Facebook App for Android Mobile Phone: What’s New Features on Latest Version

The latest version of Facebook app for Android mobile phone is very attractive and full of features. This app for Android is now launched and easily available in the net market. You can download this Facebook app for android from official page of Facebook too.

It adds several features than previous version of Facebook app for android mobile phone. Now the latest version of Facebook app for android mobile phone became stronger, sharper, and clever than the previous one. It includes tons of new features, facilities and services for only the facebookers. All we knew that the latest version of Facebook app for android is beta version.

latest version of facebook for android mobile phoneNeeded brand new interface design is included on it. One Facebook user easily can be attracted for its several features.

Facebook App for Android Mobile Phone: What’s New Features on Latest Version

What’ new in Latest version of Facebook app for Android: Let’s check it in detail.

  • Update your posts with brand status.
  • Upload photos and videos.
  • Write notes and read your friends’ notes.
  • See your upcoming events and RSVP.
  • Change your profile picture.
  • See your friends’ birthdays.
  • See pages you liked.
  • Manage your photo album with feature of creating album, deleting albums, deleting photos, deleting photo tags etc.Have group conversation.
  • Play games on your Facebook.
  • Use or download your favorite apps on your Facebook.
  • Approve friend requests.
  • see news feed looks as it is on facebook.com
  • Scroll through news feed faster now than previous.
  • Zoom into photos.
  • Like posts, photos, videos, pages and notes.
  • Visit links in a built in web browser.
  • See all of your friends’ friends and pages.
  • See mutual friends.
  • Search easily for people and pages.
  • Send friend requests.
  • Call Quickly to your friends
  • Send quickly text message to your friends.
  • Create shortcuts to your favourite friends and pages.
  • Sort friends by first or last name as your wish.
  • Chat friends sorted alphabetically.
  • Fix the various bugs.
  • Make a security improvement.
  • Quicker app login and navigation.
  • Save photos to your phone from the photo viewer.
  • Take advantage of the lock screen from Facebook Home without having to download and install the Android launcher.
  • Make Home your lock screen to see updates from your friends when you turn on your phone (Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Nexus 4, HTC One X, HTC One X+ and HTC One).
  • Get notification when friends like or comment your posts

If you have not updated Facebook app for your Android mobile, then do update. Go and get quickly the free Facebook App for Android today, just click here to download. As a result, you keep up with your friends and family faster than ever.

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