What are Some Facts That People Didn’t Know About Nepal?

4. The beauty of Terai and historical facts:

This is also one of the facts that is not popular all over the world and there are many epics and icons in the Terai for the exposure of the tourist that can be the destination of tourist like the Janaki temple, Fulbari of  Latin, and many temples and places. Terai is one of the powerful regions which holds the country two third GDP and revenue. The country is moving on the income of Terai as here is plain lands and available of unlimited resources which can be utilized in many sources.

Beautiful Terai Chitwan
Beautiful Terai

The Terai is known as the golden plate too because it is also known as the crops factory and industry. The Terai hold many natural beauty and historical myths. The great Janaki temple is the recognition and identity of Terai and the unbelievable truth hold by the Lahan Fulabari. These two are the famous and believable icon which have made the great prestige of Nepalese and Terai people.

Terai is one of the crops factory and here there is the production of many fruits and flower, different agricultural items. Fulbari of LAHAN IS one of the unbelievable truth that the flower gets born on the new year of the country only and set till midnight. It’s  the full truth and large crowd of people come to see that flower and the great fair is organized on that day.

5. Durbar Hatya kand (royal massacre):

This is the story of the royal palace. The story told about the king and the Nepal. The Nepal were ruled by the countrymen favorite king Birendra. But his small brother Gyanendra don’t want to see him the king and he wants to see the king. So, it is belief and guesses that the GYANENDRA have killed their brothers and family.   The king is later neglected by the countrymen and the great crowd of people comes on the road against the king for quitting the rule and leaving the palace.

Nepal royal massacre

The country has no more respect and love towards the king because the people of Nepal think that he is the killer of their brothers and family. It was the historical events that were extended on 19 Jestha 2058 at evening at the time of 9 ‘o clock. The country has become mad and some of the people have peeled their hair too in the condolence of king Birendra. It was also one of the unbelievable evidence goes in that shocked the country and people.

6. Corruption:

I think it’s not the public matter to be released about the country but it’s true that the country has many corrupting holes from where the money and economic goes flow.  The country has become the lame which is moving with the help of remittance that is imported from the gulf country from the labors of Nepal. It is the very irritating matter that made the country and people insulted in the mass about the identity of people and country.


The Nepal fall in 128 positions in corruption that was published by the report of Transparency International.  So, it’s also affecting the country that has become sometimes the great issue in the context of country development. The country can be only developed if there are all the doors closed of corruption.

Many fluctuation and moment come with passes of times are even not disclosure by the government for guilty, etc are the many facts that did not know the people about the Nepal.

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