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Facebook is a social networking website that is now designed its application or managed its’ system for everyone at everywhere. Facebook has launched Facebook mobile application for every phone with a slogan “Keep up with friends wherever you are”. It’s really amazing things that Facebook has done. No one is far from the access of Facebook. As a result, no one is far of his/her friend and family to stay connected. Facebook mobile has excited to every facebookers.

We already know that Facebook has the largest users than other social networking media that is over 1.15 billion in the recent past 2013, January. Now one facebooker can play Facebook with his/her mobile cell phone too. There is no need of computer, laptop, tablets, iPad etc. to play with Facebook, just one should have mobile cell phone. One can stay connected to his/her friend or to the world from everywhere from every mobile cell phone.

Faceboo Mobile for everyone at everywhereFacebook Mobile is operating system on one’s mobile cell phone that updates user’s status, browse users’ News Feed, and view friends’ timelines all from his/her phone. Facebook Mobile is systematic software for one’s phone designed to put one’s friends above everything else.

Facebook now joins the mobile web. In 2007, facebook Facebook announced on its blog related to mobile site m.facebook.com was now available. It promised facebookers all the services of facebook are available on m.facebook.com with a phone.

The mobile website m.facebook.com let facebookers surf Facebook on a website optimized for small screens where one user can get all the facilities of facebook.


So, there are services of instant chat messages, send group messages, upload photos, use emoticons and get push notifications, share status, update status, comment other status and photos, like the pages, check news feed, making plan for events, review, poke using SMS, and much more. So, why do wait? Join the Facebook mobile community of over 1.15 billion people.

When facebook mobile was announced at the headquarters of Facebook, at Menlo Park, California at US, more than 1 billion facebooker inclduing press representator, self styled analysts and facebook eager facebook hunter are excited with this service and facilities of facebook. At that time, people were very eager to know how the facebook mobile will work. But now world knew the better facebook mobile application. And it becomes true and raising rapidly.


On the launching time, Mark Zuckerberg said, “going forward, starting April 12 to be precise, Facebook Home Software can be accessed on any Android phone”. The implication was that Facebook’s phones were designed around people, rather than around apps. He expected users of facebook to gobble up twice the quantity of content that they were lapping up till then. The experiences of one person are to be right to be onto him/her phones, and allow access to as many people as possible.

Facebook provides free services of mobile application, mobile game to download for everyone at everywhere from its blog or website. About 260 million users per month fondle with Facebook games, application though some-more than 3 times that revisit Facebook monthly on mobile phones alone.

Facebook mobile helps to give a platform in the field of game providers, software designers, mobile developers, game developers, mobile application developers and service operators etc as a transparent guideline for services for what it wanted developers to build on a platform to a scattershot array of apps (in dating, activism, song sharing, print sharing, crowd sourcing, search, wine, gifts, payments, and more).

M.facebook.com makes people stay connected using the latest Facebook application with real-time chat features.

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