ExtraMovies 2020, A Website For Download Illegal HD Bollywood & Hollywood Movies Free Review

ExtraMovies 2020: – The Internet always has tow parts inside it, one is legal websites and another is illegal websites. But both are well known and popular across the globe as we can see its increasing users day by day.

Legal and authorized websites are those websites that have permission to publish any films, TV series, and online content on their sites without any copyright issue.

ExtraMovies 2020, A Website For Download Illegal HD Bollywood & Hollywood Movies Free Review

On the other side, that website brings content like movies and animated films through illegally or we can say piracy content is pirated websites. They are totally illegal in so many countries and one of them is India as well which put restrictions on any pirated website and ban it in their country for decades.

India brings strict law and punishment for the entire pirated website owner as well as that audience who used to watch it on a regular basis. Nobody can bring it on a digital platform because it will go against the law of the country.

However, more than thousands of websites are banned in India till now but again numerous pirated websites pop out from somewhere and again start to share all the new content of the film industries.

Extramovies is really taking its business at a certain height within a short period of time and it has distributed many more newly released movies to its users around the world. It brings content from Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Punjabi, Nepali, South Indian movies, and so on like this and sells it on market through different means and media to the public.

There are dubs on every nation movie like Hollywood dub in Hindi, animated movies dub in Hindi, and like this ExtraMovies website makes available all kinds of movies by changing its language in India.


People also feel wonderful when they got a chance to watch new Hollywood movies in their own language and never care about the website or source from where they got it. It is also a big problem in India that citizens are not much responsible for their work on online platforms.



We can also discuss on the subject of why only in India people become so much active on online crime. The major reason behind the piracy websites and its increasing number in India is the lack of proper management system of government on piracy subject and the people of the country are not being true to their country law.

In India, more than 1.3billion population has been recorded and more than 60% population are under-educated who have zero knowledge about pirated websites. It is also not the big deal to reduce piracy crime in India but first of all, the government needs to make aware the entire citizen about its dark side and punishment as well related to it.

Due to the lack of strong antipiracy communities inside the country, it becomes so easy for anyone with high knowledge of online websites can create these illegal websites. It is free to watch movies online on any pirated websites and people are attracting towards it.

After the pirated websites created in India than it becomes really easy for all those people who feel isolated from film industries because of their economic condition. They feel that they finally found the portal to watch any movies from all over the world through ExtraMovies website and not only that but also in the Hindi language.

So, the citizen becomes excited and feels happy about these websites and from that time ExtraMovies known all over the globe. Just like other pirated websites, it also has many proxy and domain so that nobody knows its original place.

Extramovies.com has millions and millions of active users every month and people also find it much unique and extra rather than other pirated websites. This website never asks its users any information related to any confidential info and any users can easily access this website.

So, we don’t need to save any debit card and credit card information on this website to download and watch any online content. They earn all the income through ads that they put on their websites and when we open the link of extramovies.com than it will automatically show ads.

When we are downloading any movies and TV series than also this website will continue to show ads but that never affects our downloading movies. Pirating is the highest level of felony in the world and even worst in that, in India, uploaders are not only the criminal of the scene but also the viewer and downloader from these websites.

yes, it is correct that if anyone gets caught while downloading and viewing from any of these pirated websites or ExtraMovies websites than the government of India has the right to arrest you and put charges on you. It may be up to Rs 10000 Indian currency and 3month of jail which is enough for any person to stop doing criminal acts.

There is a lot of laws and punishment according to the anti-piracy law in India for anyone related to these websites. While ExtraMovies and other pirated websites become famous in India, they are the first headline of every news Chanel.

Extramovies is not like other pirated movies websites which used to leak one movie once a week. But it even leaks more than three movies once a day and mainly it is also recognized for leaking animated series and films. extramovies website is so irregular as well according to many users like sometimes it used to upload more than two movies per day and sometimes they need to wait for one movie for a little long interval of time.

So, they just need to wait when extramovies upload their content with proper quality. The quality of extramovies is also magnificent and clear compared to other many pirated websites.

We can get high quality of movies and TV series in minimum data which make this website super extraordinary among Indian people and these type of website basically target lower class and medium class family as well.

Extramovies play a vital role to provide entertainment to everyone from low-class members to high-class members in India. Suppose, everyone now days have wifi on their respective house and much lower and middle-class family only can afford that much for them.

Now, as we know that all the legal websites where we can get movies and new TV series are only available after payment of a certain amount of money. We need to buy all content of that legal and official website which has copyright agreement of all recently release films and series. Well, now it brings the difference here to choose the pirated website or legal websites to watch online content.

Every citizen of India cannot provide those facilities to their family due to the low budget and only wifi also cannot sufficient to watch good and new movies. Netflix and Amazon prime which are the two biggest online websites in India need monthly membership to watch all their content and that is almost impossible for other people.

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So, people become forced to open pirated sites and download any movies without charges. Website owners make it so easier as well for all of them to open the link, go to the search menu, and search the movie than finally download it.

Extramovies even don’t ask for any personal data or any password neither you need to make a new account for a particular website. Those people who create a pirated website, first search for all the data and resources in each country that what they need the most at a cheap price.

So, all those owners and editors of pirated websites take huge advantage of the low economy country which is a big crime in every country. Extramovies.com has recently leaked many hit movies of Bollywood and Hollywood before it got banned in India and some of them were as follows.

  1. Baaghi 3
  2. Forensic
  3. Trance
  4. Angrezi medium
  5. Dharala prabhu
  6. Yedu chepala katha
  7. Guilty
  8. Love aaj kal
  9. Pattas
  10. Oh my kaduvule
  11. Nepali Movies
  12. Download Nepali Film
  13. Free Nepali Film

Above are some dozens of movies which were leaked after a short period of time of their release and some of them are even before the time of release in extramovies.com and now it got banned. But even it has a lot of advantages of being pirated website still it is crime to use this website to watch and download anything.


The owner of the website may provide you everything through their website but their main motive is to earn money through other hard work and going against national law. They bring all these content and give you the most satisfying feeling to get new movies without any fee and charges but it may lead you to face punishment.

You may see all the positive sides of pirated movies in your view but many users have to face the worst conclusion after using the too much-pirated website in India. So, whatever be your condition using a legal website must be your only option otherwise anyone can be in trouble from these websites.

Well, it is a huge loss for all those people who have given their best to make movies and invest their all sources of income on that particular movie. We cannot think only for ourselves and become selfish. We need to understand that all the characters of each movie played a very hard-working role and a small mistake takes their overall career from them.

We can take a beautiful example on this topic like for any new actor his first film is very important in his life. His overall life and destination may depend on that film if it going to be hit or not. The new actor only gets their name and fame when their first few films get hit and only then they will get many more offers from other directors as well.

so, if the website like extramovies.com which is even totally illegal in India leak that film which even didn’t get time to release than every work goes in vain. All the money of producer and work of any actor or actress becomes null which leads to many serious mental effects on their life as well.

Now, they may become good actors and make country name recognition to the world but just some unknown illegal websites take everything from them.

So, all the things happing around us must be connected with many things in life and all those users who watch and demand more of new movies are also responsible for everything. Pirated may give us good entertainment for some time but it will also take good gems from us which may grow up in huge things someday.

That may be the reason that before releasing any movies in the theater, film producer and director first analyze that there is any famous pirated website exist in India or not.

Many movies of south India and east India only got release after the film director file case against extramovies.com and 9xmovies.com in court to ban permanently. When they got banned in India then only many films released on cinema and that was really wise step of the director to ban it.

Pirated websites bring a small part of any particular movie through various places and combine to make it one and how can we assume that a good film can be successful if that will be leaked on its released day.

45% of people in India search in pirated sites when the film got released and now from that, we can guess how much a good movie earns on theater if it gets leaked on extramovies.

Governments of India give their best by taking rightful action against extramovies.com on the court and ban it as soon as possible. But in India, if we talk about the overall pirated sites than it is crime to watch and download any content but when extramovies site was open in India than watching and downloading from this site is not illegal inside the country.

There is always been a problem related to extramovies.com and that is it maybe ban anytime at anyplace. Even owners were not fixed about their website that whenever it can ban and there will be no server even how much we try.

There are a lot of users complain about these issue with the pirated website that nobody knows when does it get banned in India. You may be downloading any favorite movie or TV series than suddenly it will stop loading and server shows cannot be connected on the following website.

We may give that time so shocking reaction that our favorite website gets banned from the government but it is the truth that we can never trust this pirated website neither we can use it freely and peacefully. There are many alternative websites as well beside extramovies from which you can watch new films without any charges.

Once the latest movie got released than ExtraMovies website does piracy of that movie and provides to its users before any other pirated website put the link of the film on their sites.

We never suggest that watch those movies from extramovies.com or any other pirated link rather all this information is for awareness of many Indian people to make them understand the dark side of these websites. India now days frequently ban many these websites with the help of anti-piracy sectors and keep giving their effort so that no more movies got leaked.

Extramovies.com introduces through leaking old Bollywood and Hollywood films on their sites. At that time government never give it closer look because users of this site are less than what it reaches now and leaking old films and movies is not a big crime in India.

so that it starts to rapidly up load old cinema at that time but when extramovies website users start to increase more and more than only it started to supplying new movies with numerous languages. People start to recognize ExtraMovies website as a new film uploader and within a month it gain over a million users.

According to various report which published at that time says that extramovies create its own individual app and can be installed in Android and IOS and also on PC or smart TV. It makes huge revenue from all these apps and actually all technology support it at that time.

People don’t need to search it too much after easily found on app store at that time. But when it has been banned in India we cannot download extramovies app and install it on our mobile or PC. Neither in play store nor in Google we can found its app but we can only get it on third-party websites.

You may be curious about that third party website to download extramovies app but we never promote it on any blog so we cannot provide the link to anyone. The government of India never allows such pirated websites like extramovies.com in India and in any case, anyone found guilty by using this site may fine legal charges.

The Extramovies website is also called the world hottest pirated website because of its unbelievable feathers and a big fan following around the globe. Now, after Indian law ban extramovies as illegal websites the only way anyone can use it through VPN. VPN is very useful for every pirated website due to its main function as a false location.

VPN’s main function is to hide the main location of those devices from where VPN is used and it is so popular all over the nation. There are 360p to 1020p quality of pictures are available on extramovies.com and they all are free of cost. These days the public prefers to watch HD quality only so, for those people extramovies website is best to download films of high quality.

Indian government put restrictions to watch and download from the pirated website and even extramovies owners get punishment after they have been caught from one of India’s famous states.

Many of them were IT students who have enough knowledge about computers, websites, and hacking. These people earn more than enough money by doing illegal work inside their home country.

Especially, whenever we found the owner of pirated websites like extramovies.com, more than 80% are from IT(information technology) sectors because they have learned all the essential materials to build online strong website in their early age.

They have a vast knowledge of editing and dubbing, they also become master in coding which help to create a strong pirated websites. India is a large country without any doubt but even many people are educated, they still struggle to get a simple job and because of a lack of income, many students ended up by created illegal websites and illegal online content.

Talking about the extramovies website we can see that it has a category of various movies like old Hindi movies, classic Hollywood movies, animated movies, and animated series, songs, videos, and many more and we even can get the trending movies of recent days.

This website makes users so comfortable to use this website and users even get satisfied through its service. Extramovies.com gives the best motion picture to its audience so that they can enjoy new movies fully and ExtraMovies website also gets a good review from all the users around the world.

According to the Alexa.com, extramovies.com got 11,004 ranks in global Alexa ranking till now. These ranks are mainly based on all the traffic data which was collected by Alexa from its satellite.

High ranking also shows the quality and public interest in a particular website and we can see that extramovies get good ranking in ALEXA.com. but from that, we can also come to the conclusion that the people of India still have an active account on this website which may affect the Indian film industry.

Till now extramovies has gain above 2million dollar on their account and most income come from India so, they gain money by leaking hit movies which are also considered as false money.

It is straight cheating on the Indian government and Indian film industry so, always watch your favorite online content from legal websites.