What are Some Facts That People Didn’t Know About Nepal?

What are some facts that people didn’t know about Nepal?

The world knows about the Nepal but they don’t  know the inside story of Nepal. Nepal is famous worldwide due to Mount Everest and Gautam Buddha. Nepal has earned the name by this two icons which have made the positioning level of high altitude. It’s Nepal saying and shaking the flag of Nepal. Nepal is beautiful and tourism country and it’s so the people of the world come to visit and see the natural and artificial beauty of Nepal. Nepal has many natural and artificial beauty which gives the symbol of love and eternity.

Many people even those who are more talented also don’t get the full detail information about the Nepal after living some days.  Yes, it can be possible to know everything about Nepal if they live for more than one year and they have to possess with that about the many sources factors. All the story are not published with the great convention. Some of the secrets are also kept in the box and buried under the land.

So there are many some facts that are even not leaked by anyone and it’s very difficult to know for an external person.  According to the study of demographic factors of Nepal, there are also much Nepalese who did not know about the Nepal and even many don’t know about the governmental change and prime minister.

What are Some Facts That People Didn’t Know About Nepal

Many topics are described with plugged design by following:

1. Internal political system:

Nepalese politics are like the boat lost in the mid of sea and forgotten the  way to return back. There are many political parties and leader who are busy in their own development instead of the development of the country. They have no any mental pressure and living the luxurious life by giving the order of delicious and desire goods and food items.the public is sweating their labors in the hot or sunny days. Nepalese political leaders are like the cowboys have gotten the responsibility of looking and grazing the cow but not fulfilling the responsibility and credibility.

politics center of Kathmandu Nepal

It’s the great mistakes and the major issue of development is on the bag which is closed by the great lock and the key is lost. There is the internal agreement held between all the parties for coming in the governmental position after one by one. And the country is getting the prime minister in every nine months like the mother producing the baby in nine months. The all political leader are busy in sucking the country economic and blood of countrymen. A person who lives in the country are obliged to pay the tax but they have no any responsibility for making the country more uprooted. The country has many resources but due to the improper utilization and uses of resources, it had gone like the dung house.


All the thing which even can be manufactured as luxurious goods is made as the normal good. All the political leader are also in the race and thinking about the techniques to get all the money that were expended in the election by any sources or funds. It’s also the weakness of the people who don’t give the vote to their leaders. The great mistakes conducted by the person that they get trap in the greediness for giving or not- giving of the vote.  There is internal contract also made by the different parties for the external showing and presentation made to the eyes of countrymen. The countrymen get confused and feel that the leader is saying true but it all are presented in tricky and earlier managing way.


2. Prostitutes factory:

People talk and believe that Nepal is only the country of tourism and artificial and natural beauty. But they don’t know about the nightlife of Nepal and Nepalese.  It’s true that people live the life of cultural and they are very much concentrative and committed toward their religion and tradition. It’s also true that the government has banned prostitutes industry but also it is operating by many secrecy. It’s also one of the special works which are not done in public and it is operated underground and away from the governmental eves. If government caught raid then according to the law of Nepal you may send to jail and punished hard.

prostitutes in Nepal

The government has banned but also in direct contact with customer and prostitutes, it is going on. The unannounced Red Light Area called Thamel is very busy in operating services related to this. There is every time large number and existence of the big crowd of the customer for getting the physical services as there is the establishment of many hotels, pub, and bars for serving these types of services by closing the eyes of government eyesight. Thamel is famous for these types of services that you required and you have pay extra for this services.

The government has tried many times to prohibit it but it is going on and it has become the destination of many internal and international tourist. Tourist is also the man who goes and visit the places where they get every service according to choices. And it’s also one of the facts that people don’t know about the Nepal.

 3. Martyrs:

The Nepalese history has also kept some immortal description of the great martyrs who have given life to for the country with fighting with Rana regime.  Rana was the greatly vulnerable attitude rules that have made the countrymen in the cage and in the pain. They want to free from the Rana rule but it was impossible with sine man. We know better that victory lies in unity. So the unity started against Rana rule.


Rana had ruled in Nepal for 104 years and had made them powerful. But the people in the country have not made the country alive because they are busy in sucking the life and blood of people. So they have made the countrymen irritated and panic. The martyrs like the Dashrath Chand, Shukra Raj Shastri, Ganga Lal Shrestha.  The man has made them great for their immortal contribution for them and the country become free from the trap of the Ran. This is also the one of the great histories which consist the great facts leads to the nationality and behavior and attitude, many ups and down in the passing of time.