1. The present fight gives you tomorrow’s strength. Have a Good Teej Festival 2020!!

2. Smile: Let everyone know you were extensively more grounded than U was yesterday. Have a Good Teej Festival 2020!!

3. Wherever U is, may U have the inspiration to support Teej!

4. Life of a human has no rewinds and advances. It unfurls itself at its own particular pace. Upbeat teej.

5. Every Day is a multi-day of choice, and our choices decide our fate of life. Have a Good Teej Festival 2020!

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6. If U need to sparkle like Sun, U need to initially consume it. Have multi-day loaded with daylight cheerful Teej?

Facebook Status for Teej

7. What a great idea it is that a portion of the greatest long stretches of our lives hasn’t happened yet. Happy Teej.


8. Dream as though you’ll live everlastingly, live as though beyond words teej

9. Doing what you like is an opportunity. Preferring what you do is happiness. Happy Teej.

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10. be content with what you have. Be amped up for what you want. Happy Teej.

11. Life is a trip, and on the off chance that you begin to look all starry-eyed at the adventure, you will be enamored forever. Happy Teej.

12. We fashion the chains we wear throughout everyday life. Be content with what you have; cheer in the way things are. Happy Teej.

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13. Tension is who you figure you ought to be, unwinding is the sort of person you are.

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14. For me, it is adequate to have a corner by my heart, a book, and a companion, and a snooze undisturbed by loan bosses or anguish.

15. You can’t pass judgment on what ought to bring others bliss, and others can’t pass judgment on what ought to bring you happiness.

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16. The specialty of living falsehoods less in wiping out our inconveniences than developing with them.” Bernard M. Baruch.

17. If you begin to think the issue is ‘out there,’ stop yourself. That contemplation is the issue.

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Teej Greeting Card

18. Forget all the sorrows and just enjoy the day. This day is yours.

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19. May this Teej, light up for you. The hopes of happy times, and dreams for a year full of smiles!

20. Focus on the voyage, not the goal. Happiness is found not in completing a movement but rather in doing it.

21. Live with expectation. Stroll to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellbeing. Play with surrender. Snicker. Pick with no lament.

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22. You never lament being kind. Do what you cherish. Live as though this is all there is. Happy Teej.

23. Forgiveness does not change the past, but rather it enlarges what’s to come.


24. True satisfaction isn’t achieved through self-delight, yet through constancy to a commendable reason.

25. The requirement for absolution is a hallucination. There is nothing to forgive. Happy Teej.

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26. Blessed are the individuals who can give without recollecting and take without forgetting. Happy Teej.

27. Sing songs, live happily, dance and enjoy every moment of your life. Happy Teej.

28. He who lives in concordance with himself lives in amicability with the universe

29. If you need others to be glad, rehearse sympathy. On the off chance that you need to be cheerful, rehearse compassion. Happy Teej.

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30. Happiness isn’t having what you need. It is acknowledging what you have. Happy Teej

31. Happiness is that condition of awareness which continues from the accomplishment of one’s qualities.

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32. Most of us are just about as upbeat as we make up our psyches to be.

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33. Success is getting what you need. Bliss needs what you get.

34. We can have tranquility in the event that we let go of needing to change the past and needing to control what’s to come.

35. We bring home the bacon by what we get, we influence an existence by what we to give.

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36. Money doesn’t bring bliss and innovativeness. Your innovativeness and bliss brings money. Happy Teej

37. Love is bliss with what you see. So love and bliss truly are the same thing…just communicated differently. Happy Teej.

38. Everything that bothers us about others can lead us to a comprehension of ourselves. Happy teej.

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39. In the middle of development and mayhem, keep stillness within you.

40. If you can, you make the most imperative stride towards turning into an incredible pioneer.

41. Once you accomplish something you cherish, you never need to work again. Happy Teej.

42. To be without a portion of the things U need is an imperative piece of happiness. Happy Teej.

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43. Anxiety is the dazedness of freedom. So live cheerfully and freely. Happy Teej

44. Do what you have constantly done and you’ll get what you have dependably got.

45. Happiness is the place we discover it, however once in a while where we look for it.

46. To be content implies that you understand you contain what you look for.

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47. The personality is its own particular place, and in itself can make a paradise of heck, a hellfire of paradise.

48. In our day by day lives, we should see that it isn’t joy that makes us appreciative; however the thankfulness that makes us cheerful.

49. Be kind to all U meet as every one of us worries about a concern that others cannot see. Happy Teej

50. I am accountable for how I feel and today I am picking happiness. Have a Good Teej Festival 2077!!

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51. There’s something wonderful in regular. U simply needs to discover it. Have a Good Teej Festival 2077!!

52. Sending U a pocket brimming with inspiration to keep with U all day. Have a Good Teej Festival 2077!!

53. The scan for bliss is the mama explanation behind unhappiness. Accept human life as This comes, you’ll discover satisfaction in each moment. Have a Good Teej Festival 2077!!

54. If U need to pick between being caring and being correct, pick being benevolent and U will dependably be right. Happy Teej!!

55. A promising day of Teej celebration of Nepal for beginning with any great work. Happy Teej!!


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