8 List Of Export and Import Products of Nepal


Export and Import Products of Nepal:- What kind of goods and products are imported in Nepal? What is exported in Nepal? Get here all information about it. Nepal is the 150th largest export economy in the world. Surprisingly being located between economic powerhouses China and India, the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, around 708.6 million U.S dollars worth of goods were sold out around the world in the year 2018 alone, according to 2019 statistics.

Exports averaged 5482.60 Million NPR and are projected to be 5815.7 in May 2019. The exports of Nepal have decreased at an annualized rate of -1.7% from 970 million U.S dollars to 909 million U.S dollars in 2015. According to 2019 data, Nepal has exported over two-thirds(68.7%) of the values of the goods to the other Asian countries, 12.5% of the European countries, and 11.5% worths of goods to North America.

Information on Export and Import Products of Nepal

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Top exporting goods of Nepal

Similarly, based on data from the International Monetary Fund’s World Outlook Database, the total Gross Domestic Product of Nepal amounted to 77.1 U.S billion dollar in 2016, and exports represent just 0.9% of total Nepalese economic output.


And also, a landlocked central Himalayan country in South Asia, Nepal’s top 10 exports accounted for almost three-quarters (72.3%) of the overall value of its global shipments.

There are several goods like carpets, clothing, leather goods, tobacco, jute goods, grain, herbs, tea, coffee, steel, Cement, Business Processing Outsourcing, Software, Information Technology, Furniture, Cardamoms, vegetable oils,  etc. being exported by the country Nepal, accounted mainly to the country India 61.2% and, then to the United States 9.2% (2015).

The export-oriented carpet and garment industries have grown rapidly in recent years and together now account for approximately 70% of merchandise exports.

Discussing the export, one of the significant points of interest of fare is the proprietorship advantage which is particular to the organizations’ worldwide experience, resource and capacity of the exporter to either build up the separated item or minimal effort item within the qualities chain (Hertner and Jones, 2007).

A blend of speculation hazard and the market potential is known as the area advantage of the specific market mix. So as to hold the center abilities inside the association and sewing it all through the nation without holding the permit, offering or outsourcing is the universal preferred standpoint in trade.

A portion of the associations having a lower level of proprietorship preferred standpoint may don’t go into the outside business sectors. On the off chance that an organization’s items and friends’ possession furnished with the universal favorable position and proprietorship advantage, the passage can be made through a generally safe model known as sending out under the diverse worldview.

There is low venture requires in sending out of products than alternate methods of universal exchange and extension such remote direct speculation. Somehow it is perceived that the lower level of hazard result in, bring down the level of rate of return than perhaps alternate methods of global exchange (Khanna, 2007).

Then again the standard profit for worldwide exchange send out deals won’t have more prominent potential but rather additionally there will be no hazard.

In fare of products, the administrators are permitted to practice the different operational control any way it doesn’t have the alternative over the control of advertising exercises of the organization. The end customer of sent out products is far from the exporter, however, the different go-betweens would mange be able to the hazard.


We can list out top export product groups representing the higher dollar value in Nepalese global shipments during 2016.

1.  Beverage, spirits.

2. Textile floor coverings

3. Man Made staple fibers

4. Coffee, Tea, Spices

5. Clothing, Accessories(not knit or crochet)

6. Plastics, plastic articles

7.  Knit or Crochet clothing, Accessories

8.  Iron, Steel

9.  Footwear

10..Food industry waste, Animal Fodder

11. Pashmina Shawl

12. Rogue

1. Beverage and Spirits…

Beverage Spirits in Nepal Export and Import Products of Nepal
Beverage & Spirits in Nepal

Beverage and spirits are the top goods being exported throughout the country Nepal, representing the 13.7% of the total exports. Almost 96.9 million U.S dollar of the transaction has taken place alone in the year 2016. They were the fastest growing among the top ten export categories, up by 206% starting from the year 2009.

2. Textile floor coverings

This stands as the second highest ranking good among the top goods being export by the country Nepal.It shares 12.8 percentage among the total exports of country Nepal, with the transaction of about 90.7 million U.S dollar in a year.

3. Man-made staple fiber

The man-made staple fiber is the third most worthy good being sold out by the country Nepal. We export much fiber without making a finished good, and sometimes we do make finished good and then export. It has the share of 8.3% among the total exports, with the transaction of 59 million US dollar in a year.

4. Coffee, Tea, Spices

Tea is a popular drink all over the world. Nepal is very popular in the international market in the quality of tea. In the international market, people prefer to buy Nepali tea. It has a good reputation in the international market and has a good scope of business too. Here a variety of tea is available in the market produce by Nepal.

Some of the tea is produced by Nepal has the aroma and the taste of like that of Darjeeling.Nepal has a long history of tea development, started with the foundation of the Ilam Tea Estate in the slopes of Ilam District in 1863 and Soktim Tea Estate in the fields.

It is believed that Mr. Gajaraj Singh Thapa was given the primary tea seeds from China and it was he who initially began tea ranch in Ilam District. six regions of Nepal create a tea. the diverse kind of tea is masala tea plain tea and so on

Coffee, tea, and spices are the fourth worthy goods being exported by the country Nepal. It has the share of 7.9% among the total exports, with the transaction of 56 million US dollar in a year.

5. Clothing, Accessories

Nepal Clothing items are uniquely well known for women wear like shirts, design wear, women jeans, shirts and Fashion Woman Wear, Hippy Clothing, Velvet Clothing, Womens Winter Clothing, Mens Winter Wear.

As we know clothes and jewelry are very important for both ladies and gents. We manufacture handmade accessories and clothes knitted by the hand which is unique in design and comfortable to wearing too.

This is the reason that we export clothing and accessories in the international market and the demand is also high. Clothing and accessories are the fifth-highest goods being exported throughout the country Nepal, representing the 7.3% of the total exports. Almost 51.5 million U.S dollars of the transaction has taken place alone in the year 2016.

6. Plastic, Plastic articles

Plastic and plastic articles are the sixth most worthy good being sold out by the country Nepal. It has the share of 6.6% among the total exports, with the transaction of 46.6  million US dollar in a year.

7. Knit or Crochet clothing

Knit or crochet clothing have stood up in seventh highest goods being exported by the country Nepal. Actually, Nepalese knit or crochet clothing and accessories posted in the third fastest gain in value up by 163.1%.

8. Iron, steel

Iron and steel are also enlisted under the top 10 in the number 8 among the highest exports from the country Nepal. It has the share of 3.8% among the total exports, with the transaction of 26.7 million US dollar in a year.However, the greatest declines in the top 10 Nepalese exports categories was iron and steel which was down by -70%.

9. Footwear

Footwear is the ninth highest goods sold out by the country Nepal representing the share of 3.7% among the total experts and with the transaction of about 26 million U.S dollar in a year

10. Food Industry waste, animal fodder

These items are the tenth highest goods being sold out by the country Nepal. It has the share of 3.3% among the total exports, with the transaction of 23.5  million US dollar.

11. Pashmina Shawl:

The shawl that is made by the fine quality goat wool is known as pashmina. The shawl that is made by the pashmina is very popular in the international market. The shawl of pashmina re found in different quality like 70% pashmina and 30% wool, a shawl made of cashmere and so on.

It has the best market in the international market and it is known as one of the best product that is exported from Nepal to the international market. The textile of the pashmina is differently found in a different designs.


12. Rouge:

The other product that is exported to the international market is rouge. The carpet that is exported in Germany and in other European countries handmade. This carpet is designed with different prints and are found in different attractive design.

Nepal Carpet Exporters Association (NCEA) however dynamic in Ad-hoc board of trustees level as of now in 1998, set up its office just in September 2000. The fundamental target of NCEA is simply to secure the premiums and goals of Nepalese cover exporters through a procedure of successful approach campaigning and overall market advancement of Nepalese Carpet.

Top importing goods of Nepal

Nepal Imports Notes

Import of goods is good and profitable. Bringing in crude materials and products is one of the ways of expanding the overall revenues. There are a number of advantages in bringing in the products, for example, astounding, low costs, and advantages identified with the universal exchange.

A merchant can have the similar favorable position which implies bring down costs (Jones, 2006). Additionally, the merchant can have the significantly less expensive items from the outside market because of low work cost, low charges and so forth as far as quality, the shipper can have the higher quality products and deliver the completed merchandise with high caliber and broaden the business net revenues.

In a few nations, the government gives help to the shipper for building up the exchange relations. The government gives the data of the makers and makers in the remote nation with the goal that the shipper can buy high caliber and low-value products. Additionally, the administration contribution lessens the exchange chance.

A shipper can access to the provincially select assets and shoddy work for delivering the products. These assets are required in the assembling procedure that has specific aptitudes and can be sound in specific nations. For instance in electronic things, Japanese individuals are exceedingly proficient and maker in the UK utilize the work from Japanese market for delivering merchandise.

The bringing in of assets incorporates everything beginning from work to innovation. Raw materials such as Oil, iron and steel gold, clothes, pharmaceutical products, cement, foods, electronic appliances, fertilizer, salt, sugar, tea, spare parts, and vehicles are some of the major imports of the country Nepal.


Nepal has mainly import goods from India, about 58 percent of all imports and then from China of about 15.4%(2015). Others include Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Argentina, South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, and Germany.

Imports in Nepal decreased to 82265.60 Million NPR in April from 97851.50 Million NPR in March of 2017. Imports in Nepal averaged 32925.17 Million NPR from 2001 until 2017, reaching an all-time high of 97851.50 Million NPR in March of 2017 and a record low of 8000.30 Million NPR in October of 2001.

Here are the major goods being imported by the country Nepal as per 2015.

1. Refined petroleum

Nepal is a landlocked nation surrounded three sides of India and the northern piece of snow nourished the Himalayas by Tibet/China. Nepal does not create any oil and depends absolutely on imports in the refined frame, as it doesn’t have any oil refinery.

NOC is the sole association in charge of the import and dispersion of oil-based commodities through around 1500 Tank Trucks and 1500 retail outlets possessed by the private area around all parts of the nation. At the show, the nation devours around 83000-kilo liter/day of lamp oil, diesel, gas and flight powers.

This constitutes a development of 40% more than 1991 utilization designs. Since oil imports are such a drain on the nation’s convertible currency, the Government is effectively attempting to limit any development here.

It is the highest goods being imported by the country Nepal, mainly from the country India(97%), and from China nowadays too. About 8.7% of the total imports of the country is covered by it.

gasoline petroleum

2. Silver

The other product imported by Nepal is silver. We import raw and unrefined silver and the finished good are exported to the third nation. Nepal imported Rs3.08 billion worth of the metal amid the audit time frame, down from Rs 10.73 billion amid a similar period a year ago. In monetary 2014-15, silver imports remained at Rs24.7 billion.

The slowdown in silver imports takes after directions by Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) to business banks to quit purchasing the valuable metal because of worries over abnormal amounts of imports lately.

Silver gems fares to third nations bounced 70.2 percent to Rs 61.4 million in the initial four months of 2015-16, as indicated by NRB. The everyday prerequisite of silver stands at 300-400 kg, Fenegosida said. According to the information of the last financial year, a normal of 1,300 kg of the metal was foreign made every day.

Merchants said that request had additionally swelled because of the expanding pattern of making family unit and custom objects of silver. Additionally, individuals have been purchasing silver as a venture, Shakya said.

silver rate Nepal

3. Machinery and equipment

It is very clear that Nepal is a landlocked country which has the neighboring countries like India and China. Nepal lies in the southern part of Asia and this country is still considered as one of the underdeveloped countries in the world.

The small country with 147181 sq. km area has no industries developed. Here the people are a farmer and depend on agricultural work for their living. In such scenario, we import all the machinery good from the third parties. We import all the machinery goods including a small machine to the big industries machinery too.

We also import the goods like sewing machines, tractor vehicles, etc. we do not manufacture any machinery good in our country and completely depend on other developing countries like China, Japan, Korea and so on. We also depend on other countries for electronic equipment like a mobile telephone laptop computer and so on.

We can say that we completely depend on another country for the finished good and equipment as well.

machinery items

4. Gold

Our country is surrounded by the hills and mountain and we don’t have ocean or seas in our country. We don’t have any mines for any metal like silver iron and so on. Nepal has a long custom of craftsmanship in many structures like wood cutting, metal art, stone cutting and, working silver and gold into lovely bits of Jewelry.

The make of Jewelry in Nepal is far reaching all through the nation since long time. The creation of Jewelry is work concentrated industry in view of standing and social heritage. Gold Jewelry is likewise one of the Nepalese craftsmanship items. Nepalese individuals are exceptionally partial to various assortments of brilliant adornments and Jewelleries.

Nepalese ladies like to put on assortments of brilliant adornments and Jewellery on various events to parade their characters and economic well being, while men wear not very many decorations and Jewellery conveying religious, Tantrism and horoscopes esteem.

These are made both in customary and current consolidated outlines. Gold Jewelleries are considered to be the protected store and safeguarding of the property by Nepalese individuals. The exportation of gold Jewelry is open since the F.Y. 051/52.

Gold ETFs

5. Electrical goods

As we have all known that Nepal is a landlocked country where we don’t have ocean nearby us. The nearest seaport is in Kolkata of India.  We don’t have expertise in our country and also we don’t have industries that produce electrical good.

We have resources but we don’t have the manpower money and all other requirement too.  In electrical good, we don’t have Nepali product and we don’t even manufacture any item on our own.

We can only export the raw material at a lower price and import the finished goods at a higher rate. Here we don’t have political conditions stable and industries that don’t manufacture electrical goods. Due to this, we have to spend millions of rupee in importing the machinery of electrical-like mobile phones to light AC to phone and so on.

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6. Medicine

Nepal is a landlocked country. We are very rich in natural resources like animals plants and so on. Here we have a different kind of climate in a different region like in Himalayan reason it is cold and dry climate. Similarly in the hilly reason we have cool climate and in the terai reason we have hot climate.

Well according to the climate we also have different kinds of animals and plants too. We find different medicinal plant like aloe vera asparagus calamus chebulic black Myrobalan and so on. In the Himalayan region, we get yarshagumba a medicinal herb which is synthesis and medicines are made.

But due to the lack of resources and the equipment and the industries, we don’t have refined medicine companies in Nepal. We export raw medicinal plants at a lower price and import the medicine at a higher rate.  We import million-dollar medicine from other countries including India China and so on.

thermometer medicine

7. Clothes and shoes:

Even though we have our own Nepali product of clothes like Dhaka and khadi clothes we don’t only depend on that. We import other different clothes from another country like Thailand Bangkok. We also import the clothes from other different countries too.

The branded clothes like H&M, Newlook , Jara and other are exported from the other countries. Similarly, the shoes that we are wearing on every day are also imported from other countries especially from China Thailand Bangkok hong kong etc.

Well, we don’t have variety within our country so we import it from other different countries too. Nepal depend on other countries for all the essential goods that we use in our daily life like clothes shoes and so on.

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8. Cosmetic:

Here are a lot of cosmetic stores in Kathmandu and every one of them appear to have their own particular arrangement of clients to manage. Beautifying agents business is thought to be among the most flourishing organizations in the capital. Makeup items are mainly imported from abroad.

Nepal gets its beauty care products results of different brands from various diverse nations. Obviously, as different imports, a huge offer of makeup items accessible in Nepal are produced in India. The market for beauty care products items has been becoming altogether finished the most recent couple of years.

The accessibility of makeup items has expanded apparently and the utilization proportion too has expanded with each passing year. The market gloats of driving makeup brands from the world. The residential market for makeup items has made some amazing progress too with first-rate worldwide brands and set up names from neighboring nations accessible in the market.

makeup kits picture for girls sisters

The household advertise highlights results of around 80 beauty care products brands including worldwide brands like Lakme, L’Oreal, Garnier and Emami and in addition Mac’s Lavera, Nova, Chase, Astaberry, Lotus, Ayur, Ole and Aroma Magic. Items from third nations were the best vendors until a couple of years prior yet that situation has changed.

Well, nepal has to depend on everything in other countries. It needs to import automobiles fax printer stationary item and so on. Actually, due to political instability and underdevelopment, we have to depend on others for everything.

Being the richest in water resources also it couldn’t manage enough electricity for the nation. Similarly, due to the geographical condition, we can’t develop our country rapidly so we people have to depend on other countries too.

Information on Export and Import Products of Nepal

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