10+2 Facts About Mahendra Highway of Nepal

Find here 10+2 facts and information about Mahendra highway of Nepal. We have published 12 facts about this highway. Some of the facts, you may know but the some of the facts you may not know. It is east west highway of Nepal or Purba Paschim Rajmarg in Nepali language.  Name List of Highway of Nepal is in another page.

As we know that most of parts in Nepal is mountain and hills regions. There is more difficulty to construct the roads in the hills and mountain region than the terai or plain region. This Rajmarg runs across the  Terai region of Nepal. Do you know that what is oldest highway of Nepal? If not, Tribhuwan Highway is the oldest highway of Nepal. The Mahendra Rajmarg, national highway of Nepal, is the longest highway in Nepal which is constructed by CPWD/PWD India engineers and hundreds of workers. It is named in the name of King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah of Nepal of at that time. Increase you knowledge and have fun with this post. Best of luck.

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mahendra rajmarg of nepal highway map facts

map of Mahendra highway of Nepal

10+2 Facts about Mahendra Rajmarg That You May Not Know

1. Makawanpur and Arghakhanchi are the two hilly districts that are connected by the Mahendra Rajmarg, major highway of Nepal.

2. The foundation stone of the Mahendra Rajmarg laid at Gaindakot, Nawalparasi.

3. The foundation stone of the Mahendra Rajmarg laid in l, Baishakh, 2019 Bikram Samvat.

4. The length of Mahendra highway is 1027.67 km.


5. Parsa is the only terai district of Nepal that is not connected by the Mahendra Highway.

6. Mahendra Highway starts from Kakadbhitta in Jhapa in the east.

7. Mahendra Rajmarg ends in Banbasa, Kanchanpur in the west.

8. The lowest point of the Mahendra Rajmarg is 71 m in Itahari.

9. The highest point of the Mahendra Rajmarg 950 m in Pusma, Banke.

10. Arghakhanchi district is least crossed by the Rajmarg.

11. Nawalparasi district is most crossed by the Mahendra Highway.

12. Major junctions of this Rajmarg are Kakadvitta, Itahari, Lahan, Hetauda, Bharatpur, Butwan, Kohalpur etc.

Bonus hints. The oldest highway of Nepal is Tribhuwan Rajmarg.