Top 10 Most Expensive School in Nepal That You May Want To Know

Top 10 most expensive school in Nepal: Generally, every parent wants to send their children to one of the best schools where they will ensure that their children get the best value of education of the cost they invested over their children. There are many best school in Nepal that are providing quality education to their students.

However, when it comes to cost, a normal Nepali family can’t afford such school due to their high cost. Have you ever imagined how much a student pays yearly/monthly in school when we talk about the most expensive school? It is beyond your imagination.


In fact, I was thrilled by the monthly fee of the students. Let us look at the list of the most expensive school in Nepal:

Top 10 Most Expensive School in Nepal

1. Rato Bangala School

Rato Bangla school is one of the most expensive school in Nepal and top schools of Nepal situated in Patandhoka, Lalitpur. It was established in 1992. The school is well equipped with standard values, labs, libraries, and furnishing.

Every year, Rato Bangala School admits a group of new participants in grades I and A. If there are occasional seats in other grades, the school will open admission to students whose names are on the Waiting List.

If you are interested in admitting your child to other grades, you are requested to keep your child’s name on the evaluation waiting list by contacting the school office. In the event that there is a vacancy, you will be asked to complete the forms and take your child for evaluation.

Rato Bangala School
Rato Bangala School

In the year 2014, its admission fee was around 60 thousand while the monthly fee was 18 thousand. The current price is not available but you can guess how much it might have increased its fee structure.

Rato Bangala is one of the most expensive schools in Nepal. School-level fees are around 20-30,000, decreasing with the highest level in its class. For ninth grade, fees are around 26-27 thousand.

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The scholarship is based on need and few students have a live-in hostel. Monthly fees for the A-level course would total approximately 40,000, which includes food and lab fees along with transportation. Even with that, admission to the AS level is around 125,000, but once paid, the second year doesn’t require any kind of admission fee.

For more details, you can visit its official website Rato Bangla. You can also call in their phone numbers 5534318, 5542045, 5522614, 5547620 to get more information.

2. Lincoln school

Lincoln school is considered to be the most expensive school in Nepal. It is situated in Rabi Bhawan, Kathmandu. It was established in 1954. The school has been providing the American style of the education system in Nepal since it has got accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

Lincoln School actively cultivates a progressive approach to education, constantly seeking to incorporate best practices into its curriculum and teaching methodology based on contemporary pedagogical research.

Lincoln school Nepal
Lincoln school Nepal

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The flooding and accommodation they provide to the students are of a very high standard. So, their charges are also very high compared to others.

Lincoln School offers a comprehensive academic program with supportive and engaging classroom environments for PK-12 students. There are 37 fully certified faculty members for the year 2019-2020. The enrollment for the year 2019-2020 is 250 (PS: 13; K-grade 5: 92; grades 6-8: 62; and grades 9-12: 83).

The school has 33 classrooms in 3 buildings, a theater, a gymnasium, and a library/media center, all with wireless Internet service, plus an all-weather outdoor field, courts, and athletic areas and rooftop games.

In August 2015, a new 3-story library/media center and a 25x15m heated pool were completed. Lincoln School maintains a fleet of 28 radio / GPS vans to transport students and teachers to and from school.

Their fee calculation is based on the dollar.

Lincoln School charges a one-time application fee of $ 100 for PS and $ 450 for grades K-12, and a one-time capital fee for new students of $ 7,500 for grades K-12. Other fees include a $ 1,100 transportation fee for grades PS-12. These fees are paid in US dollars.

For more detail about school fees and facilities, visit its official site You can also get your answers via phone 4270482, 4270603.

3. The British school

A British school was established in 1967. It is one of the reputed and well-established schools situated in Sanepa, Lalitpur. It also falls in one of the expensive school in Nepal.

The British School is a truly international school providing British education to more than 40 nationalities. The school accommodates students from Foundation 1 to levels A.

The international primary curriculum is followed in conjunction with the national mathematics and English curriculum from Foundation 1 to year 6. Cambridge international exams and programs Edexcel are followed for the IGCSE and A-Level exams (CIE is part of the UCLES Examination Board).

the British school Kathmandu Nepal
The British school

Children of very high society people and the foreigners whose parents have been working in Nepal study in this school. A normal earning family can’t afford their children in this school.

The school has very good resources and currently has 500 students listed. School staffs are highly committed to the multicultural aspects of the school. It is an inclusive school and, as such, it values each student and the wealth of experience and culture that each of them brings to the school as a whole.

Please visit the school premises located at Jhamsikhle, Patan to get more detail. In the year 2014, its monthly fee was 80 thousand.

You can contact the admissions office to book a visit and/or if you have further questions.

Contact number: 00977-1-5521794

Email ID: [email protected]

4. Kathmandu International Study center

it is a secondary school (IX-X). The school is a mixed day school, with classes I to X. It is a medium English school. Kathmandu International School Gaurighat is a mixed day school, serving the educational needs of more than I to X students. Classes at the Kathmandu International School for each academic year beginning in April.

Kathmandu International study center was established in 1987 by a united mission to Nepal located in Dhobhighat, Kathmandu.

Kathmandu International School, Gaurighat, Kathmandu is one of the best schools in Gaurighat, Kathmandu, and is among the best schools in Kathmandu. Here, dedicated and professional teachers ensure that children get the most out of their education at this school in Kathmandu.

The school has delivered exceptional academic results and its students have also excelled in extracurricular activities.

Kathmandu International Study center
Kathmandu International Study center

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It is only the school with the international standard that provides middle state association and Cambridge International Examination accreditation. At present, it is run by Human development and Community services.

You can contact at [email protected] for general information from the Admissions Coordinator.

 The online application fee is $ 100 (USD). You can follow the link on the school website to apply online. Be sure to add the required documentation for the application to be accepted.

Please note that a request does not mean acceptance. You will receive an email from their Admissions Coordinator within two weeks after KISC receives your child’s application with their next steps.

KISC prefers to admit students in the first trimester (August), which is the beginning of the academic year, but KISC also accepts admissions during the year.

Visit KISC for more information.

5. Ullens school

Ullens school was founded in 2006. It is only the IB world school authorized by the Government of Nepal. It is located in Khumaltar, Lalitpur. It has been providing an international standard to the students.

Ullens School offers a balanced and multifaceted curriculum for grades 1-12, which remains within the framework of the Government of Nepal’s National Curriculum. The school offers this curriculum through the Ullens approach to teaching.

Ullens school the most expensive school in Nepal
Ullens school Nepal

They maintain a partnership with Bank Street College of Education, New York, a pioneer in innovative and progressive education. Ullens School also offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) curriculum and the National Examination Board (NEB).

Ullens School is the first and only IB (International Baccalaureate) World School in Nepal that has been authorized by the Government of Nepal to run the IB Diploma Program. The IBDP curriculum contains six subject groups with a core consisting of three separate parts.

From the six subject groups, students study six subjects selected. Normally, three higher level subjects are studied (240 teaching hours per subject) and the remaining three subjects are studied at the standard level (150 teaching hours per subject).

Candidates have to select 6 subjects (3 at a higher level and 3 at a standard level) from those listed above. Students must select at least 5 subjects from Groups 1-5 and their sixth option could be from Groups 3,4 and 6.

Partial scholarships are available to students by merit and need. The school’s scholarship committee makes decisions about scholarships and financial aid.

Since it is one of the expensive schools in Nepal, they select students based on their academic records and income sources of their parents. To get more details about the school, just visit

6. Malpi International school

Malpi international school is also considered as one of the expensive school in Nepal. It was established in 1999 with the view to provide quality education in Nepal.

The Malpi International School has its full academic program. The school aims to dispel the darkness caused by ignorance and spread knowledge and information, the basis of true power, and thus help bring its students to light.

It was opened by the group of 50 idealistic in Panauti, Kavre.

Malpi College Kathmandu Nepal

The school was established with the primary objective of helping to reverse the current cultural and fiscal drain on families by having to send their children out of the country for quality education.

The school has the vision of providing Nepalese children with access to the highest quality education that is comprehensive and balanced as well as interactive and global in dimension.

The school was established to meet the needs of the children of a school that would help Produce future leaders with deep cultural foundations and confidence to advance regionally and internationally.

Malpi International School is a mixed residential school with a difference. To ensure child-centered learning, the school limits the number of students in a class to a minimum. Learning is a pleasure at the Malpi International School, with less than 1:12 teacher per student and its progressive and liberal teaching methodologies.

The school not only provides quality value-based education to students but also offers other facilities such as art, physical excellence programs, school nursing, dining room, library, multipurpose room, campus, teacher residence, horse riding, swimming, outdoor and international education exchange programs. The monthly fee of the school was 20 thousand.

To get information about fee and admission procedure, please click on the link here of the Malpi official site.

For more details, you can contact: Malpi International School Panauti, Kavre, Nepal

  • Tel: + 977-11-440080 / 4400120
  • City Office, Heritage Plaza II
  • Kamaladi, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Tel: + 977-1-4169119
  • Fax: + 977-1-44169120
  • Email: [email protected], [email protected]
  • Website:

7. Rajarshri Gurukul

RajarshriGurukul is established with a vision to provide complete education to the students. It is located in Sallaghari, Bhaktapur across 20 Ropanis lands with an inbuilt playground, swimming pool, and other facilities. It is also in the list of the most expensive school in Nepal.

Rajarshi Gurukul aims to be a leading school that provides an excellent education in a constantly changing world. The progressive school will continue to be contemporary as they strive to keep the school at the forefront of academics, curriculum, faculty, technology, administration, and infrastructure.

Rajarshri Gurukul
Rajarshri Gurukul

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Rajarshi Gurukul’s vision is to create an encouraging environment where children can recognize and reach their full potential. Rajarshi Gurukul, based in Bhaktapur, has the highest annual and admission fees of Rs 117,000, while its tuition is around Rs 17,500 per month.

To officially enroll in RG, the following steps must be completed:

Step 1: Submit a completed Student Application Form. The submission can be done in one of two ways:

  • Apply at School: Visit the school and one of our team members will help you fill out the necessary forms.
  • Download the application form (PDF) and send it in person or send a scanned copy by email.

Step 2; Schedule an hour for the entrance exam

  • Students must complete a written assessment of their basic academic skills and level of aptitude.
  • Students will be assessed in the following subjects: English, Nepali, Math

Step 3: Attend an interview

  • Parents and selected students will be called for an interview.

Step 4: send official documents and sign up

  • The following documents must be prepared and sent to the school for enrollment; Application form, birth certificate, recent passport size Applicant photo: 4 copies, medical certificates, previous academic reports.

You must contact the Finance Department and pay the required registration fees. Books, stationery, and supplies will be issued after enrollment. Admission to RG is open all year.

If you need any information regarding the admission procedure, please contact [email protected] You can also contact [email protected]

8. Rupy’s International school

Rupy’s International School was founded by Mrs. Rupinder Singh with a vision to provide quality education to pre-school children. It is situated in Tahachal, Kathmandu.

The school has well-managed facilities to the students due to which its fees are very high. So, it is one of the expensive school in Nepal.

Rupy’s International school kathmandu Nepal
Rupy’s International school Kathmandu Nepal

The Rupy’s International School which is situated in Tahachal Kathmandu is an Upper Secondary School (XI-XII). The school is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Cambridge International Exams (CIE). The school is a mixed day school, with playgroup classes, nursery/preschool / kindergarten through XII. It is an English middle school.

Rupy’s International School, Tahachal offers the following grades and levels;

Grade;  Playgroup, Pre-nursery, Nursery, KG, I – XII

Level; Playgroup, Pre Primary School (Pre School), Primary School (I-V), Middle School (VI-VIII), Secondary School (IX-X), Senior Secondary School (XI-XII)

Curriculum; Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)

Rupy International School is the first school in Nepal to introduce the subject classroom. This is an innovative teaching/learning process technique where teachers are stationed in their respective subject classes and students move from one class to another each period.

In this way, the teacher can equip the class according to the need of the study program and the interest of the students.

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The admission fee was 60 thousand and the monthly fee was 18 thousand.  The academic session at Rupy’s International School begins from April to March. The school provides education to students from Playgroup to class XII.

9. Premier International school

Located in Satdobato, Lalitpur, Premier International school is also one of the expensive school in Nepal established in 2065 BS. With an international standard classroom, well-equipped library, lab, accommodation, and modern technologies, this school has become an expensive one.

Premier International School collects a total of Rs25,000 per month from each student. In addition, the school charges Rs14,700 annually under the IB title and Class Room ICT for each student. There are 350 students at the school, which means it raises more than Rs5.1 million annually under this heading.

Premier International school kathmandu Nepal
Premier International school kathmandu Nepal

School starts at 8:15 AM and ends at 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday. The capacity of the classroom is 30 each since they have 2 sections in each class. The total capacity of the school is 600.

As an entrance fee, there is a charge of Rs.500 which includes the admission form Rs 25, Rs 100 for an entrance exam, Rs 375 for other materials. To complete an entrance test, students are supposed to take written and reading tests.

This evaluation is often part of the application approval process. There are waiting lists for most year groups, and therefore parents are encouraged to apply in advance to secure a place on the waiting list. You can contact the admissions team for availability information for specific year groups.

The school keeps track of the child’s individual profile, not only academic progress but also social and behavioral progress along with their participation in extracurricular activities.

Parents receive information about the child’s progress once a month; In case of concerns, they offer more support by meeting with parents for PTC.

Please contact the phone number 5528032, 5549849, 5549773 to get more information about school admission and fees.

10. Suvatara School

Suvatara school was established in 1989. Within a few years, it is able to establish as one of the renowned schools in Lalitpur district. The school has been providing quality and international standard education to the students.

Suvatara School
Suvatara School

Do you want your child to experience happiness, creativity, good healthy eating and care, general growth, and learning themes that reflect her talents and choices? Then Shuvatara school can the best option for you. The school is pleased to invite Grade I to VIII applications in Lamatar, both at the boarding school and at the day school.

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It is an expensive school compared to normal school however it is quite cheap than the school listed above.

You can pick up the form from the Nanglo International Office in Sanepa (in front of the International Club). For inquiries, you can contact the numbers given;  5526783, 5544263, 5546696 (Sanepa Office), and 5132070 (Lamatar Office).  Shuvatara School was found to charge Grade I to V students Rs 48,592 in the monthly tuition fee.

Writer: Poonam Neupane, Niraj Thapa Magar

That’s all about top 10 most expensive school in Nepal. This is our personal thought. It may differ than you.


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