Facebook Status for Nepali New Year 2078

Facebook Status for New Year 2078

This post is about Facebook Status for New Year 2078. Here we have collected some Facebook status for saying happy new year 2078. These status are collected from the Facebook.com. As we all know that facebook.com is a such social site which is ranked no. 1 social site in the world. Millions of Nepali population use this social site Facebook. There are dozens of facebook status related to happy new year 2078.

Happy English New Year, Happy English New Year 2078.

Facebook Status for New Year in Nepali font:  No. 1

2078 साल को शुभकामना सम्पूर्ण नेपाली दाजु भाई दिदी बहिनी तथा बिदेश मा रहनु हुने नेपाली साथी हरु लाई सधैं खुशी नै खुशी मिलोस भने शुभकामना व्यक्त गर्दछु।

Facebook Status for New Year in Nepali:  No. 2

I wish each one of you a fruitful, colorful and peaceful 2078 ahead.
Live every moment. Laugh every day and Love beyond words. Happy English New Year 2078.

Facebook Status for New Year in Nepali:  No. 3

Aauna lageko Nepali gregorian sambat 2078 saal ko subha uplakshya ma hardik mangalamaya subha kamana chha sabai mitrabarg haruma. Aauna lageko yo saal ma harek ichhaa, aakanchha haru socheko sabai chhij haru, kamana pura houn. b success in everything. ur aim or plan dear friends relatives near n dear once. HAPPY NEPALI NEW YEAR 2078.

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Facebook Status for New Year 2017:  No. 4

Happy New year 2078 to all of my Dear friends! Start New Year with new day with life! I wish all of your fren, happy New Year 2078. Your all the dreams and wishes became true! Always be happy and smile forever! Happy Nepalese New year 2078 to all of you!

Happy New Year 2078


Facebook Status for New Year in Nepali:  No. 5

Audai garako 2078 sallko suva kamana xa sabai nepali daju. bhai didi bahini family
And all Facebook friends lai

Facebook Status for New Year in Nepali :  No. 6

नव वर्ष 2078 ले यहाँको सुख‚ शान्ति‚ समृद्धि र सुस्वाथ्य सुनिश्चित गरोस् ।
मेरो हार्दिक शुभकामना ।

7. I’m sad that I’m not refreshing my New Year Facebook status on the grounds that my feline ate my mouse.

8. On this New Year eve, I will open another Facebook account named ‘Unknown’ so all the cool statements will be credited to me!

9. it’s a great opportunity to unfurl new pages and begin another part in your life due to its new year.

10. This New Year, may you make the endeavor to trim and clean your Social Media accounts.

11. Heartiest Wishes To All My Most Beautiful, Charming, Lovely and Gorgeous Facebook Friends On This New Year!

12. Accept my charming, close to nothing, delightful, exquisite, unadulterated yet sincere wish for you in this New Year Wish you a happy new year!

13. May the year to pursue be among the best you at any point spent! Upbeat New Year!

14. An self assured person remains up until the point when midnight to see the New Year in, A doubter remains up to ensure the old year leaves!


15. Step on new streets that you can investigate, accomplish new statures … have a Happy New Year… Don’t bring issues into
16. When the New Year arrives, it brings new thoughts and trusts in us to improve our lives great to and better to best. Glad New Year!

17. A new section unfurls another story to be told, we make proper acquaintance with the new, we say farewell to the old. Have a favored new year.

18. There are two sorts of people found on Facebook. One who gets a colossal measure of preferences and remarks on their posts. What’s more, the others are men. Cheerful New Year!

19. We will open the book. Its pages are clear. We will put words on them ourselves.

20. If you were conceived in September, it’s truly protected to expect that your folks began their new year with a BANG!

21. I made no goals for the New Year, The propensity for making arrangements, of reprimanding, endorsing and forming my life, is excessively of an everyday occasion for me.

22. Tonight Mayans would set up the day preceding the New Year festivities, not the apocalypse on the off chance that they would exist today.

23. Wishing you super additional fortunes Happy New Years!


24. In I wish that may you change the date of the schedule, as well as your center, duties, and activities for a more productive year ahead.

25. May you generally be encompassed by expectation and guided by the stars. Have a prosperous New Year!

26. Happy New Year! May the New Year convey to you the glow of affection, and a light to control your way towards a positive goal.

27. As the New Year methodologies may you wind up encompassed by loved ones who might be prepared to be close by through various challenges.

28. As this year is finishing, I wish all the antagonism and troubles additionally end with this year and bring achievement and wanted outcomes for you.

29. The New Year has conveyed another shot for us to set things right and to open up another section in our lives.

30. Life was extreme for sure and brimming with ups and down. May God give you enough quality and stamina to shoulder the tempests and downpours with strength. Glad New Year!

31. Let us commend this energizing, vivid, terrific, mysterious New Year with an extraordinary enormous grin. Wishing you a year brimming with bliss and flourishing.

32. May this New Year isn’t a reiteration of old propensities – may you rethink yourself and set out upon a voyage loaded with energy and experience.

33. Genuine achievement comes just to the individuals who are prepared for it. Wishing you an extremely glad new year.

34. If I don’t sign into Facebook two days in succession after this New Year party, call the police, somebody must’ve grabbed me! Upbeat New Year!

35. Long time back I used to have a real existence until the point that somebody instructed me to make a Facebook account. By the way, Happy New Year!

36. The New Year gives you new days to play with – top them off with whatever your heart wants so you have no second thoughts toward the finish of the yearly cycle.
37. Hope you discover more quality, valor, and chances to make your new year goals work out as expected. I mean all your past.

38. A new year brings bliss, as well as satisfies us with a plan to satisfy our fantasies or a fresh start of our life. In this way, another year is exceptionally unique to everybody.

39. May this New Year give you a chance to pursue your fantasies not individuals on Facebook. Upbeat New Year!

40. Sometimes individuals overlook how much days really conveys to their lives. Be that as it may, this is the correct minute to reflect and to seek after more magnificent days! Glad New Year!

41. Don’t simply put your New Year goals on daily agenda for rest of the year or until the point when it’s one more year to make such guarantees once more.

42. Happiness keeps you sweet Trials make you solid Sorrows make you humble Success keeps you shining and God props you up. May you have a biggest New Year!

43. My objective for is to… Accomplish the objectives of which I should’ve done in in light of the fact that I guaranteed them in and arranged them out in

44. Be dependably at war with your indecencies, content with your neighbors and let each, New Year discover you a superior man, Happy New Year.

45. New Year’s Resolution: To endure tricks all the more happily, if this does not urge them to take up a greater amount of my time.

46. When the New Year begins with brilliant firecrackers I wish to give it a chance to spread to your brain and soul and have another time of fun and Dance Happy New Year!

47. Cheers to another year and another shot for us to hit the nail on the head Get up and be proactive today!

48. Your Merry Christmas may rely upon what others improve the situation you. In any case, your Happy New Year relies upon what you improve the situation others.

49. I need to thank everybody who made me grin this previous year.

50. May this New Year bring numerous open doors your way, to investigate each delight of life and transforming everything you could ever hope for into the real world and every one of your endeavors into incredible accomplishments.