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Essay on Ant: – The first record of an ant was in the Neogene of Africa from a fossil called Anteoceras. This fossil provides evidence that ants had already evolved from ants’ ancestors before ants evolved on the earth.

Since this fossil, fossils have been discovered by scientists from all over the world, which show ant fossils as well. This has led scientists to conclude that ant evolved from insects that lived in the ground or soil.

Ants are highly social insects belonging to the Order Hymenoptera and, like the bees and wasps, belong to Formicidae. Ants also appear in the fossil records at various locations worldwide during the later part of the Cretaceous period, indicating an earlier origin. Researchers know that ants had evolved from an ancestor that lived on the leafy plants from this fossil record.

These ancestors eventually died out as their numbers diminished, and they adapted to living on the ground, where they had to feed on small insects. Although ants do not appear in fossil records after the Cretaceous period, they did live in the area of modern day Africa before this period.

Ant is a pest that feeds on small animals, but their diet is dependent on what they can find in their surroundings. The most common ant pests in the world are flies, moths, grasshoppers, snails, beetles, spiders, and termites. All of these animals have parts that contain protein is the building block of all the animals’ tissues, including the human body.

The ants’ wings are covered with sticky substances known as pheromones, which attracts the opposite sex. The male ants use their wings to chase away rivals while the female ants use their pheromones to seduce a mate.

Ants have a complex social structure with a queen and a colony of worker ants known as workers, which have offspring called drones. {workers. The colony is led by the leader, known as the leaderless queen.


Although ants have been found on the earth for millions of years, scientists still do not know why these creatures have evolved.

There is no clear answer yet as to why ant eats humans and other animals, which we are talking about here, but they have been found on the earth before humans live in cities and could be drawn to humans. Because ants are social creatures, food sources include meat, sugary or starchy foods, plant materials, dead leaves, and bark.

In Africa, there is a particular type of ant called the African pygidola that has ant prey in its mouth. Scientists believe this ant eats human beings because it is cannibalistic species and can kill and eat its host. It is thought that the protein in the blood attracts these ants.

Short Essay on Ant 200 Words

The ant is a small insect. It has a head, two stings and six feet. Its body is divided into three parts.

There are various kinds of ants. Some are small and some big. The ant is of many colours– red, black, yellow and white. Some ants have wings.

The ant lives on worms. When it finds a dead worm, it informs other ants and all the ants carry it to their home.

Ants are very fond of sweet things such as sugar, honey and sweetmeats. The ant has such a keen sense of smell that it smells its food from a distance.

The ant lives in houses, cornfields and farm yard. It makes a hole and lives in it. It makes a mound round its hole.

Ants live in a swarm and work together. They are always active. Some ants make their nests, some go in search of food and some do nothing. Ants are very industrious.

‘As active as an ant’ is a common English saying. There is co-operation among ants. Ants teach us unity and sacrifice. They keep our house clean by eating dead worms and insects.

Ants are very dangerous also. When they bite, a burning sensation is produced. White ants eat away our books and furniture. Scientists say that ants cause some diseases also.

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Short Essay on ant 500 Words

Ants are a common type of insect, they can be found almost everywhere. The ant family has 12,470 species. The external structure of the ant has a clear division into segments: head, chest, abdomen.

On the head, large eyes and antennae are found. In addition, each foot has a hooked claw. The colour of ants is from light yellow to dark brown and black. Size ranges from 2-3 mm to 3 cm.

Ants are almost omnivorous. They eat other insects, carrion, plant sap, seeds, mushrooms, nectar. And they breed aphids. Aphids are the small insects which eat plants. The ants breed them to get a sweet substance that aphids release (for ants aphids are like goats for us).

Essay on Ant
Essay on Ant

Ants are public animals. They build large anthills. Thousands of ants run across the anthill and near it. Some of them drag building material: lumps of soil, needles, kidney scales; others – prey: bug, fly, caterpillar. Sometimes ants carry to the surface eggs (larvae) – small white oval beads.

The most important in the anthill is the queen – the mother of all the ants in the family. The rest of the ants do all the work of them most, they are called – workers. To protect the ants use powerful jaws or shoot formic acid from the abdomen. If a big attack happens – all the inhabitants of the anthill stand up to defend their house.

Incredibly, but the fact is that for every living person there are about a million ants. In Africa, there is a species of stray ants. They never live long in one place. Stray ants are large, aggressive and very dangerous.


On average, an ant raises a weight 50 times its own. You will never confuse an ant with other insects. They are very active, wingless, fussing and constantly on the road.

In nature, a single ant is rarely seen, even when they are away from home. Such insects are called workers. In one nest, their numbers can range from a thousand to a million individuals. In the ant family, there can be one queen or several.

The queen is constantly in the nest and does not leave home, as her wings are too weak to fly. She makes only one flight – mating, and then on a warm, windless day.


To communicate with each other, they use different signals. Like touching the other ant with their feet, antennae or head. They also use chemical signals. If they are disturbed, the insects stand in a defensive posture. They rise on their hind legs and tilt their abdomen slightly forward.

The ant releases a special liquid that consists of anxiety substance and formic acid.

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Short Essay on ant 550 Words

Ants are a typical kind of bug, they can be found all over the place. The insect family has 12,470 types of species. The outer structure of the subterranean insect has an unmistakable division into fragments: head, chest, belly.

On the head, huge eyes and reception apparatuses are found. Ants have three sets of paws. Moreover, each foot has a snared paw. The shade of ants is from light yellow to dim dark colored and dark. Measure ranges from 2-3 mm to 3 cm.

Ants are practically omnivorous. They eat different bugs, carcass, plant sap, seeds, mushrooms, nectar. Also, they breed aphids. Aphids are the little bugs which eat plants. The ants breed them to get a sweet substance that aphids discharge (for ants aphids resemble goats for us).

Ants are open creatures. They construct expansive ant colony dwelling places. A huge number of ants keep running over the ant colony dwelling place and close it.

Some of them drag building material: chunks of soil, needles, kidney scales; others – prey: bug, fly, caterpillar. In some cases, ants convey to the surface eggs (hatchlings) – little white oval dabs.

The most vital in the ant colony dwelling place is the ruler – the mother of the considerable number of ants in the family. The remainder of the ants do basically everything of them most, they are called – laborers.

To secure the ants utilize incredible jaws or shoot formic corrosive from the guts. In the event that a major assault occurs – every one of the occupants of the ant colony dwelling place face shields their home.

Extraordinarily, however, the truth of the matter is that for each living individual there are around a million ants. In Africa, there is a type of stray ants. They never live long in one spot. Stray ants are extensive, forceful and hazardous.

Overall, an insect raises a weight multiple times its own. You will never mistake a subterranean insect for different creepy crawlies. They are dynamic, wingless, complaining and continually out and about.

In nature, a solitary subterranean insect is once in a while observed, notwithstanding when they are far from home. Such creepy crawlies are called laborers. In one home, their numbers can run from a thousand to a million people.

In the insect family, there can be one ruler or a few. The ruler is always in the home and does not leave home, as her wings are too frail to even consider flying. She makes just a single flight – mating, and after that on a warm, windless day.

To speak with one another, they utilize diverse signs. Like contacting the other insect with their feet, receiving wires or head. They additionally utilize compound signs. On the off chance that they are exasperated, the creepy crawlies remain in a cautious stance.

They ascend on their rear legs and tilt their stomach area somewhat forward. The subterranean insect discharges an exceptional fluid that comprises of uneasiness substance and formic corrosive.

Essay on Ant 600 Words

Ants are small insects. They vary in color depending on the species. They are very active and strong because of their size. They have a sophisticated social organization. They are very hardworking. They work without ceasing.

Ant colonies include one or more queens, laborers, eggs, larvae and pupae. Worker ants retain their developed structures known as “nests”. The nests protect the ants from their enemies, some from extreme weather conditions and are often placed near water and food sources.

Some ant species usually nest in the ground, often under concrete or slabs. Some species are found in wood, such as fence posts, dead tree trunks and hollow trees, or within structures.

The ants are formed with a head, a thorax or a middle section and a belly connected to the thorax by a very short and narrow stem. In their heads are mouths and mouthpieces that serve to carry food or to defend. They have two compound eyes used to detect movement, and several individual eyes to capture light.

The ants have two stomachs. The only stomach is for storing food that the ant can digest. The culture of the stomach is more interesting; It contains food that serves the ant in times of need to the rest of the colony.

Some ants also have stabs for defense purposes, or in rare cases there are some that can spray a poison from the end of their belly. The ants can grow from 0.8 inches to two inches.

Ants may seem small and insignificant, but keep in mind that the total weight of all ants on Earth is probably the total weight of all humans on Earth.

Since the planet supports nearly 6 billion people, imagine the astronomical number of ants! More than 8,800 ant species have been identified, but scientists estimate that there are more than 20,000 ant species.

Your industry is proverbial. We often say, “Oh idler, go to the ant and learn the lessons of industry from it.” During the harvest season in summer, they work enthusiastically.

They work as a team in the most disciplined way. They work slowly and constantly. They store enough grain for the winter when it is very cold and when it is difficult to leave.

All school children know the story of the ant and the cricket. A stupid young cricket sang and danced the sunny summer and spring months and complained bitterly when he found his closet empty in the winter.

Crushed by hunger, he turned to the ant and asked for a cereal for himself. The ant responded that they were not borrowers or lenders and asked what he did in the summer and spring. When the ant heard the answer to the cricket, she recommended dancing in the winter as well.

“If you live without work, you have to live without food.” The ant teaches us that hard labor is the key to success in life. Without doing hard work nothing can be achieved in this world.

The ant reminds us every day that there is no real road to success. The road that follow to success is full of difficulties and obstacles. Industry alone enables us to overcome these difficulties and achieve a prominent position. The dedicated and hard work leads to success. Increase our ability to work. Bring our dormant skills into action.