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100 Nepal facts and figures

1. Nepal is federal democratic republic country.
2. It has the area of 147181 square km.
3. It has a total population of 26.4 million of people.
4. It was once named as weed capital.
5. The only living goddess in the world us Kumari.
6. It has over 123 languages.


7. The kingdom was declared on 25 September 1768
8. Nepal is divided into five developmental zones.
9. It also has fourteen districts
10. Nepal has three geographical regions.

11. The Central developmental region has the highest population and far western developmental region has the lowest.
12. People’s movement was the reason for monarchy abolishment.
13. The Nepali language comes from the Khas from Karnali region.
14. The growth rate of population is 3%
15. It stands on a 145th position on the HDI index.

16. Nepal hosted 18thSAARC on 26-27 November 2014.
17. Nepal has slowest download speed 6.4 Mbps whereas average speed is 72.2 Mbps
18. About 44.6% people speak the Nepali Language.
19. Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal
20. It is a multiethnic, multicultural, multilingual nation.


21. Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world lies in Nepal.
22. The birthplace of Lord Buddha is in Lumbini, Nepal.
23. The longest river of Nepal is Karnali river.
24. The deepest lake in the Rara lake.
25. It has hit by a massive earthquake on April 25, 2015.

26. The magnitude of the earthquake was 7.9 rector.
27. The earthquake killed more than 8,840 people and injured more than 25,000.
28. There were 38 aftershocks with a magnitude of 4.5 or greater.
29. Nepal standard time is one of the only two official time zones with 45 minutes increment from UTC.
30. Its time zone is +05:45.

100 Facts About Nepal

31. Binod Chaudhary is the first and the only billionaire in Nepal having a worth of $1.3 billion.
32. About 60% of internet users in Nepal surf internet with the speed below 256kpbs.
33. It is the second slowest internet speed behind Libya.
34. Kathmandu, the capital has more UNESCO world heritage sites than any other city in the world.

35. Also, Kathmandu has 7 UNESCO world heritage site at the radius of 15km.
36. Nepal has never officially won Olympic medal
37. Its flag is world’s only nonquadrilateral national flag.
38. Nepal does not have independence day because it was never colonized.
39. Elephant polo game was originated at Meghauli.
40. Tiger tops in Nepal is the headquarter of elephant polo.

41. 8 of the 10 tallest mountains is in Nepal which is above 8000m.
42. Unlike other countries, Nepal has the public holiday on Saturday, not Sunday.
43. The length of longest lasting handshake done by Nepalese men in 2011 was 42 hours and 35minutes.

44. The popular food of Nepal is momo.
45. 75.3% of adult women have never drunk alcohol.
46. 52.9% of adult men have never drunk alcohol.
47. Nepal is ranked no.1 in world’s biggest producer of mustard seeds.
48. Nepal is ranked no.3 in world’s biggest producer of ginger.
49. The left hand must not be used while eating.
50. Alcohol that is drunk in Nepal is 34%beer, 1% wine, 65%spirits.

51. 124th is Nepal’s national football teams best FIFA world ranking
52. The height of world’s shortest man is a Nepali of 54.6cm
53. The amount of money spent by Nepal on health care every year is $68.
54. The average life expectancy is 66.6 years.

55. The amount of 13 -15 years olds who smoke tobacco is 20.4%
56. The slaughtering of cows is banned as it is the national animal.
57. Bengal tiger, red panda and snow leopards are endangered animals.
58. On 2006 Nepal was declared officially secular by its parliament.
59. On June 2008 Nepal ended its system of monarchy.
60. There is 125 ethnic groups and caste in Nepal.

61. Nepali People are the Indo-Aryan and Sino-Tibetan citizen of Nepal.
62. Nepali People are classified in terms of religion – 80% Hinduism, 9% Buddhism, 4.4% Islamic and 1.4% Christian.
63. 44.6% of the total population speaks Nepali, 11.7% speaks Maithili, and 10.4% speaks other languages.
64. Nepali people greet by saying Namaste that means,” I respect the God in you.”

65. 76% stills follow the traditional agriculture as an occupation.
66. The total distance of Nepal’s railway is 59km.
67. The Kathmandu valley is made up of three cities – Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur.
68. According to a popular legend, the valley of Kathmandu was once a lake which is considered due to the lacustrine soil.
69. Nepal is the proud custodian of world’s deepest gorge- the Kali Gandaki Gorge.
70. There are over 360 species of Orchid and about 870 species of birds.

100 Facts About Nepal

71. There is a myth that beast dwells in high valleys of Nepal, the creature is an ape-like snowman locally known as Yeti.
72. The patriotism of Nepal’s can be seen everywhere from sports, national festivals, or issues related to Buddha.
73. Nepal experienced a ‘dark age’ of which little is known from the late 600s until the 1200s.

74. During the 9th century a new lunar calendar, the Bikram Sambhat (BS) was introduced.
75. Nepal presently is led by an elected president and parliament.
76. Many explorers and climbers were killed during their attempts to climb to the top of the peak

77. On May 29, 1953, British explorer Sir Edmund Hillary and his Sherpa guide Tenzing Norgay were the first to ever reach the summit of Mount Everest
78. Chitwan is the world’s tallest grassland.
79. Nepal is known as the Amazon of Asia.
80. Nepal is also home to over 650 different species of butterflies as well as the world’s largest moth

Nepali food dal bhat tarkari rice masu achar chatani
Nepali food -dal bhat tarkari masu achar chatani

81. Nepal has never experienced any ethnic or religious clashes and riots.
82. The national dish is Dal-bhat-tarkari,
83. Touching anything with your feet is considered offensive in Nepal.
84. The Sherpa, an ethnic group frequently employed as porters for mountain

85. Mount Everest has become a major source of revenue from foreign sources
86. The “load-shedding” on average currently is 8.28 hour daily.
87. Kissing in public will get you arrested.
88. Kathmandu’s motto is ‘Unity in Diversity’.
89. Freak Street is a street in Kathmandu famous for a large number of hippies.
90. The Newari were the original inhabitants of the Kathmandu Valley.

kids with cultural dress
a kid wearing a cultural dress

91. Kathmandu is known as the world’s living cultural museum.
92. Tilicho is the highest lake in the world.
93. The Arun Valley is the highest valley on earth.
94. The Gurkhas are considered the bravest.
95. Nepal holds many world records making it a high profile for a small country.

96. There is the internet connection in Mt Everest.
97. Nepal is famous for one-horned rhino.
98. Nepal and Portugal have similar map shape.
99. The Bikram sambat calendar is 56.7 years ahead of solar Gregorian calendar
100. The altitude variation is unique in itself.
101. Nepalese worship dogs in Tihar.
102. We Nepalese are proud to be part of Nepal.

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