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Today man’s logical learning is extremely wide and exceptionally progressed. It has helped him to find and imagine numerous things for his simplicity, solace, and effectiveness.

PC is the most recent and most splendid offspring of science. PC is an electronic machine which can take a contribution from the client and procedure this info information and if need, store information or data on capacity gadgets and give yield on yield gadgets.

It was created from a mini-computer machine. We can’t state what it does. Be that as it may, we should state ‘what it can’t do’ it makes PCs are utilized in each field of our life.

PC is mainstream among the scholarly people and the understudy. You may work in any field today; you might utilize a PC. We are appreciative to Charles Babbage who developed such a helpful thing for us.

PCs have some critical parts. Screen, mouse, the C P U or focal preparing unit or the mind of the PC are the real parts.

It is utilized in workplaces to track the staff, account, influence developers, to get ready letters and archives and so on. It is utilized to configuration dress or to treat a wiped out individual. It is utilized in schools and universities to make homeroom instructing viable. So it is miserable, ‘PCs have turned into a piece of life.’

These days, the specialists use PC to treat a patient. In the event that you talk about architects, they can do nothing without it. A few people may abuse it just to sit back and spreading abhorrent data.


So we should utilize it for the advancement of oneself and society being cautious about its negative marks. PC has a brilliant future. We as a whole need is to look forward and to stamp the progressions coming on the planet by virtue of PC and benefit from it.

Essay on computer 350 words

Now in our life a lot of computers. Almost every family has its own personal computer. As they say, there are already more than a billion computers in the world. So, we can no longer live without these smart machines. And I agree with millions of users that computers are useful.

Firstly, we get a lot of information through computers and the Internet. This is a universal source of various information. And it is much faster than looking for a rare book or asking a teacher for advice. Secondly, computers provide you with a lot of services.

They help not only but also create movies, presentations, write their own poems, work with images, etc. Thirdly, they help people communicate. For example, it is much faster to send an email than to send it as in the old days.

And, the computer will not make any mistakes. And the letter will come to the correct address, and the postman may lose the envelope.

But some say that if you use a computer, then you are harming your health, especially your eyes. However, I do not agree with this opinion. There are special rules about using a computer.

You must regularly perform special exercises for the eyes. And if you follow these rules, you will have no health problems.

Total, these complex machines help us in our everyday life. And, I think everyone should know how to work with computers if he wants to keep up with the times.

Often the computer is compared to a TV. And it is said that they both steal time from a person. But I have a different opinion. Yes, it is unhealthy for a person. And for a person to sit in front of a computer for a long time. Because a person does not move, damages his eyesight and does not communicate with living people.

But what is the fault of the computer? A man himself steals time from himself, not a car.

The computer in my life occupies an important place. But I can do for a long time without it. You just have to remember all the time that the computer was invented in order to make life easier, and not to replace it.

Essay on Computer 700 words

Basically, the computer is a device that receives the message from the cheater, processes this message and stores thes information in the storage devices and then outputs the message through the output devices.

The first computers were limited in their functions. It was the merger of automatic computing and programmability that generated the first computers recognized in 1837. Charles Babbage was the first to introduce and build a fully programmed mechanical computer, his analytical engine, in 1837.

Due to limited financial resources and the inability to defend against the design, could not complete his work. Later, it was completed by his son Henry Babbage, who turned it into a simplified version of the analytical engine processing unit.

a man working doing research with laptop
A man is working on His laptop

Between 1940 and 1945, the first electronic digital computers were developed. The initial sizes were as large as a room and consumed enormous power.

The original objective of the invention of a computer was to develop a rapid calculation machine. During the Second World War, it became very important to understand and locate the direction and speed of the enemy’s weapons.

The calculations had to be done accurately and mathematically, and without an advanced machine, this would not be possible. To defend the enemy, the soldiers on the front required firing tables, and only one computer at that time could produce such firing boards with speed and precision.

Over time, computers have evolved with Artificial Intelligence technology and we use the most advanced computers that have helped humans in all areas of life.


With every generation of computers, or even during evolution, every time computers are started, they are lighter, smaller, faster and more powerful. Computers have been a dominant factor since the 1970s and today they have conquered almost all aspects of life.


Computers are used today for various purposes, such as weather forecasts, machine operation, spacecraft guidance and technology. In addition to these in the field of medicine, it is a great help to store information that could then be transferred and transmitted in space technology, banking automation, reservation of tickets through the network, traffic control and even play on computers and much more.

All this is possible only by the characteristics of a computer, such as speed, accuracy, reliability and integrity. You can run more than one billion instructions per second without making mistakes, and it is completely reliable. The memory of the computer is so large that it can contain a large amount of data.

With the advent of computers, the collection of information has become much easier. Computers have become the backbone of information technology and an important application in this sector is the Internet. Nothing is impossible with the internet today.

Besides getting information, you can keep in touch with friends and family, a great platform for business expansion, shopping, studies and the list goes on, it’s endless.

Computerization in almost all areas has created thousands of jobs. Computer education has been introduced at the school level and in elementary classes, just as it is important to acquire computer skills. Every year, thousands of students from universities and colleges around the world enter the world of information technology. These young group is the best tomorrow to take technology to the next level of progress.

The computer has tested in all the roles that have been assigned. A great help in all areas where computers have been used. Telecommunications and satellite images are also computer-based, which adds to the long list of applications that computers have in other areas.

Every positive has a negative, and so does a computer. With all the positive qualities that one can acquire and take advantage of, the negative side is also great. The increase of computer crimes, use of pornographic websites, the false identity that leads to leaving adolescents and many more.

However, the benefits are higher and many preventive measures are introduced to stop the negative aspects.

The world would not have been what it is today if there had not been access to this great machine, even if it ages in its original form before us. The computer has a great future and we just have to observe the changes that occur.

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