to make you feel on top and low at the same time. Imagine you are with your loved one , the one who makes you feel beautiful on the inside. Holding hands and singing a song together on the park bench, people staring at you but you don’t feel guilty. And suddenly, a big storm comes and you guys no longer see each other. You remember each other but you can’t talk and meet. A sudden fall into your life and that’s when you wake up on a cement concrete.

Falling Out of Love

We live in 21st century , where love is taken for granted. And it is not the fault of which century we live in, it’s the mentality that counts. Our grandparents went through the same time period yet are living a happy life together. They lived through all the sorrows and happiness. But we? Boys and girls today thinks love is just a game – game as in you play to pass your leisure time. The technological world they say, Facebook, twitter , Instagram a medium to meet and get to know each other. People talk to each other for days and even nights until they see the sun and realize that it’s too late . 2 days of such act and people think they are in love.

They meet each other and realize they do not look like their profile picture and it becomes more awkward. Now the funny part, all those talks they did don’t matter . All those love talks and common mentality don’t matter. All they see is how beautiful they look on the outside. They leave each other before falling in love . The scenario does not stop here , it goes on an on. A new friend request , a new follow request and they talk day and night.They meet and they like each other. They fall in love ; well that’s what it seems to be. A month together and photos are seen on each other’s account; date every day and go places they never went. Another month together, and they think they will marry someday and gets intimate.

Falling Out of Love is One of the Major Problems Among Teens

Now things start to change , they see other people and talk online. Jealousy and betrayal follow them. One big fight and it’s over. “Oh, you broke up because he said he was sleeping and couldn’t reply you. Oh, you broke up because he was in the shower and you thought he is cheating on you. Oh because he was in his death bed and you thought he wasn’t into you ? Why don’t you break up with your insecurities and your little brain and make earth happy place to live in?


That’s how it ends and they cry and sob and think they will never fall in love when the reality was they never were in love. An infatuation and mistaken for love. This happens in today generation. And I don’t want to sound old and I don’t relate this scenario to everybody. Yes, there are people who are true,madly, deeply in love and yet they have fallen out of love and realize they been thrown from clouds to the concrete ground. When someone says this to me these days my first question will be “okso 6th relationship for this year? What happened to 5th one??” These days switching relation from one to other is so common that you should be super genius to remember your best friend guy name so to help yourself from embarrassment you may face by addressing her present guy with her ex-name.

I remember Black eyed peas singing “where’s the love?”. To be honest, it has become a teen problem – suicide, depression , low self-esteem , less confidence all these horror stories that follow.These days break up has become so easy that people have completely forgotten the concept of love. My friend met her first love of life when  I started my meal and she broke up and got the 5th boyfriend by the time I finished my meal. See easy as that? I don’t understand how? Is there any boyfriend supply company or are there people sitting around with vacancy announcement face that you find one after other?

With all these breakups and makeups , ups and downs and physical and mental trauma soon, It’ll get easier, and that will somehow make you feel worse. Time eases the pain, but it’s also a blatant reminder that what we had will end up being a faded memory. I’ll hate that I’m supposed to take solace in that fact. But  you will  pretend it comforts each other, hoping at some point it actually will.

Life is beyond break-ups and being sad. Life has to maintain its standard. All these teens facing problems in life- stay strong ! Life will not end after a bad relation , it will give lessons and that will be the guiding light for the future. Do not lower your dignity for someone who does not respect you. You have your family to support you and be a example for everyone who is going through the same problem. Every thing will be fine and when you look back at your life , who will remember all those memories and smile at it. Do not end your life for people that were not even part  of it. Forgive but never forget the one that hurt you . Learn from your mistakes and guide yourself for better tomorrow.

The article is emailed by the writer: Susaan Basel

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