15 Interesting Facts about UCPN Maoist Party of Nepal

Find here 15 interesting and curious facts about UCPN (Maoist) Party of Nepal. There are many facts and information we have. But we will publish them step by step. Here we have posted 15 facts about Maoist party of Nepal that makes you curious. Some facts are awful. You can’t believe and ask, ‘what? can it be happen?’ Maoist party Nepal official website is ucpnmaoist.org. As we all know that there were civil war in Nepal. Thousands of people are killed and died in civil war of Nepal. Now the head of the UCPN Maoist is in Kathmandu Nepal. This are facts about unified communist party of Nepal-maoist ucpn-m. 


15 Interesting Facts about UCPN (Maoist) Party of Nepal

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1.   Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) founded in 1994.

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