Top 10 Facebook Pages Which Shows Life of Nepal & Nepali People As It Is

Facebook Pages about Nepal:- Facebook is a social network created by Mark Zuckerberg while studying at Harvard University. Its objective was to design a space in which the students of this university could exchange fluid communication and share content easily through the Internet. His project was so innovative that it extended overtime to be available to any network user.

Among the many benefits of Facebook, one of the advantages is that one can create his own page. And can spread it to many people so they can also gather the information.

Some of the pages are created which describe our country the best and in a very authentic way. These pages show the world the real Nepal which people love.

Top 10 Facebook Pages Which Shows Life of Nepal & Nepali People As It Is

Facebook Pages Life Nepal Nepali People

Facebook Pages Life Nepal Nepali People

1. Nepal 8th wonder of the world:

Founded in July 2012, this Facebook page is focused on representing the various nooks and corners of Nepal as it is. This page is concentrated on promoting the travel and tourism of Nepal. It makes various videos and documentaries of various places of Nepal so that the tourist planning to visit Nepal can see the real Nepal.

The page is till now liked and followed by 665 K people. The email address of this page is and the Instagram add is @napal8thwonder_. There are in total 14K timeline photos, 5 cover photos, 2 profile pictures, 8 Instagram photos. It has been given 4.6 ratings out of 5.

2. Stories of Nepal:

The Facebook page stories of Nepal was created on October 9, 2013. The page tells about the stories of various people of Nepal, their culture, their religion, their beliefs, and their struggle. The email add of this page is and the website is

The Twitter handle is @storiesofnepal. The page has been liked and followed by 430 K people. There are till now 9 profile picture, 1 mobile upload, 1472 timeline photos, 25 cover photos.


3. Nepali Flag:

The Facebook page Nepali Flag was created on November 12, 2008. The page was created to give information and details about the Nepali Flag, it’s structure, uniqueness, formation, history, and origin. But the page contains various information regarding the nation, the important events, programs, and posts by its followers and fans.

The page has been liked and followed by 40 k people. There are 635 mobile uploads, 2.1 k timeline photos, 17 photos about Nepal, 40 cover photos and 4 profile photos. 14 photos have been posted in silkhana and old paintings, 5 photos under made in Nepal category, 4 photos under coins of Nepal, 5 photos under Nepal through my lens, 17 photos of Bungmati and many more.

To view all you have to visit the page. It also has hosted Bagmati cleaning campaign on Saturday, June 29, 2013, and Bal Sudhar Health Camp on Friday, January 18, 2013. The page is worth the visit to see the diversity of Nepal.

4. Nepal Home:

The Facebook page Nepal home was founded on February 5, 2008, with the main aim of providing overall information regarding Nepal. This page is the largest Nepal page on Facebook. Its email address is and the website is The page to date is liked and followed by 177k people. There are 84 mobile uploads, 8 timeline photos, 5 cover photos, and 3 profile pictures.

There are many more other pictures for which you have to visit the page. The page gives you information of diverse nature. It gives you the latest news and events of the nation. All the hot happenings and celebrations, controversies, news, and entertainment news can be found on the page. People can even post their events, their news and share their news and opinions.

5. Dc Nepal:

This Facebook page was created on November 23, 2013, by the name of Dcnepalcom which later changed to DCnepal. The email add of this page is and the website is The page has been liked shared by 2.6m people and followed by 2.5 m people.

This number only shows how much the page is popular amongst people worldwide. Therefore the page has received many awards from the Nepali community.


The page has till date 77 cover photos, 17K timeline photos, 182 mobile uploads, 3 profile pictures, and 3 photos under untitled album. The page has also hosted the show having Nepali Cricket Team captain Parash Khadka. This page again tells us about the culture, news, happenings of Nepal where people can post their own thoughts and events.

6. BBC News Nepali:

The BBC news Nepali Facebook page was created on August 19, 2011, as BBC Nepali. Later on December 13, 2017, it was changed to BBC news Nepali. The website of the page is and the email add is

The page has till date has 5902 timeline photos, 2 profile pictures, 3 mobile uploads, 5 cover photos, 2 socialflow photos and 6 photos under untitled album. The page has been liked and followed by 3.5 m people. The page gives the regular daily news of Nepal and description of various topics regarding Nepal.

7. ekantipur:

Founded on February 24, 2010, this Facebook page is the most visited FB page of Nepal. Around 6,500,000 people daily view the page, 1000000 people daily visit the page and it is rated 3.4 out of 5. The email add of the page is and the website is

The page is focused on giving reliable true news national and international. It also prepares the videos and documentaries of various aspects of Nepal thereby representing authentic Nepal.

8. News24 Nepal:

Who doesn’t know about news 24, Ravi Lamichhane and his program Aisha Kura janata sanga. This news channel has created its own Facebook page on May 19, 2011, to reach to more masses. As social media is gaining more popularity and people spend more time on Facebook rather to watch TV.

This page is constantly updated with breaking news, videos, interviews, etc so the page is liked and followed by 3m people. There are 9 profile pictures, 13 mobile uploads, 26 cover photos, and 4533 timeline photos.

9. Taja Khabar:

This Facebook page was created on January 13, 2011, as Radio Xpress 88.4 FM. The name was later changed to Taja Radio Xpress 88.4 FM on January 25, 2016. On the same day, the name was again modified as Taja Khabar.

The page is mainly focused on providing the news about politics, provide information on social, economy, sports, entertainment, science and technology development of Nepal. The page to date has been liked and followed by 3.1m people. There are 1 profile pictures, 100 mobile uploads, 313 timeline photos, and 1 cover photo.

10. Radio Kantipur:

Radio Kantipur is one of the most popular FM station which is broadcasted over 75% of Nepal. The FM can be listened online as well. The radio Kantipur is not only focused on playing music, songs for the entertainment purpose only. But it also focuses on making people aware about the current affairs of the country.

The page was created on June 19, 2010, having 2.5m likes and followed by 2.4m people to date. There are 1521 timeline photos, 798 mobile uploads, 45 cover photos, 47 Instagram photos and many more. The events that have been hosted was Radio Kantipur present ZTE mobile music honor. The page has been rated as 4.4 out of 5.


Some Facebook page worth mentioning


The page which was created on April 29, 2010, mainly focus on the progress and promotion of Nepali football. The email add of the page is and the website is The page has been rated 4.5 out of 5 and there are 2036 mobile uploads, 58121 timeline photos. The page has been liked by 988 people and followed by 995 people.

• Nepali cricket:

Like goalnepal, this page is dedicated to the love and promotion of Nepalese cricket. It was created on March 6, 2014, as we support Nepali cricket. Later the name of the page was changed to Nepali Cricket on June 27, 2015. The email add mentioned in the page is The page is till date liked by 41615 people and followed by 44008 people. The page was rated as 4.6 out of 5. There are 5 profile pictures, 4483 mobile uploads, 2767 timeline photos, 22 cover photos, 4 Instagram photos, 2 photos under Nepali player and 1 photo under Nepali Cricket Team.

• Next Generation Nepal:

This Facebook page of the mom government organization has been mentioned here because they have been doing the wonderful job. They have been preventing the trafficking of children to those places where they would be abused. They also put their effort to invite the children who have been separated from their family due to the trafficking.

The website of the page is and the email mentioned is The page for the organization was created on February 18, 2010. There are 68 profile pictures, 1 mobile upload, 520 timeline photos, 12 cover photos and many more. The page till date has been liked by 17121 people and followed by 16,934 people. The page has been reviewed as 4.8 out of 5.

Author:- Ankur Pradhan