13 Facts About Chhath Puja Festival of Hindu

13 Facts about Chhath Puja

  1. Chhath Puja is alluded to as the main Vedic Festival celebrated in India.

Chhath Puja is a standout amongst the most antiquated Hindu celebrations consistently making due on earth. This puja first discovers say in the Rig Veda which contains psalms worshiping the Sun God and depicts comparative ceremonies.

  1. Chhath Puja hails back to the season of the Mahabharata with more than 1 character related!

Legend of Karna:

It is trusted that Surya Putra Karna who was the first to begin this puja. As per the legends, Karna, Son of Surya and Ruler of Anga-Desh (Now Bhagalpur in Bihar) watched Chhath Puja or Surya Shashti with sheer dedication.

It is said that Karna had increased incomparable powers by performing Chhath customs. This had influenced Karna to develop into a capable and valiant warrior.

Legends of Draupadi:

It is trusted that Draupadi was a vigorous lover of Lord Surya (the Sun god). Because of her commitment toward Surya, she was skilled with the novel energy to cure even the most deadly sicknesses.

This power and vitality of Draupadi helped Pandavas to survive and win the Battle of Kurukshetra and in the end recapture their lost kingdom.


Another such legend related with Draupadi is that once amid the long outcast from their kingdom, 88 thousand meandering loners went to their cottage.

Being ardent Hindus, the Pandavas were obliged to sustain the priests. Be that as it may, as outcasts, the Pandavas were not in a position to offer nourishment to such a large number of hungry recluses.

Looking for a brisk arrangement, Draupadi moved toward Saint Dhaumya, who prompted her to venerate Surya and watch the ceremonies of the Chhath for thriving and plenitude.

Through her love of the Sun God, Draupadi was ready to take care of her quick issues, as well as aided the Pandavas later recover their lost kingdom.

  1. It is the main Hindu Festival, where all the customs of the celebration have some logical motivations to back them and they together speak to a thorough Scientific Process for Detoxification and Re-stimulation of the Body.

The Science and Yogic Philosophy behind Chhath in certainty go back to the Vedic circumstances. As per yogic reasoning, the physical assortments of all the living beings are exceedingly refined vitality leading channels.

The sunlight based bio-power begins streaming in the human body when it is presented to sun oriented radiations of particular wavelengths. Under specific physical and mental conditions, the assimilation and conduction of this sun-powered bio-power increments.

The procedures and the ceremonies of the Chhath puja go for setting up the body and the brain of the Vratti (lover) for the procedure of astronomical sun oriented vitality imbuement.

The rishis of yore utilized this strategy to stay with no outer admission of nourishment as they could get vitality straightforwardly from the sun’s beams. The pageant of Chhath puja conjointly represents the celebration of the new harvest. The believers provide food preparation created with latest harvest and fruits to the Hindu deity Dev.

  1. Chhath Rituals are composed around the ideal ingestion of Vitamin D and Calcium into the Body, particularly helpful for ladies.

Sun love in Kartik month permits ingestion of Vitamin D (basic for the retention of calcium and the counteractive action of rickets in kids and osteomalacia in grown-ups) from UVB beams which are transcendent at nightfall and dawn.

The Vitamin D is then in charge of engrossing calcium from the sustenance (All the nourishment things utilized as a part of this pooja are high in calcium). The fasting condition of the admirers likewise helps in regular calcium assimilation from the sustenance ingested. Be that as it may, patients with traded off kidneys ought not to do this quick.

  1. The puja enhances the insusceptibility of the human body, gives a sterile impact to the body of the enthusiast and accelerates the recuperating procedure.

The ceremonies help the stream of blood and animate an adjusted discharge of the hormones for the appropriate working of the body.

The essentialness of the love of the Sun God, amid the times of dawn and dusk, lies in the way that individuals can get ideal vitality from the sun amid these periods and securely tackle it.

The retina of the human eye is a photoelectric material, radiating vitality when presented to light. This vitality is sent to the pineal organ and it saddles the vitality to initiate itself.

This vitality created begins affecting the hypothalamus and the pituitary organ, inferable from its closeness to the organs. This guarantees great wellbeing to the admirers. Additionally, the custom of fasting guarantees detoxification of the human body and mind and readies the body to get grandiose vitality!

  1. Amid the four days of the Chhath puja, the body working is increased. The mental advantages extend from quieting the brain of the enthusiasts to decrease of negative sentiments and feelings, similar to desire, scorn, dread, and outrage.

Remaining in the water of the Ganges permits the vitality assimilated from the Sun to move along the spine, purging the human body.

A sort of polarization in the spine encourages the body to be changed into a comic vitality powerhouse and the body of the fan or Vratti turns into a medium for the conduction, transmission, and circulation of vitality to the whole universe. Amid the four days of the Chhath puja, the body working is uplifted and a change happens in the framework.

The celebrations likewise help develop the solid frontal area of instinct and clairvoyance. Chhath Puja Festival is celebrated twice a year. Once in the winter and another one in the summer season. The Kartik Chhath is celebrated in the Oct or Nov month and Chaiti Chhath Puja is celebrated after a few days of Holi.


Chhath Puja celebration in Bagmati river of Kathmandu Nepal places to visit see


7. The Chhath method ends up in detoxification. Detoxification helps in regularizing the flow of prana and makes the person a lot of energy. The natural system of the body spends a lot of its energy in fighting the toxins gift within the body.

By mistreatment the detoxification strategies appreciate pranayama, meditation, yoga and Chhath practices, the quantity of poisons gift within the body is often reduced to a good extent.

Thus, with reduction within the quantity of poisons, the expenditure of energy additionally reduces and you are feeling a lot of energetic. It improves the looks of the skin. The visual sense will improve and also the aging method of the body slows down.

8. The Chhath method stresses mental discipline. The discipline of mental purity could be results of this work. By using a variety of rituals, the vrattis target maintaining the cleanliness of the offerings and setting. Cleanliness is that the most dominant thought that prevails within the minds of the devotees throughout Chhath.

Chhath Women fans are observing Chhath Pooja in their own specific manner and in such a wonderful way. They are putting forth some Prasad to the God in their Tokari.

They are likewise venerating the banana tree. Some of them are washing up and some of them are sitting on the bank of the stream. Though some of them are standing far from the bank of the waterway.

Chhath PoojaPilgrims of the Chhath Pooja is purchasing natural products for offering to the God as Prasad. What a decent pic of the occasion at a young hour in the morning at the ghat of Ganga.

Dealers are pitching their organic products to the enthusiasts and serving to the fans for finishing the Chhath Pooja. ChhathSuch an amazing snap of the occasion where ladies are scrubbing down in the River having sugarcane in their grasp. They are praising the Chhath Pooja in the totally conventional and social way. Men are likewise there for helping the ladies.

9. Photo-electrochemical effect: physical edges

The Chhath observe improves the immunity of the Vratti’s body. Antiseptic effect: Safe radiation of daylight will facilitate cure plant life and microorganism infections of the skin.

Raktavardhak (increase in fighting the power of blood): As a consequence of observing of Chhath, the energy infused into the bloodstream improves the performance of white blood cells.

The alternative energy contains a nice influence on the glands, which ends in the balanced secretion of hormones. Energy needs square measure met by the alternative energy directly. This can any detoxify the body.

10. Photo-electro-psychic effects: mental edges

A state of inventive calmness can prevail within the mind. To a good extent, all negative responses have their origin within the disturbed flow of prana.

With the pranic flow regularised, the period and frequency of occurrences of anger, jealousy, and alternative negative emotions are reduced. With patient and sincere observe, the psychic powers of intuition, healing, and psychical communication awakens. This relies on the concentration with that observation is undertaken.

11. Daily sun meditation (Chhath process)

In the quick lifestyle of these times, it should not be potential to follow the Chhath method fairly often. The detoxification is often undertaken through pranayama, yoga, meditation and aware Photoenergization method called Chhath Dhyan Sadhana (CDS).

12. Chhath Dhyan Sadhana (CDS): aware Photoenergization method

Assume a cushty position (standing or sitting) with back and spine straight. With eyes closed, face the Sun. Inhale fully, as slowly as potential. Don’t strain in creating the respiratory slow.

Maintain your comfort level. As you breathe in, visualize (feelingly experience) the cosmic alternative energy getting into through your eyes and moving to the ductless gland through optic nerves and charging the pineal–pituitary–hypothalamus advanced.

Now, as you exhale, visualize the cosmic alternative energy flowing down the ductless gland and spreading throughout your body with an invigorating impact.

Thus, the method starts with inhalation and ends in exhalation. This constitutes one spherical. It’s steered to start out with 5 rounds (two minutes) and increase if time permits.

On completion of observe, convey the Sun for bestowing upon you the life-giving alternative energy. Thereafter, sit quietly for a second, observant the great things within the setting around.

CDS ought to be practiced inside one-hour window once sunrise or inside one-hour window before sunset. Anyone of any age will observe CDS.

If you want to observe CDS at any time nevertheless sunrise or sunset, don’t observe it ahead of Sun. you’ll be able to but, observe CDS in a very area. Even a bed-ridden person will try to consciously attract the alternative energy whereas lying on the bed.

With regular observe, he/she can notice Associate in nursing improvement in the physical and mental state. For those that don’t seem to be comfy facing the sun, they will observe the technique in any area having correct ventilation.

If you have got time, you’ll be able to additionally observe double every day. Don’t hurry in increasing the number of rounds, as there’s no cutoff to success during this methodology. The system nervous of the body takes its own time in adapting and to be ready to receive the energy.

13. Significance of stress on sunrise and Sunset periods

Only sunrise and sunset square measure the periods throughout that the bulk of humans will safely get the alternative energy directly from the Sun. However, there could also be some exceptions.

That’s why, in Chhath puja, there’s a convention of giving Arghya to the Sun in the late evening and in the early morning.

Throughout these phases (one hour window once sunrise and before sunset), the ultraviolet light levels stay within safe limits.